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How to make multiple Kicks

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Any idea on how to make multiple kicks?

First we need a clear definition of what a single 'kick' is.  ;)


In my opinion Kick is spike or a very short duration pulse of current like when we discharging capacitor in a spark gap. Steven Mark said we can produce multiple kicks by combining multiple frequencies and the only circuit i can think of to produce this effect is this.

Is this kicky enough for you?

Horizontal: 0.1 millisecond per division;
Vertical: 200 volts per division (10x attenuated probe);
Kicks: about 2 microseconds wide;
and Steven Mark:  faker.

In this clip we can see I get 17 discharges in succession then two separate ring downs, try to work that one out.  :)
I know what is going on but can anyone see by the waveform what is causing the the pumping first ring down ?

If the second main ring down does not look like it is screwing around I'm not sitting here, it looks like it's a screw/spiral to me.

Ignore the name of the video, it means nothing.

Video clip of Successive discharges

..Steven Marks = Paid Faker.


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