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Breaking News ! Finally a real Free Energy Magnet Motor !

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Breaking News ! Finally a real Free Energy Magnet Motor ! Thomas Engel has done it.
This is a motor that only needs 72 MilliWatts of input power but delivers huge torque shaft power
from Neodym magnets at its axis.

This is a German Newapaper arcticle about it and a friend did send me a link to it.
Get it here:

This is a Multiupload to different File servers, but you only need to download from one of these servers,
best is the Multiupload server itsself as it does not contain so much advertisement.
The other server are only there, if the file gets deleted from one server...

Hi Stefan,

What has been disclosed on the working principle?  Nothing yet? 


It seems it has some kind of "mirror plate" with a permanent magnet on it between the stator and rotor
plate. This "mirror plate" has to be turned by a small electric motor which only uses 72 MilliWatts,
but at the shaft of the rotating main disc there is a real torque due to the strong Neodym magnets.
So you need much less power to turn this special "mirror plate",.....

but more was not revealed.

I will try to get in contact with the inventor directly by phone, if I can find him...

Regards, Stefan.

Hey Stefan

Could you post the pdf here. My internet is restricted some, where anything with say MegaUplaod gets blocked. I just found out this was 1 of those restrictions trying to download it.


The machine looks like a homopolar generator; what is the COP of the machine?


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