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Author Topic: O.U. by "Venturi Like Effect", by "Jumping Hydraulic Ramp" or else?  (Read 4292 times)

Offline Khwartz

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Hi All!

Since few years here I have conjectured that if it could have a EM/EM overunity COP, it would be by an electromagnetic means which would be the equivalent of one or both of these two hydraulic phenomena:

1. The venturi;

2. The "Jumping Hydraulic Ramp"

(+ 3. The ramping pum.)

For the first, it is about to create a breaf and local enough but high pic of energy in the eather/ZEP/"vacuum"/Dirac's plenum.

The VERY HIGH FOCUSED ELECTROMAGNETIC PRESSURE (voltage) would ATTRACT/"VACUUM", in its return path, some of the ZPE creating THE EXCESS OF ENERGY, so the OVERUNITY COP, like air or water can vacuum an other fluide or even sand and other particules.

For the second is indeed near the same but with an other point of view, the one of the resonance:

By exciting with a specific frequency a close volume containing water, the water waves created in it will grow higher and higher so that if an other volume is put higher but aside the first, the lower water can be transfered in the higher volume. (It does have AN ENERGY COST, by the way, so IT IS ALL ABOUT THAT THIS COST COULD REMAIN UNDER THE GAIN OBTAIN -looks not possible in hydraulics.)

In the EM domain, this could be understood as THE ENERGY IN HIDDEN ZPE, THE LOWER WATER/FLUID, and the EM ENERGY COLLECTED as THE WATER/FLUID COLLECTED in the higher volume.


Means that by exciting the said "vacuum", but was all but empty for Dirac (peer of the quantum physics), by specific frequency(ies), we could increase the ENERGY LEVEL OF THE ZPE so that this POTENTIAL DIFFERENCE CAN OR NEED TO DISCHARGE ITSELF SOMWHERE, and been collected appropriatly, creates THE EXCESS ENERGY we look for for overunity COP.

The third, I did not refered before to this specific device but I found it recently with a vid of hyiq in YouTube:"How Floyd Sweet's Vacuum Triode Amplifier Works - A Bucking B Field Oscillator - Part 3" :

It is about to use an existing tendancy to a fluid to go in an lower level of energy (here gravity), to increase the initial LEVEL OF ENERGY (<=> VOLTAGE in EM), by using the KINETIC ENERGY OF THE FLOW and WAVES PRESSURE.

It is NOT of course an o.u. system because of the huge amont of water wasted, but if this wasred water would be the ZPE we would not care because it would AN ENERGY SOURCE FOR FREE. Nevertheless, remains to find "THE POSSIBLE NATURAL TENDANCY TO SOURCE IN OUR MACRO WORLD", or A CHEAP WAY TO CREATE IT.

Hope these points of view could help in the Quest of the Free Cheap Clean Affordable Energy Everywhere we all here expect,