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Hob's finding for lighting a 15w bulb

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Hi all,
Can we have some discussion on Hob's latest findings?
I can relate to this somewhat - when playing with Romero's setup, a 3400uf 200v cap could be filled
by the mere instantaneous connection from the coils wired in series. (wish I kept some build data).
Would like to hear TK's take on this one.
Regards, Penno

I would very much like to understand what Hob is doing in his videos (the two videos which show his impressive Bedini motor with the 20 pick up coils),
but without a circuit diagram it remains a mystery.

Hob specified some components in the description of this video , which helps, but still, one does not know how everything is connected.

It would also be useful to know the input power to his Bedini motor. Light output of a lamp is a very unreliable measurement method, the eye is specially sensitive to flashes (which are created by the spark gap at 150 Hz).

The ultimate experiment would be to rectify the output and to feed it back to the battery running the Bedini motor, but the battery should be replaced by a 10.000 µF electrolytic capacitor. One would then see how quickly the battery = capacitor runs down.

The good thing is that the "pick up coils + Tesla coil + spark gapt" are independent of the electronics and coils driving the motor. So, there are in fact two machines, a motor = "Bedini part" and a generator = "pick up coils + Tesla coil + spark gap".

Hob's experiment is interesting and I like it (great motor), but it remains a mystery without a clear circuit diagram.

Greetings, Conrad

Hi Conrad,
Thanks for that.
During his previous videos, I think he does state that the 30 coils - 10 standard bedini, 20 in series generating.
He shows in the last video that if overloaded, the rpms drop then the arcing stops so if loaded too much it will slow.
I have no idea how much a 10 coiler takes to run.
Thanks again.
Regards, Penno

Hi Conrad,
Also, if you have a few minutes to spare, watch this previous video of Hob's -

 He posted a link to the schematic - simple :


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