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Author Topic: Compleate HHO powered power generator and car  (Read 5759 times)

Offline bazzybtec

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Compleate HHO powered power generator and car
« on: October 29, 2013, 03:36:29 AM »

I am looking at dooing two things,

1. I have a Ford Fairlane (basically the australian version of the Lincoln) and i am wanting to compleatly convert this car to HHO so it only will run of HHO basically i intend to set up the fuel tank so it holds water rather than petrol. i know there are some who have claimed they have done this but i am wanting to confirm if this is actually truly possible before i invest on it.

2. number 1 leads to this. if that is then possible i am interested to find out if it is also possible to then take that and apply it to an engine that is driving an electrical generator so i may have backup power or even run compleatly off the grid, running compleatly on hydrogen. basically what i am thinking here is rather than having the cell fed by a tank rather hook it to the water mains and have it draw from there. is this possible and has anyone done it.

i have a fair bit running in my house too.
2 15amp air conditioners
1 550w computer
1 fridge freezer
2 washing machines
1 dryer
2 pool pumps (1 for solar heater, however i was thinking of rigging that up so it can draw heat from the generator so i am using all energy produced rather than waisting that heat, also i can potentially achieve more heat that way.
2 network switches and 4 access points
laser printer

is this a dream or could this actually be doable?