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Title: Violation Possible of Newtons Law
Post by: Hope on October 08, 2013, 10:02:11 AM
Using the example of a series of masses moved by a rail gun.   The violation can be by making the first mass weight kinetically shift by spinning it to direct the kinetic energy 90 degrees prior to firing.  Then the force comes as if from nowhere that effects the forward movement.  Like all theory,  let this general idea move into all your ideas of where to get the energy from or to.   When we dissipate the energy at the end of movement this way will other energy be pulled along in its vacuum?  Like all general theory it will apply to many specific fields in movement, so let your imagination run wild with this template.

A simple useful application of this would be how to deal with water force stopped in pipes.  I know they use spring plungers for this now.  But to divert this into a spiral, ending in a circle will have only water working and not wear out "parts".  Maybe there is useful work this energy could do in this or other applications.
Title: Re: Violation Possible of Newtons Law
Post by: s3370389 on December 18, 2013, 05:44:48 PM
Hi Hope,

I am having difficulty understanding what it is you are trying to say here. Could you possibly break down what you are trying to say into concise points and with free-body-diagrams?

But to divert this into a spiral, ending in a circle will have only water working and not wear out "parts".

Are you referring to cavitation?

Best regards,
Title: Re: Violation Possible of Newtons Law
Post by: Hope on March 10, 2014, 07:02:52 AM
No not any cavitation effects would do what I am saying.   When a weight is spinning its inertia is shifted beyond the physical mass of that weight on an lateral plane.  As the weight is at rest the entire weight mass in equally distributed through out the mass.  But when the weight begins to spin the inertial mass is felt as a kinetic energy and the inertia moves toward the outer edge of the spinning weight.  The faster the spin the more it is distributed to a equal amount at all the radials degrees of that spinning plane.   So as this spin increases the outer kinetic radial gets larger,  since the physical mass does NOT increase it becomes distributed over a greater and greater area.  This means that to cause the entire weight to move in a desired direction requires only enough force slightly greater than the weight distributed to the radial you wish to move in.  Example would be to imagine a 36 pound circular weight not in movement on an axle.  The weight felt on the axle is 36 lbs. (of course the earth is always moving but is not effecting it for this example). Let us imagine as we spin this weight the axle feels this weight distributed evenly on all sides of the axle. (

So of course the faster the spin the finer the distribution will become therefore the less force it will require at a any given point to cause movement in the direction desired.

Now imagine that the force is applied with a constant signal wave such as to match the force to the exact same spot on the axle each rotation.  When the spin is great enough we could also use the a wave form signal to "push" on the outer inertia constantly to also increase the spin rate.  Friction could be overcome by using magnetic bearings in a vacuum.  All and all the faster the spin the less energy will be needed due to the kinetic footprint becoming larger.  Similar to a pulley that needs less horsepower to do a job.  It will do the job slower yet with less needed push,  you of course will need the same amount of power overall IF you were lifting a dead weight.  But we are talking about moving only a small part of the spinning inertia to cause imbalance and movement.

If we spin up a payload before sending it to space would not the amount of fuel needed to be used getting from after liftoff to trajector be far less?  And every pound of fuel less would mean efficiency of lift would be greater.

As this payload moved many pulses on the axle at various areas could keep the imbalance happening with only fractional energy compared to a dead lift.  Maybe it is how the UFO videos we can find and view are moving,  I have noticed they are not smooth in their movements.  There would have to be a sacrifice in regards to efficiency or smoothness and this could explain why we see the uneven flight paths at slower speeds on the UFO videos.   

Overall it would take perhaps 3 spinning disks at say a 45 degree angle to be practical in keeping a acceptable course trajectory.  This would allow movement in a 360 degree plane  (any direction we wished in the 3D Dimension)

Pulses at 0 degrees (greatest force)  then 120 degrees and 240 degrees of equal value would keep stability and cause vertical climb straight up if applied to all three disks synced.   This configuration would look a great deal like a 3 sided pyramid if the lines of force we only considered.

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Title: Re: Violation Possible of Newtons Law
Post by: Hope on March 14, 2014, 08:00:28 AM
New Video Evidence Linked.  Don't Miss This.
Title: Re: Violation Possible of Newtons Law
Post by: Hope on March 18, 2014, 09:16:12 AM
Anyone know of a decent free CAD ware.  I will make some drawings,  seems to me this idea will work.  That link shows the principle and could be acceptable as a prototype proven.
Title: Re: Violation Possible of Newtons Law
Post by: Hope on April 05, 2014, 10:43:26 AM
Whoppies verification of this principal in video.

Thz for watching.
Title: Re: Violation Possible of Newtons Law
Post by: synchro1 on April 10, 2014, 03:14:27 AM
The spinning rotor slows down as the weight rises. There's no gain here, simply a transfer of foot pounds of torque from the slowing rotor to the rising bar. The energy dissipated by the spinning rotor would be enough to lift the bar and rotor straight up on a vertical axis. 
Title: Re: Violation Possible of Newtons Law
Post by: lumen on April 07, 2016, 08:06:00 PM
This device looks similar to several other designs but operates on different concept.
It seems it's operation could be easily calculated but it's operation complicates the math.

This is an acceleration lifter in that the lift is caused from the acceleration of the discs rotation.

The arm with the discs is spinning at 1000 RPM from a motor attached to the center point.
The discs are free to spin on the arm that's rotating them but at this time they are not spinning. (only going around a circular path on the arm)

In the "Q1" quadrant  the disc is clutched to the driving arm and gains an RPM equal to the arm rotation of 1000 RPM.
In the "Q2" quadrant the main drive motor applies energy to replace the energy lost in the arms rotation by disc pulling energy from the arms rotation.
In the "Q3" quadrant the disc is clutched to a roberval connection to the center pivot which stops the rotation of the disc having no effect on the arm.
In the "Q4" quadrant the same as Q2.

Q1 and Q3 occur at the same time on opposite discs, so one "Q3" is stopping and "Q1" is starting rotation of the discs but only one has an effect on the arm.

The starting of disc rotation in Q1 will pull the enter upward as energy is required to spin the disc from 0 to 1000 RPM over a single quadrant but the stopping of the disc in Q3 has no effect on the arms rotation and in fact places a counter rotational torque against the base that the driving motor is mounted on so the device compensates for the motors forces during Q2.

Additionally, if the discs were clutched magnetically so the clutching energy to and from the discs could be recovered, then the device could operate with almost no input energy.

So 80% of the energy could be recovered starting the disc's rotation and another 80% recovered stopping the disc.

Title: Re: Violation Possible of Newtons Law
Post by: ARMCORTEX on April 07, 2016, 09:55:34 PM
If you think you have something that goes against Newton, you should design it, then manufacture a prototype.

Then you will either fail and learn something useful or suceed in yoru free energy quest.

Title: Re: Violation Possible of Newtons Law
Post by: lumen on April 08, 2016, 02:58:02 AM
It's more of a space drive but it does appear that energy could be extracted.