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Author Topic: Stivep1: Tesla Rehash (Akula device)  (Read 171623 times)


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Re: Stivep1: Tesla Rehash (Akula device)
« Reply #120 on: April 26, 2014, 05:55:08 PM »
Back to your post on page 1.


I also do not see our hero being  so good for us to say  something at all.He is young, and misleading if there is in his direct  interest. inconsistent in his statements, adjusting himself  to changes of situation , trying to learn how the system work, - he has it but he has no
explanation for what he got from it.

Hahaha. Maybe I should publish a Russian text on Spin Conveyance. It would help him understand his system so he can stop giving out illogical explanations, bad "schamatics" and stop pushing group efforts in so many wrong directions.

He  is improvising.
The pump phenomena - part of his  explanation is about right. NO it is not.
I see it as good explanation for the present time as we do not have anything on hand.

How can telling lies and showing disinformation "as a good explanation" when every damn day groups are led in 360 degree directions following lies. Better he just collect his million dollars bounty and then just shut up and disappear. This way we can all go back to our own works without his "tantalizing devices" being flagged in our faces. As OUers, we are like Piranha waiting for a cow to fall into the river so we can gobble it up in a few minutes. It is our nature to be inquisitive and this nature is also our greatest flaw and guys like Akula are just taking advantage of this without any afterthought of the true ramifications. He is just spewing it out, one device after the other and in the end, none of them mean anything because none of them can be replicated, studied, measured, hence none of them will ever be understood. Just more eye-candy spiked with Arsenic.

But also  famous yoke..............
somehow omitted in all of his talk and still present in the device.
Think guys

You are asking us to think. Think of what? What part of what he shows in device, that does not concord to schamatic diagrams that omit components or change components and in all having over 20 variables. So think of what, how to play the lottery will provide better chance then to think about his own disinformation all in the name of money and fame. He is taking the wrong approach. Let's say within 30 days, we will have the answer to OU and then he will be lost in the melodrama on the worldwide OU effort as "He who showed and said so much, but said so little". He will lose his only chance to have his name live on after him. The chance will end soon once someone else comes forward that cannot be bought.

So what is that he wants? :
He needs  certain credibility to attract investors if any.
So he needs public approval.
Is that wrong?
NO it is not.

Yes it is when it influences others and their actions. It's called lying.

Who gives anything for anyone.......... who?

Hmmmmmm. Did his mother charge him for carrying him 9 months? Did this planet charge him for providing all he needed to survive? Did all the people in this world that have less then a 10 year old toothbrush to their name?

It is  only Wesley  and Arunas and Tiger and few more ........ idiots?......... maybe not so..................
Are they so good for you  human?............ so stupid?...................

So stupid is the best word to use because they think they will change the world using standard methods but they do not realize that the standard methods were derived to prevent change. Call it Standard Checkmate. hahaha

So if you listen to them they say :
No they  are not..................
They have no choice as well. They know that  giving is to humanity is the only  way to make money on it as well.
That is why they stand that energy  belongs to humanity all bad and good at no distinction .
You start firs you sold 1000 devices in one day, so is other guys as well..
What's wrong with that.
there are 6.8 billion peoples in  the planet  earth. Who cares about competition.
What is really  that you need to be happy.
House, no debts, and some  little money  for comfortable tomorrow . That is all.
If you guys  think different than you are not in my coffee table.

We get involved in the existential arguments like this all the time. Basically, all the inventors have failed in one major respect that has held them back and made them disappear. Their own personal lack of trust in the real humanity in simple people. All they concentrate on is thinking that Mr. Money has all the virtues. Mr. Money has nothing more then shit for these guys. He does not care about them, or the world, or the people living in it otherwise he would be the first to say - "let the people know about this without delay". But our valiant, sharp and advanced inventors think of Mr. Money like their God, their savior. "Wow, once I get that Money for myself, all my troubles will be over". Yes they will indeed be over because you will no longer be allowed to tell the truth to anyone, so better you just shut up and crawl back into your money hole and not waste peoples time with all your disinformation.

All we as eager OUers can see is another smart guy making the wrong decisions because he thinks Money is the only answer.

Tell me Mr. Inventor, how would it feel if you walked out of a plane to a new country where there are journalists, scientists, engineers, mothers, fathers, children all standing on the tarmac waving and shouting your name with so much happiness and trust in mankind. So, how much is that worth? Nah, come to think of it that kind of talk is for real men and not smart mice.


@stivep1 @wesley

You are what I consider someone of selfless abandon and true intent with the kindest heart and deeply logical mind. I like to think of myself in that way as well. Knowing this, is permitting a young mind to continue lying to us is the right thing to do when the consequences are so widely known as a major waste of time.

We start a project and soon enough we realize we have been lied to. Devices do not follow schamatics and then we are asked to "understand what". Understand that this young mind is lost otherwise why would Akula think that telling lies is OK. You have to have a very very very good memory to be able to lie and then remember all your lies. But for Akula, it's easier to just forget the last device/lies and move on to the next, never looking back. So you think that is OK?

I think as seniors in the humanity department, our role is to make them understand that lying is not the way to achieve his goals. That lying only hurts everyone. That it is better to stay silent then to lie every damn day of the week because, this has now become his own daily mindset . Without knowing it, this device is changing who he is, how he acts, what he considers as honest only to himself justifies his lying to maintain what?

You see the quagmire we have to live with every damn OUers day. We have not only to support and inquire the mysteries of energy but we must support a backpack chock full of ancillary equipment, the heaviest being a lie-detector.

The craziest thing is we support these inventors to lie to us. We follow their devices, their plans, we ponder them for hours a day, day after day, for what? Because they have been perceived to have something we do not have - FE. Instead, we do not have the guts, the courage, the logic or the leadership to let it be known to all that "If you do not fully disclose to humanity - then there is no room for you at our table. Go eat your Money so a mouth full of money will surely help shut it up instead of spreading lies.

Frustrating as it may seem, we still are here and we still want to find a solution for the world. But one day even ourselves will have to stand up and be real men, with real convictions and then we must stick by them no matter hell or high water. Then these money incentivized and lost masterminds of our civilization will realize, there is no exception then to provide this type of device free to the world and trust that the world will reciprocate in kind. So in effect it is our own combined weakness that provide the fodder to these younger minds to think "Hey, they liked being lied to so it must be a good thing".

As usual, sorry for long post.



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Re: Stivep1: Tesla Rehash (Akula device)
« Reply #121 on: April 27, 2014, 07:32:47 AM »
Wesley understands the situation.  Follow his lead and you will do just fine.

That said, we have all been indoctrinated by the shark.  There are probably some things we have seen that mean something though we have no understanding what it is we are really looking at.  We have probably all looked at similar devices, Melnichenko, Don Smith, Tesla, Steven Mark, etc.  Those imprints sit in our minds.  We must let them stew a while, because I have a hunch the secret is there.  One of us is going to have that ah-ha moment and try something off-the-wall and it's going to take us to the next step.  Don't ever discount how powerful, creative and intuitive the human mind actually is.  Simply have some patience and do not give up.  We still have a way to go before there is a simple, step-by-step assembly manual for a device that works every time.  It's coming though.  When I do not know, but as long as people stay focused, engaged and let their minds churn through all the material, there is no stopping a solution.  It's actually quite a fun little mental exercise to think about all these types of forums popping up a real working device within days of each other.  We can do this.  There are too many of us and too many ideas on the table for the odds to not be in our favor.  I do feel for the poor bastard that tries another Roman stunt on us though--tar and feather will only be the first day...


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Re: Stivep1: Tesla Rehash (Akula device)
« Reply #122 on: April 27, 2014, 11:24:56 PM »

As strange as it might sound:
You try to believe in something or somebody and somehow it always turns-" not so, or not that so" good for you.

TK never kept his word.
Lie is not so bad when used for good reason, and serving good matter.
But it is never good when lie cost you life.

At first I was scheduled to die as president of my own scientific entity that was located in WTC1
in 9/11
I was suppose to die after TK have met me in Prague.( on my way to Tbilisi)
Now after  years I say:
 His (TK) "friends" have always been not technically  oriented for purpose .
TK signed contract with L...a the cholade company in Latvia. ( Riga)
owned by former Russian singer (* the lady).for 30k  eu.
I was denunciated by one TK closest friends -the one who have been with TK in the apartment in hotel Opera,  and he was double agent working for TK and for (pseudo "David", real name : Shota).
Shota was paid  by (behind TK back), to keep eye on TK.
TK called me because He was to meet with another guy in  Prague and I was a good to be in  Prague at the same time.

I have met this gentleman( potential investors rep) few months later he also conformed that TK chosen me as better option but I was not  primary reason for TK travel to Prague.
For TK I was " potential lift to America"

So Lai.a send their guys to prevent american to mess up with their business.

Later  Shota has asked me to give him financial help because his daughter is in hospital and she will  be thrown out if he does not pay. And he admitted that he is sorry for what he done. He did it because he  loves his daughter.He did not wanted me to be poisoned. ( I have document of money transfer)

Despite what has happened I have send him the money.
It turns out that he lied to me.
He never have any daughter at all.
The conformation of this lie - from TK son.
TK  ticket and all expenses have been paid  by that entity.

As professionals they have been  good in doing good poison.
But talking about me:
They did not do a good job and now there is one more guy who once not totally dead found that he has not much to lose any longer.
So the mission becomes more important for him,as he must die anyhow... so what is the difference...
Well difference is  finish the job.
Some of you might say it is just by accident  as my pay-back
to that fricken  system
beneficial also to all humanity,

I'm not a hero, actually  I'm anti hero,
I'm just the guy who got a trauma in the plane losing conciseness after  eating some cookies.
Trying to figure out what to do next ?
How to  save myself ?
Is that possible?
Will I be able  ever to pay back if I die?
Friccccken pay back.............
Just pay back/...................!!!
Two fingers deep in your mouth......yes.......
Water .........a lot of water.............
The fricken plane did not have  that much water..........
just ugly taste  .......I was pushing the toilette sink handle hundreds of times. (Stewards  , yes that was  some help.)
How fricken nothing  human life for some people means.

So everything I do  right now  is to be just side effect of it.
That is  all.
Does that help to one to understand what I'm coming from? And why I'm so much screwed up?


« Last Edit: April 28, 2014, 03:02:59 AM by stivep »


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Re: Stivep1: Tesla Rehash (Akula device)
« Reply #123 on: April 28, 2014, 04:20:40 AM »
Does that help to one to understand what I'm coming from? And why I'm so much screwed up?

Yes it explains many things.

Screwed up?
Messed with?

The table will turn.
They need us far more than we need them.  Soon they will realize this fact.

As side effects go, this one will be worth watching.  Even better to join.



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Re: Stivep1: Tesla Rehash (Akula device)
« Reply #124 on: April 28, 2014, 05:07:36 AM »
Hey Stefan,

Is your friend Arthur Tränkle from Steho Energy AG?

I hope this does not spell the doom of free distribution of information if this is true?

I have to ask as some have pointed this out elsewhere and some are wondering.

All the Best


Yes, it is Arthur Tränkle from Germany.
I just learned him to know, cause he was in one recent video with the 2 LED circuit from Delarmorto.
So better say it is a new  acquaintance.

I got the video from him.

He has good contacts to Russian inventors and was himself already defrauded
by some fake circuits recently, where there were hidden Li-Ion Batteries in the cooling
case hidden, so he lost a big sum of money by buying the prototype.

Don´t believe too much what PSIRAM writes, these are professional skeptics who are getting paid
by somebody and hide their own identity...

Regards, Stefan.


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Re: Stivep1: Tesla Rehash (Akula device)
« Reply #125 on: April 28, 2014, 11:48:28 AM »
Yes, it is Arthur Tränkle from Germany.


Has Arthur put restrictions on what Roman will be allowed to share?

It was my understanding that Roman could continue with small demonstration units since the underlying technology wasn't invented by Roman.  It would be good to know the agreement between Arthur and Roman so that when we have an opportunity to interact with Roman, we know in advance what he can and cannot comment on.  This is a bit of a sticky situation because the concepts can scale to higher power devices which Arthur may want to keep private.  However, without a firm grasp of these concepts, replicating even a small power device may be difficult since tuning parameters require an understanding of the overlying principals.

Anyway, if you know or can find out Arthur's position, that information will be of great benefit to the community here.

Thanks much,



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Re: Stivep1: Tesla Rehash (Akula device)
« Reply #126 on: January 22, 2016, 12:54:45 PM »
Good Afternoon people,

Its my first time over here, and this is my post, I came over here and registered into the site after seeing the video of A "Free Energy Device - Akula 1 KWatt Unit - no fuel needed - just a ground cable -"

I'm a normal person not into electric engineering but I'm really disappointed with out local electric company, they are vampires.

I wanted to build a pastry workshop, and that needs a different type of energy than the one used in ordinary homes, and they asked for 35,000 US Dollar for the installation process they said, that in addition to the tools i need to connect the workshop into the grid, and internal work after it.

in addition to that, using their electricity really costs, I can't afford this, in addition that I noticed in other places the same company doesn't ask for any installing fees, not at all, i was shocked, because the municipality over there commanded them to do so, because after all the user is paying for the electricity.

I know about Tesla and his device, and I was amazed about the video you made, I tried to contact local Electrical engineers, and I was unfortunate, they are more likely to stay with what we have and not working on new things or create such devices :(

only one guy from my area said that he would help in calculations but not designing the device, so i jumped over here to talk to you people.

first of all, in my humble opinion, if this device worked on a small prototype it should work on a big size generator right?

can you provide me with designs or something that i can get use? and in case I want to use this device to run my home or workshop, is it possible?

I was thinking about using solar panels, but that doesn't help as well :(

waiting desperately for your response :)