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Author Topic: Is this how Edward Leedskalnin did it?  (Read 8044 times)


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Is this how Edward Leedskalnin did it?
« on: October 01, 2013, 01:55:38 PM »

I don't think he used the tripods for show to fool us.

Here you can see that the tripod iss actually called "The Lewis" and is a (Free)masonry tool to lift heavy rocks by using the center of mass/gravity.) In other pictures you can see that he wraps around the rope exactly in the middle of the stones to be able to use the center of gravity. He learned all this from his grandfather who whould be a mason aswell. He had at least 3 tripods in total. It's hard to imagine that he would have them just to fool us. At some pictures you can see the rock has been lifted abit from the ground allready. So he could put wooden rollers underneath to move them perhaps. He also states: "I understand the laws of weight and leverage and I know the secrets of the people who built the pyramids (being those at the site at Giza in Egypt).".

Weight and leverage is just the knowledge how to profit the best way using gravity laws. The most eficient way to do things. Leverage has nothing to do with electromagnetism which was not available at ancient times anyway. woul think that perhaps 'small' blocks are no problem but 9 ton??

I think he mostly meant by knowing the secret of Egypt, Peru etc etc that he pointed to the earth Grid lines with diamagnetic vortexes at the grid knots. So basically the place where he build Coral Castle is at a junction where there is a lower amount of gravity where perhaps the stones weigh much less and where he was perfectly able to lift them, maybe by using 3 tripods at the same time, still using the center f gravity, and place them rightly. It is also relatively easy to erect large and tall stones as has been done at eastern Island.

He also explained that ftom the north pole to the southpole and visa verse there is a flow of magnets which indicates that he knew about the earth grid. This was probably Freemason stuff aswell for we can read that he spent lots of time in the libary. And all the huge and impressive temples and piramids are on a junction of those earth grid ley lines. Coïncidence?

I things we have to seperate his knowledge of magnetics and the way to use that to levitate stones. He only used the knowledge to find the perfect spot to build the castle. The rest is done using excellent masonry techniques. Besides bulding the castle he was studying the priciple of magnetism but that has, again, nothing to do with levitating/floating stones in the air without aid. That would be quite hard seen his lack of equipment. The rest has been made up by storytellers around it, trying to explain the feature.

Grid info: prove this we should have a large tripod and try to lift stones at the right grid spot anyware in the world. (We here in Holland are close to Stonehenge and have some megalith graves aswell in the north)


Evert Huisman


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Re: Is this how Edward Leedskalnin did it?
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2013, 05:59:25 AM »

Welcome to the forum.

I agree it was just probably good mechanical advantage used to the maximum.  The thing that makes me wonder a bit is a photo I have seen of Ed's tripod (one of them)  That appears to have some sort of coil at the very top of it.  Was that put there just to throw people off?  Was it part of some lighting device as he worked a lot at night?  Except for that, I think he just knew what he was doing using leverage in advanced ways.  That coil puzzles me though.



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Re: Is this how Edward Leedskalnin did it?
« Reply #2 on: October 02, 2013, 10:26:54 AM »
Hi Bill,

Thanks for your reply. I don't know what was in that box. I guess it's pointless to keep guessing and theorizing about it. On the pictures it is not 100% clear whether there are electricitycables attached to it or if they are steelcables. What I do see on most pictures is that he had a lot of conventional equipment like wringes, wooden roller beams, hooks and cables.
He stated that he know how ancient civilizations used primitive tools to erect those buildings. Electromagnetic or acoustic means don't really sound primitive so...
Plus I hear that he both had experience as a lumberjack and mason so he probably knew a lot of building and moving tricks to move heavy stuff as earlier stated. I think we give the man more credit than neccessary. We make him sort of a magnetic sorcerer which is probably not the case. And the internet is a good tool to spread these kind of exotic theories, that of Joe Hubbard leading :)