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Title: Flat Die Biomass Briquette Machine
Post by: sally929 on September 29, 2013, 08:49:17 AM
Flat die briquette machine introduction
Flat die briquette machine is to process biomass briquette from a wide range of raw materials. It is a novel practice to collect agricultural waste and municiple solid waste and press them to hard briquettes for industrial heating, thus avoid directly burning and makes great contribution to environment protection. Flat die biomass briquette machine is reasonably structured and stable performance based on high quality steel and spares.

Biomass briquette application
--Biomass briquettes are small in size, about 1/30 of the original material;
--high density of 0.9-1.4g/m3 and combustion rate of 3500-5500 calories.
--Easy to store and transport
Biomass briquettes are popular in kitchen,warming,heating and industrial stove,biomass gasification furnace. As a new type of renewable and clean fuel, it is widely applied in hotels,restaurants,bath houses,urban infrastructure,etc.