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Best oscilloscope choice?

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Hi everyone.

First of all, I just opend this new topic asking about oscilloscopes because all of the previous ones i've found are too old, is this ok?

Well, here I go. I'm looking for an oscilloscope. A cheap one but reliable enough, I mean, kind of a compromise between these two things. I'm not profesional and i want it to do my own homemade stuff. I did a search in ebay and Amazon and i found those two models (Hantek PC Based USB Digital Oscilloscope 6022BE and  Mini DSO201 ARM Osciloscopio Oscilloscope Digital 2.8 ") What do you think about them? Are they trustworthy?

On the other hand I found a link right in this forum http://www.picotech.com/applications/oscilloscope_tutorial.html

that explains to you some criteria you have to take into account to choose an oscilloscope.

I want it to meassure a constant sine wave that (at least) theoretically does not change neither in time nor it's amplitude. I want to try several frecuencies  (1MHz to 20MHZ at the most and probably also frecuencies in the range of Khz). And never more than one input signal at the same time.

I don't know if all of these things i just told are enough or not for you, but as i said in  previuos posts, I'm a newone in this and i'm stil learning ;)

Otherwise if you have a second hand to sell or a spear one or knows a site where i can find cheap ones, everything will be welcome.



Could you ask the Physics teacher at your local school if you could bring your project in to test on one of their oscilloscopes?

There are plenty of secondhand 100mhz scopes on Ebay. They might be borderline. You could buy one and sell it if it is not up to scratch.

For 80 dollars the Hantek will be about your best bet at this point. It even comes with probes, it seems! Of course you need to supply your own PC....

I don't have experience with that particular model but a friend recently gave me a Link 2102m DSO that is very nearly equivalent to the Hantek... and it cost 700 dollars when it was new in 1997. It works well and has nice software, but needed a parallel port to work. I have an old IBM ThinkPad 600e, with Win98, so that is perfect for me.
Your Hantek is USB and has a LabView version bundled with it.... nice.

Yes, you do need two channels at least, even if you think you don't at this time. A single-channel oscilloscope is like a single shoe. Sure, you can wear it and it will protect your foot. But walking any distance will be an utter pain in the butt.

There is nothing wrong with "old" scopes. If you had, say, four hundred dollars or more to spend on scope, an "old" analog scope for that money would be a far better instrument than a new 400 dollar digital scope. For under 100 dollars budget and a low bandwidth requirement, then go for the Hantek.

I got my Tecktronics 2013 from ebay a few years ago for $100.00.  I had to buy new probes but it has all the manuals and works very well.  I think it was a good deal.


Hi Paul-R. Your idea of asking about using the one from my local school is good, but I'd rather having my own oscilloscope so if I break something or set something else on fire  ::) it will be just my own properties  ;)

Yeah if i'm able to find a second hand one i'll be great.



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