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Best oscilloscope choice?

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Just to give some idea, the cheapest dso oscilloscopes, microcontrollers as oscilloscopes, or sound card as an oscilloscope, can be used for frequencies less than 10 khz maybe, but more than that, and the cheapest option i think is an old analog oscilloscope. But higher frequencies are desirable, as they provide more induction, and this likely matters for overunity. But these sound card and cheapest dso oscilloscopes. Some advanced electronics guys certainly say that they are just toys and rubbish. Because in their mind oscilloscope is an instrument that should provide precise results in all cases and all frequencies. Right of course, and thinking so, the cheap dso oscilloscopes, sound card oscilloscopes, etc, don't qualify.

But for these who wants to do it the cheapest, the thinking is different, and they can still be used. The best when using these cheapest devices, i can figure, is to use them when the results can be compared with the results measured with a more advanced instruments. Then it can be estimated how well these devices fit for the purpose. Thus they can be used for example for replicating experiments. In some cases they may replicate the results, and a similar measurements, well enough.


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