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Title: Potential of Graphene Becomes Obscene
Post by: TechStuf on September 25, 2013, 03:16:21 AM (
Nobel Laureate and co-author of the paper Professor Andre Geim added: "I
wonder how many more surprises graphene keeps in store. This one has come out of
the blue. We have to wait and see for a few years but the switchable magnetism
may lead to an impact exceeding most optimistic expectations."

Whatever can he mean.......
Title: Re: Potential of Graphene Becomes Obscene
Post by: Magluvin on September 25, 2013, 03:52:54 AM
Thanks for posting that. ;)

I was taking a long hard look at graphene several months back. It is the next gen tech. And this is just another notch on the board for graphene.

If you look hard enough, there are a few ways out there to make your own graphene to experiment with. It would be good for all to take a serious look at these early stages of what it can do and how, cuz 'this' is 'it' when it comes to the future of electronics, let alone coatings, graphene fiber(like carbon fiber only stronger) etc.

Title: Re: Potential of Graphene Becomes Obscene
Post by: TechStuf on September 25, 2013, 04:32:02 AM
You bet....

And the fact that it's the world's best conductor at this time, coupled with it's magnetic properties, seems to indicate possibly astronomic gains in solid state power generation.

It's strength to weight ratio, power generation and storage capabilities, and cheap material cost and production all point to a veritable explosion in aerial vehicle possibilities alone.

Title: Re: Potential of Graphene Becomes Obscene
Post by: Magluvin on September 25, 2013, 05:08:26 AM
And as 3D printing gets into greater accuracy and detail, it will be the end of 'life as we know it'. Liquid dude from Terminator. lol  Isnt it funny how ideas of things that seem incredible and even impossible, and its put into a book or a movie and years later weve gottum on our key chains. :o Laser guns in scifi books, magazines and films many years before it was able to actually exist. Well, I could name quite a few movies and books that I wish were never imagined and written.  :-[ ;) It was said by someone some years ago, that we are at a point where just about anything we can imagine can be done, but much we cannot do due to lack of enough money. ;D

Title: Re: Potential of Graphene Becomes Obscene
Post by: Pirate88179 on September 25, 2013, 05:41:00 AM
Mags and TS:

You guys are right.  Graphene is the future.

Check out this fellow's youtube channel: (

Robert Murray Smith.  He has many, many videos on how to make graphene and supercaps, etc.  It does not look all that hard.  I know next to nothing about chemistry.

Title: Breakthorughs are coming almost daily it seems - new state of matter
Post by: thx1138 on September 26, 2013, 06:51:12 PM (
Title: Re: Potential of Graphene Becomes Obscene
Post by: TechStuf on January 11, 2014, 11:27:23 PM

"This is the first time magnetism itself has been toggled, rather than the magnetization direction being reversed."

What is being said is tantamount to the revelation that quite soon, nano-structured materials may be made, that by their very design, will begin producing "free energy" the moment they are produced.  And keep doing so for the life of the material.

And it is but one of absolutely Myriad materials that have been fully realized by Those Who precede us.

Title: Re: Potential of Graphene Becomes Obscene
Post by: Acca on September 10, 2020, 02:07:06 PM
This Potential of Graphene Becomes Obscene YES YES!!!!

as it was discovered by Russian Viktor Petrik about eight years ago..

Putin said "NO"  to anything that is NOT Oil and Natural Gas.. or your HEAD ROLLS.... in Lubyanka is the popular name
for the headquarters of the FSB...prison..basement..

Thermionic "GRAPHENE" clip was shown to Russian Academicians and they where SHOCKED by that demonstration.. SHOCK !!!

SO circle is now back a NEW Company is here.. Below ....
In this video expanded graphite is pressed in a 2mm plate. Thanks to the electrical qualities of this plate, we developed a special Thermoelectric Generator, where the heat energy is converted into electrical energy. We will bring production of Expandable Graphite to your industry. Contact us. (

it's nice to be back outside the  prison system... 

Title: Re: Potential of Graphene Becomes Obscene
Post by: lancaIV on September 10, 2020, 03:52:39 PM
When 1 MMBTU ~ 293 KWh shale gas costs in average 2,51 US$  fob pipeline ,this means equivalent to the barrel  crude oil energy content of 1600 KWh : 13,7 US$

Or 0,0086 US$/KWh or 0,86 US$cent/KWh !

The russian engineers,after now 38 years Dr.Helmut Reichelt et al. ( G.D.R.- invention) their  graphite/carbon based thermoelectric RT converter disclosure ,have to be very innovative in their system production and market entry conditions !

 I see a " new financement invention":the Citroen Ami,a box on 4 wheels,nothing special = old 2CV production scheme + Fiat 500 design marriage,

      Price : 6000 Euros or monthly lease :   20 Euros !  This are ONLY  4% per annum compensation !

Hmm, ( ( ,inventor : Israel Hirshberg ~ Coanda ),a compressed air turbine invention ,
similar by the russian aveurope org group :
airpower selling price estimation 10000 US$/10 KW ( included min. 400% production costs margin )the
e russian prototype costs 375 Euros/KW

so "open source"-mass production and endconsumer selling possible in the 3000 Euros/10 KW level !

When we now take the Ami-"lease company"- conditioning :

3000 Euros/6000 Euros x 240 Euros lease costs per annum :
the compressed air engine lease costs per year 120 Euros,delivering 10 KW x 8766 hours per year x 0,666(Inverse C.O.P. 3) = 58381 KWh electric power per year

electric power costs by this "irrational" lease model = 120 Euros to 12000 Eurocents divided 58.381 KWh =

           0,205 Eurocent/KWh or

           3,29 Euros/electric barrel equivalent ( or 1600 KWh electricity = electron gas = plasma)
This is less than the fossil energy user has to pay for the GHG-certification only !

Let us be and stay  un-shocked !

p.s. : the 10 KW output increaseable by dujunov-Arestov double winding concept ,Yurths ceramic coating et cetera

                     Ergo :

                     2,5 US$ for 293 KWh or 1 MMBTU electricity
                      FIRST COMMERCIAL TARGET

I saw in the alibaba market platform an e-trike,net weight 100 Kg and b2b offer 255 - 230 Euros each
                                 2,5 Euros/Kg industrial material transforming price fob factory

In-wheel electric DC permanent magnet motor,15 Euros /Kg

Hirshberg = airpower calculates with 200 Kg turbine weight,
assuming 50 Kg for the generator and motor : 50 x 15 Euros = 750 Euros electrical parts
 and 150 Kg x 2,5 Euros = 375 Euros the turbine chamber,blade costs
=   1125 Euros/10 KW turbine system costs  minimum fob factory

David Judbarovski " windturbine" financial efficiency calculation ( clearly wind zone dependent) :
         0,001 US$/KWh or   0,1 US$cent per KWh

1,6 US$/ barrel wind ( electron ) gas exploration costs

So with 2000 Euros airpower wind turbine costs and endconsumer price  and Ami- like lease conditioning we get zone independent = everywhere the 0,01 Eurocent/KWh wind e-gas exploring costs unit  price
Title: Re: Potential of Graphene Becomes Obscene
Post by: nix85 on September 10, 2020, 08:08:48 PM
reminds me of Theodore Annis & Patrick Eberly motionless reluctance switch