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Author Topic: Center Seeking Drive  (Read 5004 times)

Offline paulandme

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Center Seeking Drive
« on: September 11, 2013, 08:20:02 AM »
                                          Center Seeking Drive

It may be possible to manufacture an aircraft/spacecraft by designing a machine that  creates a magnetosphere type field which completely surrounds it.  We are well aware that our planet has a huge magnetic field surrounding it, and that this field is extremely distorted. This distortion is caused by the Sun, and the type of field is present around most of the rotating planets in the Solar System.

We need to make some assumptions here.

1   The field is not a magnetic field as we know it, but is probably created by the rotation of our
     slightly magnetic planet within the Sun’s field.

2   The Earth should be attempting to move to the center of its field, but is restrained by its mass.

3   If the Earth were lighter, or it’s field stronger it may move away from the Sun.

4   If a lightweight machine containing rotating, and preferably levitating magnets, was built and tested
     within our environment, it may develop the same type of distorted field.

5   This field distortion would always extend outward away from the center of the body  which is
      causing the distortion, in this case the Earth.

6   This machine could be capable of vertical acceleration.

7   The power requirements to rotate levitating magnetic rotor/s would be minimal.

8   Movement in other directions could be achieved by mounting small controllable field generators     
     around the machine. This should force a hovering machine to accelerate laterally.

9   This machine could operate anywhere there is an extended magnetic field, so this includes the
     entire Solar System, at the very least.
10  The creation of this field around our planet also appears to include a more spherical  electric field,
      the ionosphere, and this may also be incorporated automatically. This could protect the occupants             
      from radiation.

Please note. Godin and Roschin built and tested a machine which lost 35% of its weight. This machine contained rotating (possibly also levitating) magnets, and also created a large external field extending for 15 meters.This field was composed of measurable bands of magnetic fields, and seems very similar to our Magnetosphere with its Van Allen Belts. I suggest that G & R accidentally  replicated our Magnetosphere. Consider also that G & R were replicating the work of Searle who almost certainly had a functioning machine some 60 years ago.

For many years we have tried to find a relationship between gravity and magnetism. I suspect there is no connection, but a strong connection to our magnetosphere, perhaps better thought of as our “Dynamic Gravitational Field”.

When we place magnets like pole to like pole we get an effect referred to as repulsion, with unlike poles facing we get attraction. My reasoning suggests that in both cases the effect is merely field distortion. In the repulsion case, the magnet’s field becomes shaped like our magnetosphere, so the magnet will attempt to seek, or be attracted to, the center of its field. In the case where the opposing poles are unlike, the field is distorted towards the nearby magnet. These magnets will then attempt to move to the center of their fields. As this can never be achieved they will perpetually accelerate  towards each other, giving us the impression they are attracted to each other, when they are simply attracted to the center of their respective fields.

To create the repelling  effect with magnets we need to input some work or energy to distort their fields. The required field distortion for the above machine to function would be provided free by nature, automatically, anywhere. We need only provide the field and this may not be too difficult.

Over the past few years I have been constructing a machine in an attempt to test these ideas. I make no claims to have succeeded, but the machine is at an advanced stage. The design is a levitating ring shaped rotor within a ring shaped frame. The whole machine is an electric, battery operated, brushless DC motor with no output shaft and no bearings. A second counter rotating rotor is able to be incorporated reasonably easily. Also inbuilt is a means to test the Lutec variable timing plus a double timing arrangement using extended drive magnets and an offset  second set of Hall Effect Sensors, so this project may be of interest to OU enthusiasts on this forum. The layout is such that a tubular ring can be fitted or built into the rotor to test for the antigravitational effects thought to be derived from rotating mercury. This should also act as a balance for the rotor. This is not a scale model. It is about 2.5 meters across and utilizes about 2000 magnets.It has been run at up to 12 meters per second, using small guide wheels to stabilise the rotor. At 12 m/s vibration had diminished noticeably. I am currently working on an automatic retraction system for the guide wheels. Hopefully fully levitational dynamic rotation will occur around this speed, and I can then conduct some meaningful experiments.

Details of construction progress can be found at
A link to a short video showing machine rotation can also be found on this page. Please be aware that the website is in a constant state of “flux”, so there may be many missing links and areas subject to change.

This information is provided in the hope that others may see the possibilities, and attempt this or similar designs. Further details can be provided if required at no obligation or cost.

Paul M

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Center Seeking Drive
« on: September 11, 2013, 08:20:02 AM »

Offline tinman

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Re: Center Seeking Drive
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2013, 09:48:16 AM »
You had me interested until you mentioned searle,who never has up until this day,shown a working device.He could build it back in the 60's ,but cant with todays advanced tech???.

But i must say that your device is truely outstanding,and quite an achievement. I(and many others i believe) would love to see that machine running-any chance of a video?.