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Author Topic: New Tech  (Read 10591 times)

Offline lancaIV

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Re: New Tech
« Reply #30 on: September 10, 2019, 12:52:37 PM »
When the Harold Goldbaum generator power output  per square-meter is aequivalent  to

500000 ( five hundred thousands square-meter ) wind generator land use ( 1 Wp/ sqm output) then the land price will sharp falling because the " land rent/ha/a" becomes reduced

If one square-meter Harold Goldbaum generator produces 7,5 KWh (50 Hz) x 8766 hours = 65745 KWh per year
this in relation to "coolplanet" 3 rd generation biofuel process gain per ha : 27000 liters x 9 KWh/liter
~ 243000 KWh biofuel energy/ha
the Goldbaum per square-meter output  compares with 2710 sqm bio-crop land use.

If we compare the 65745 KWh/ sqm output with solar-farming land use and assume 1500 KWh solar energy per sqm radiation and 20% solar panel conversion efficiency this means that 65745/(1500 x 0,2) ~ 220 sqm pure solar active area is needed. !

If we assume 1 Euro-cent/KWh CO2 free electricity production this calculates in barrel ( 1600 KWh) energy content :
16 Euros/ barrel energy worth, when CO2 energy producer will have in future to pay for CO2- ton/ certificates 30 Euros/ton this reduces the agri-bio-CO2-neutral fuel worth down by 6 Euros/ barrel and the "10 Euros bio- fuel worth"is now the price which the "land working lords" can expect for their work  !
+ distribution costs discount

From positive price to negative price : " producer have to pay the consume " ;)

        A GLOBAL NEGATIVE PRICE ECONOMY : new world order execution

                    International currencies " power factor positive or negative" :
From "Euro positive" to "Euro negative", from "Dollar/Thaler positive" to " Dollar/Thaler negative"

We go to the supermarket and ask the manager :

when I take this article how much do you pay me  ? And for this  ? And for that. ?  ::)

Hmm,  and when I take all the supermarket articles. ? And how much do I get for the transport of this ware to home. ?  8)

And how much boni do I get for the manager his tax paying  ?  ;)
And how much do I get when beside the industrial production I install for this production output a CO2 - neutral plasmonic incineration plant. ?  ;D

Pardon,  but I am Max-Planck Institute expert  with Name Dr.  Vogelsang analysis result " influenced" :
reducing the overcrowded world human( oid)s  population to 1,5 billion max.

Okay,  - 80% Kyoto conference 1990-2050 target confirmation !  :)

 10 habitants/sqkm max. : what a wonderfull world will be

Women can now plan their first birth future : something between 8 years ( Peru child as mother) to 74 years
              man and friend, husband, father/uncle(incest) priest/teacher independant/
                                samen-/sperma- bank neutral or per catalogue
Hmm,  the title question "...,or/oder ( original article language)/ right ( google translated)? "
is more rhetorical, is it not. ?
Ab der Traechtigkeitsbefaehigung beginnt die allgemeine Untracht  : Wurf-Tragweite

« Last Edit: September 10, 2019, 08:39:03 PM by lancaIV »

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Re: New Tech
« Reply #30 on: September 10, 2019, 12:52:37 PM »

Offline lancaIV

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Re: New Tech
« Reply #31 on: September 11, 2019, 03:32:43 PM »
We are not in hurry, so we can plan, develop and construct the perfect machine which deliver US the energetic needs :
to define the energetic needs we take known solutions and official international  supra-governmental data :
Starter family 32-38 square meter living area
Expanded family 72-78 sqm living area

This becomes morphed : 40 sqm living area for the expanded 3-5 capita family (up to 3 generations) living space

In southern Europe with deepest 0° Celsius winter temperatures for this living space with average insulated house
surface means up to 500 Wattp caloric heat need .
500 Wattp caloric heat is released by IR heat panels or heatpumps with 50 Wp electric input .

Hot water per annum needs are for 4 capita in the 1800 KWh ( incl. storage heat losts) range.
With water flow limiter/Showerhead,DIP-Tube,water temperature "mix battery" and waste heat recuperator this need reduces to < 600 KWh caloric heat per annum/4 capita.
Less with wind brake( friction heating) and/or solar pre-heater : rest need caloric 150 KWh/annum/4 capita

Alternatively : hot water heat pump

For light,fridge/kitchen appliances we can reduce the 3 KWh " intelligent household" listed energy consume numbers  in the  ""- web-site to electric 2000 Watthp per day by low-e frige/refrigerator.More economical would be the 0,8 KWh electricity need per day and this reduced to half by energy saving electric motors and heat elements included power saving frequency operators.

Electric energy need and power delivering :

A. room heating : 50 Wattp electric per hour in cold seasons

+ B. 360 Wp per day for hot water during cold season
+  C1. 2000 Whp or 1000 Whp( better efficiency motors/ heat element) =

to C2  800Wh or 400 Whp( better motors/heat elements) =

A + B + C = 100 Wpp + 300 Wpp + C1: 500 Wpp ~ C1 =   
                    parrallel         1 KW generator system + battery ser 2 KWh storage

A + B/C1.  seriell.            0,6 KW generator system + battery set 2 KWh storage               
C2:  200 Wp ~ C2 =     
                    parrallel        0,6 KW generator system + battery set 1 KWh storage

A + B/C2 seriell. C2 =     0,4 KW generator system + battery set 1 KWh storage

What can become in future the average cost for a house power plant. ?
The cheapest : C2 seriell ~ 137,5 Euros - 30% estatal clean energy rebatte : < 100 Euros costs  for the buyer
The most expensive : parrallel C1 ~ 285 Euros - 30% estatal clean energy rebatte :  200 Euros costs for the buyer

Calculation based by list price/gross-selling price for material and transformation

generator + Li Yng transmission : malus small 14000 RPM motor bearings lifetime

Goldbaum generator: malus coating lifetime unknown

Mukhergee generator- controle unit
Fritzsche motor- multi generator set: friction and lifetime

Marzahn artificial light chamber : malus lifetime photoelectric converter+price

Magneto resonant transformer : malus capacitor price

Ramos Suarez resonant battery set: malus fast 100% battery consume

Saburo inverter battrry set
Thorpe wind generator + motor assistance : malus without assistance : periodically

Fanerator artificial wind generator : malus 1000 RPM

Zielinski ambient energy converter : malus SC coil

Performance improvements : less material = less weigth = less costs                 
                                                     low/no RE
                                                     less/no " thick"  copper : "thin" aluminium,sodium,graphit/graphene
                                                     less/no steel : aluminium/ plastics

                                                     from EU average 50 Hz/3000 RPM
                                                     to common  100 Hz/6000 RPM rotative appliances


Offline lancaIV

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Re: New Tech
« Reply #32 on: September 13, 2019, 01:26:25 PM »

Or alternatively :
without electric generator

coupled with

Here : [ 0016]

Wind ,also concentrated,flows periodically :solution : couple the Wind Turbine shaft with power saving transmission drive for "no Wind"- moments

Natural ( periodically)and artificial wind shaft force( to permanent ),amplyfied by the Linevich converter with periodically or permanent heat delivery as wind brake device

Option "electric":
:the windturbine ( with-/out electric drive)  + Linevich converter + generator + Saburo inverter/"magneto"amplifier

Per KWh generating price ?
Better or worser than 0,05 Euro/KWh. ? 0,025 Euro/KWh ? 0,01 Euro/KWh ?

Only 30 $ wind turbine construction worth calculation :
assuming 800 KWh wind power conversion per annum and 10 years amortization period with 2,5% capital tax per annum : 0,0043 Euros "rotation" generation costs

+ 120 $ wind brake chamber/heat storage : 0,02 Euro per KWh periodically ( too much/too less risc) heat generation

Comparison ( here for specified wheater condition : Israel/ mediterran sea coast area)
0,0005( 1/20 cent) to 0,001( 1/10 cent) Euro/KWh solar concentrated heat conversion

Living in a land with up to 300 solar days and up to 3000 hours sunshine and high Atlantic sea Wind flow the " free energy devices" are ever in comparison to " overunity devices" with synthetical nature forces process mimikry.
Portugal can be 100% commercial energy imports independent,but there is not a need.
100% GHG-free production,but there is not a need.
100% own national free energy devices production,but there is not a need.
This land like other with similar climate condition can do the change,but nobody is in hurry !
From  Monday to Sunday : no stress - but future  !  ;)

Happy weekend and greeting from a German ' living like a GOD - no, not in France ! - in Portugal. !  :)

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Re: New Tech
« Reply #32 on: September 13, 2019, 01:26:25 PM »
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