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Author Topic: MEG  (Read 58746 times)

Offline KSW

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« on: April 14, 2005, 03:18:38 PM »
anybody here tried replicating the MEG?

it doesnt seem like it would be that hard to make, the only difficulty i guess would be the core material.

although i read that even with a normal core metal you could still achieve a COP of around 2.

they also seem to have trouble closing the loop. why not just have for example 2 caps, and switch them when the other reaches a full charge?


thanks - Kane

Offline rlm555339

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« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2005, 04:02:34 PM »
I did a simple attempt at the MEG.  It just sat there.  Didn't do nuthin..............
Probably my fault though. I might have omitted something.  At any rate, I sat there and looked at it after I'd put it together and decided that there wasn't ever going to be a use for it because there was no way I could see that one can get any wattage out of it.  ???  Guess I'm just not thinking out of the box enough, huh?   ;)

Offline BushWacker

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« Reply #2 on: June 28, 2005, 06:41:38 AM »
Hi Guy's,

? ?As a matter of fact I have been talking to Stefan about the new highly modified version of a MEG type unit which Stefan calculated to be putting out 268 Watts by using a hand held portable CD player as the input. This is nothing compared to what my multimeter is reading from higher db audio sources. Yes, I am using strickly sound as the input energy, and getting quite a bit of power out of the unit. As I have said, it is highly modified and is much different from the original MEG design. I call this device the HOPE Generator or (Harmonic Oscillating Power Electric) Generator. Stefan has been writing me asking for information but this is all brand new stuff and I haven't had time to bring the unit in to the expert's in order to test my readings to see if they are all correct. My multimeter is a $250 digital unit, almost brand new, and reads everything else accurately so I guess we'll have to see after we put the unit through the ringer with some top engineer's. If you know where Stefan posted the info., please let me know so I can see what he posted alright?



Offline Vorg

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« Reply #3 on: June 28, 2005, 07:36:34 PM »
To overcome the problem of meters not designed to work at those freq, it should be possible to run the output through a bridge and stick a cap on the rectified side. Then check output in DC. If it's to be usefull for anything besides light floresent bulbs, it should be possible to convert from AC to DC. You should only loose about 1.2v. If loose too much, then you may not be getting as it apears.

BTW, be carfull using DMMs at higher freq. If you get high enough you will fry the meter with far less energy then what its rated for. For example, You can not use a DMM to check the voltage on a Sharp LCD projector lamp. Your meter will only last a few ms at best.

Offline Thaelin

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« Reply #4 on: August 04, 2005, 02:44:12 PM »
Hey Bushwhacker:
   Do you have a schematic for the circuit you are refering to?  I have been messing around
with pulse motors and such so have been collecting some epuipment. One thing I have now
is a frequency meter and an audio tone generator from the spare parts store. I am interested
in just how much over this can go. Tom said his meg was capable of powering the world if done
right and I think it can. Let me know.


Offline BushWacker

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« Reply #5 on: August 04, 2005, 11:57:39 PM »
Hi Sugra,

    I'm going to have to get back to you on this after I have a chance to speak with my new partner's. I have been drawing up a complete manual and step-by-step instructions to replicate the HOPE unit, however it has drawn the interest of a group of wealthy investor's who want to develop the technology to it's full potential. I don't know whether the original MEG is capable of providing the world with free energy, but I do believe that the HOPE unit may have the potential to do this. I've tried several various configurations using what information I could find on Tom's MEG unit because I too was pretty sure that it could work. However I was never able to get anywhere near the input/output ratio's that Tom was claiming. Thats when I finally decided to get radical and try something new. It is true that the HOPE generator is a highly modified version of Tom's MEG unit, but there have been so many modifications made that it is basically a whole new breed of it's own. The HOPE device uses sound as the input rather than AC current, and the input/output ratio's seem to be much greater than anything the MEG has been able to show to anyone except Tom from what I've been able to gather. I am expecting to hear from an engineer who has been hired by this group of investor's any day now, and we will be building an amp circuit to power the unit with audio feedback alone. I have already done this but need help beefing up the amp circuit because there is so much electrical feedback coming back into the audio source that it keeps frying them out in no time. I will ask everyone whether they would have a problem with me providing the manual at this time, and if they don't I will make the information available. Otherwise I have to be honest and tell you that I don't know if this might jepordize my chances of developing this technology further. I do have some idea's on how to improve the design quite a bit, and it wouldn't be able to even be compared to the MEG anymore at all. The whole design and function is already completely different from the MEG except that I am using the same kind of core material. I want you to know that I do understand the importance of bringing these technologies out in the open and getting them into the market-place. This is the whold reason that I have been working in this field for more than thirty years to date, and one way or another I will do my best to see that it happens. For now Sugra, your going to have to hang tight for a little while until I find out what everyone else thinks about spreading the info around and further.

Best Regards,


Offline Kator01

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« Reply #6 on: August 09, 2005, 04:28:13 PM »

Dear Jim,

I am observing this discussion for some time and I like to contribute some thougts here which are based
on a background of over 25 years in observing patterns in the evolution of activities and events ( both socially and indivually ) which wrap around 
inventions of this kind. As an outstanding example I bring to your attention an invention which first was published 1992 in a german sientific magazin
called "Bild der Wissenschaft" ( picture or sience ), the so called "Graetzel-Solar-Cell" named by the inventor Mr. Michael Gr?tzel from pysical/chemical department of the ETH-Lausanne.
( Technical University). He discovered and developed a cheap solar-call based on Titanium-Oxide in combination with certain colour-elements. The respective electrolyte-colour-titaniumoxide-combination
is applied as a fluid on a metal-sheeted glas and tempered at about 600 degress celsius thus forming a cheap semiconducting surface which is sensitive to the solar spectrum.
I will not go into more technical details here. From this year on I obsereved what happened. Mr. Gr?tzel sold the licence to a Innovation-Institut-Organisation in Germany (INAP = Institute of applied photovoltaic) and in 1999 I phoned them to find out about the progress
of the development. I have the answer here in my files. They said to the effect that they are in the progress of developing the production-technique/line. But remember there have been already 7 years passed by. Last time I had a look for it was in may 2005. Another 6 years passed by and still the
say on their homepage that they prepare to bring this technique to production-level. Now 13 years of development and still now result - this cannot be !

So what happended : This Institut draws money supplied by german taxpayers from the german goverment since 13 !! years whithout any result. They just use a valuable and promising technology as an alibi to feed themselves on tax-money provided by certain laws manifested by the green political party.
So Jim I like you to know this : The moment an investor team shows up for your invention you are liable to fall into the same pattern. The technique will be lost because the managers of such companies are not interested to bring this out to the public, it serves only their own purpose.

So do what you will but this is what I know. The pattern is not a german-specific one. Its world-wide. The same goes with the "GIFNET". I discovered that Naudine uses a 20 Kilowatt Radio-Transmitting Tube in his newest experiment. The data he presented are very doubious. Suddenly he is the director of a new institute called GIFNET
using Kofi Annan as an eye-catcher.

The best would be to make your technique open to the public, because you will not be able to make money out of it. Most of the history of inventors ( even Tesla ) prooves this.



Offline oouthere

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« Reply #7 on: August 09, 2005, 05:32:58 PM »
I know someone that visited Tom Beardon and the MEG does not work as described.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't (the prototype) and no one knows why.  This unit is not dependable and probably a waste of time pursueing.  People really need to post the complete problems with the units so others don't waste the limited resources availabe by ending in repeated failure (i.e. time and money).

John Bedini has given many clues but the one that bothers me the most is the Kromrey Generator that was shown over 600% o/u but will not work as per patent.  John found the required changes but does not tell you what was changed.  I've spent so much money (literally $1,000's and 100's of manhours) building and playing but I'm tired of rebuilding units that don't work.  When someone gets something to work, just release the damn thing!


Offline BushWacker

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« Reply #8 on: August 09, 2005, 11:28:12 PM »
Hi Guy's,

     Not to sound as though I'm trying to kiss any butt's here, however you are all absolutely correct in your observation's and statement's. I've been involved in this field going on 33yrs. now myself, and I know that it would be stupid to try and approach these matters by the same method that everyone else keeps trying. I also believe that we all need to be truthful about all of the details of alleged FE/AE devices/technologies and have also observed that most inventor's seem to insist on keeping secret's connected with their invention's. I do intend to finish the instruction manual for the HOPE generator, but there is only so much time in a day, and my time has been almost totally consumed with many more important things until now. I have also been left alone to take care of my elderly mother by my father-in-law these past couple of weeks because he wanted to take a trip and go out to play. He is aware of how much I have to do, and the importance of what I am trying to accomplish, yet he values his play time more than he worries about what the cost may actually be. Human nature is the thing which I see being more of a problem than anything else with our world, and very few people are willing to sacrifice anything for others. I understand this problem extremely well but there is little I can do about the choices that anyone else makes, and yet we all suffer from the actions and choices everyone makes. I have given so much away already of which others have taken credit for that nobody can know just how much I have given. Believe me, I know exactly what is going on in every respect, and I also know exactly what I am doing. My strategy has not been developed over-night, and throughout the last 30+ years I too have been observing closely the way everything operates. Bearden is keeping some secret's because he still believes that he is going to become filthy rich if he can secure his MEG tech. The problem however is that the way the political-business-media cartel operates he will never fullfill his fantasy of becomming the wealthiest man on earth. He is a very smart guy, and I cannot understand why he allows these delusions of grandure to fill his head with such nonsense. The HOPE generator was originally a MEG unit which was assembled according to the instructions from Naudin's web-site. However I came to the same conclusions that some of you and many other's out there have come to. That is, that either the MEG is not what it was claimed to be, or that Tom Bearden is not telling all about the MEG. Thats when I decided since I don't have another penney to spend on such things that I would continue to work with what I already had on hand. I began to change the design little by little and one day while I was listening to the radio I decided to see if the audio from the radio would travel through the unit or even possibly be amplified through the process of doing so. It did, and I also noticed that it produced a small electrical current at the same time. Thats when I decided to get radical and try to configure it to run on sound input. It has taken me the last two years to get to the point I am at with the design, and it is now a completely different breed or technology. I wanted to wait until I was able to get hold of a different core so that everyone wouldn't say that this is a MEG unit, but because I do want to be truthful and I do want these technologies to be made available to everyone I am jumping the gun s-t-s and telling the whole story. The MEG uses AC current as it's input source. The HOPE uses only sound/audio frequencies and my current design produces far more power than the origninal MEG design did using AC current for the input source. The wiring configuration is a novel one and is going to be the hardest part to describe, and I am not a draftsman or an electrical engineer so you will all have to excuse me for the way I will be trying to explain and describe the circuitry. I have recently made some changes with the wiring configuration and it is a bit less complicated now so that will help somewhat. I am about half-way finished with the step-by-step instructions manual and am now starting to describe this wiring configuration now. For those of you who have already built MEG units these instructions will be able to save you the cost of buying another core, and you already have the most expensive piece to the puzzle. You will have to purchase SmCo magnets if you are using any other kind right now because no other material will remain stable and will lose it's charge/field. I am planning to be making some extreme changes in both the current core materials and possible the wire coils in the next few weeks because I do not want Tom or anyone else claiming that this is a MEG unit. Right now it resembles a MEG unit to some extent because I am using the core that I originally used to try and build a MEG unit. However I am now working with a number of other's to refine and develop an industrial strength version that will be much different than what I have at this moment. As I have tried to make known already, the secret involves sound resonance, metallo-nanocrystaline materials, and most likely varying relaxation times in relation to all of the various core and wire materials involved. Each component is built and tuned to compliment the other and a high frequency resonating field is set-up. The result is a form of energy which is slightly different from typical AC current but which can be used directly to light fluorescent lights or filtered and/or converted to standard current to be used with existing electronics. I have no delusions about becomming the richest man in the world, nor do I want to be that man. I don't want to live forever on this God forsaken planet the way things are! But I do want to contribute what I can to try and help those who are in need of help, and I am doing my best to do just that. I wish that I could mention everything that is going on but because of what I am involved with I have certain agencies watching every move I make and listening to every word I say both over the phone and over the Internet. I have some friend's in some of these agencies also, and a few of these guy's have visited me in person throughout the years to let me know first hand what has been going on. I worked at the information center of a great number of black projects for about 5 years until I finally turned in my resignation due to a matter of my own conscience. I know exactly what is going on, and I have personally read and even edited some of the game plans/strategies of the NWO elite. President Reagan didn't even have a clue about the things that the Bush family and friend's had going on behind his back, and I wish I had never excepted that position because my life would have been much easier had I not. Please understand that I am doing all I can right now to get some of these technologies out to people and that I am very close to living on the streets at this time. Even though the department of Social Security has admitted that I have some serious physical disabilities the U.S., government does not want me to be able to support myself let alone prosper. I have had my life threatened face to face with military personel and warned time and again to cease and desist from speaking about any of these things. I have had to try and deal with this kind of thing for the last 26 years, it has ruined my family, my marriage, and left me with absolutely nothing to show for my efforts. On top of it all I can't even begin to tell the half of the story or I would be locked up immediately and never seen again. I know how important it is to get FE technologies out to the public however the powers that be also know what this would mean to their power structure. It's not easy trying to change the world by yourself, especially when up until a couple of years ago you were living in the Arizona desert and eating cactuss just to survive. I believe that the only reason that I am still alive is so that I can donate something to this world, and I am doing my best with what I have. Things are looking up lately, and in just the last month I have met with a half dozen people who are willing to help to get some of these technologies out to the people. I am not trying to get patents for anything, and I know that it is simply stupid to try. If I survive through the next year and have anything to say about it all there will be a number of new technologies coming out soon, but I cannot do it all by myself and I need other's who are willing to help. Human nature got us all into this soup, and we will have to overcome our natural tendancy's towards selfishness if we are going to get out of this mess. I've already taken dangerous steps by speaking out on many things and you simply would not believe some of the things certain agencies have been doing to try and scare me into silence once again. I just hope I haven't spoken in vain, and that my action's are wasted on people who aren't going to lift a finger for the cause. That has been my experience throughout the last 30+ years and I fail to see how things have changed since then. Even so, I will work on the manual for the HOPE during these next couple of weeks and try to get them distributed as soon as possible. I will hold nothing back and will be completely forthright and try to supply everything in detail. Just remember that these instructions will be describing the assembly using the same core material as is recommended to build Bearden's MEG unit, but that it is actually a different animal. Future HOPE tech will look much different than this but for now considering the need I am willing to listen to all the confused arguments about it being a MEG unit. It doesn't matter to me who you credit with the discovery really, as long as you make use of the information and try to improve on the concept. Like I have said before, we all need to toss our false ego's aside and make some sacrifice's if this world is ever going to change for the better people. Give me a couple of weeks, and you should have your information. BTW, the name "BushWacker" is descriptive of what we all need to be. The Bush family is one of the NWO elitest families, and papa Bush who would have been the very person who would have ordered the direct threats to my life and the lives of my entire family. The only reason that  I am still here is because of the many good guy's in within some of our agencies who have been watching my back. I tried to tell Gene Mallove this in 2002 but he did not take me seriously when I warned him to be careful. Gee Dubya just signed another big oil deal yesterday to increase the size of his and Cheney's wallet's. I don't know how much money any sane person needs in order to be satisfied, but it's pretty obvious that there is nothing sane about the Bush family or Cheney for that matter. Hang in there guy's, I'll be getting back to you all soon with the HOPE manual.

Best Regards,


Offline BushWacker

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« Reply #9 on: August 10, 2005, 10:22:55 PM »
Hope Generator

Materials List:

1. AMCC - 320 C-Core: ?
Purchased from - Elna Magnetics (
sales rep., Cindy Clarke
The cost of the core is about $104 USD. Approx., $112 Total with S&H in the U.S.

2. SmCo Magnets - minimum grade (#17 or higher): ?
You can use 1 long magnet or many thin magnets depending on the thickness however the magnets must measure the equivalent of 35mm to precisely fit the core gap.The magnets which I used were purchased from the ForceField web-site at -(, and measured .50" Wide x 1.0" Long x 3/16" Thickness and were stacked together to precisely span the gap of the core. The length of the magnets were situated along the line between the two halves which made up the total core.
Here is one solution to the problem and I believe that the 1.0" disc magnets will work at least as well and most likely even better than the 1.0" x 0.50" reclangular magnets which I used originally. Check out the web-site and SmCo specs below. The P/N stands for part number for those of you who want to order these.
MMC (Magnetic Material Components)

 ? ? ? ? ? ?P/N ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Length ? ? ? ? ? ? Thickness ? ? ? ? ?Grade
SCDS-1000-125 ? ? ? ?1.000" ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 0.125" ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 26 MGOe (2:17)

NOTE: Eleven of these would add up to exactly (34.925mm). A piece of tape on either end may be sufficient to make up the slight 0.075mm difference of the 35mm gap of the AMC 320 C-Core. This is what I did. Also, the various cores may have a very slight difference in actual measurements which can vary within a millimeter or so and you can give "Elna" the exact measurement of 34.925mm and have them mail you the closest match for core gap. Talk to Cindy Clarke at Elna Magnetic Products.

Another possible source for SmCo magnets might be MCE Products although it appears that many of the magnetic products manufacturer's are becoming very closed to working with the general public.

3. Both (27) and (29) gauge Tesla Wire:
purchased from E-Bay (
I recommend doing a search all catagories search for "Magnet Wire" which is the same as Tesla Wire.
The two spools of wire which I purchased were each 20,000 ft. rolls. I still have enough wire to build several more units, so it is not necessary to purchase such large rolls of wire, however it was much more of a bargain to buy it this way on E-Bay, and it is my opinion that a good inventor can always find many uses for high quality Tesla Wire.

4. Contact Strips:
Two 2" 8 contact point strips
Two 1.5" 4 contact point strips
These can be found at most Radio Shack stores but may depend on the area of the country you live in. These strips are the black strips with screws that you can see in the photo's of the HOPE unit, located on both the top and sides of the unit. They are not absolutely necessary but they do make it easier for testing the unit and will prevent the eventual breaking of the wires due to bending and over handling. They are very inexpensive and are well worth the extra couple dollars in the long run.

5. Cardboard and/or Hardboard:
You will need to find some good stiff cardboard and/or hardboard to cut and glue the spools to wrap the coils for your HOPE unit. I used strickly thin stiff cardboard of various thicknesses to form my spools, but you could also use 1/16"hardboard for the sides of your spools if you prefer. You could also conceivably use plastic if you like but I would recommend using some very strong glue if you do as a good deal of pressure with build up between the two sides of the spools as the number of winds increase while winding your coils.

6. Single Strand Insulated Wire:
2 feet of (Single Strand Insulated Wire) will be needed during the wiring process of building your HOPE unit. The wiring configuration is a novel one!

7. Transformer:
The transformer you use will largely determine the total output both in voltage and amperage, and I would suggest using as large a transformer as you can afford or find. The transformer that I am currently using is an old antique home built unit with variable inputs and outputs, and with a maximum rating of 210v. In most cases you will find that the transformer will substantially improve the total output wattage but I have found that the increase will depend on the size and type of transformer you select. Without the transformer which I am currently using I have noticed that I get only approximately half of the total output. Also, when not using the additional transformer, the wiring configuration needs to be changed slightly in order to achieve an optimum output value.

8. 4 Wire Telephone Jack:
In the photo's of the HOPE gen., you will see a small white box situated on the top center of the unit. This is a 4 wire telephone jack! The reason for this jack was originally for the purpose of conducting bioenergetic experiments using an additional device which for this project is not necessary to go into at this time. However, in order to describe the final wiring configuration, it would be easier to go ahead and add this component to your list of materials needed because of the complexity of the total wiring configuration. You should be able to find one of these in any fairly large hardware store or telephone supply store, and possibly even Best Buy, Circuit City, Home Depot, etc.., etc.. . Without this final component I will have to spend a lot of extra time trying to find a way around the problem and at this point cannot promise that there will be a solution in order to achieve the same results.

9. Stereo Audio Jacks:
This is not one of the required components but you may eventually find that it is much easier to plug in an audio jack than to try to jury rig an audio cable etc.., and so I recommend that you find a female stereo audio jack with at least a couple inches of wire/cable which you can then strip the ends of and easily hook up to your HOPE unit. I have chosen a 1/8" size female stereo audio adapter but it is up to you how you want to do this. You can also find stereo audio adapters which you can use to adapt 1/4" plugs to fit 1/8" plugs and vice versa. These can come in handy if you want to be able to use different sources for your audio input.

10. 1" x ?2" lumber:
For the purpose of stablizing and securing the unit, you can use 1 inch by 2 inch pine or fur lumber. If you look at the photos of the HOPE unit, you should be able to see that there are four square blocks of wood on either side of the unit which are placed under the core and on top of the core. You may also be able to see two approximate 5" lengths of wood directly in front of each set of blocks. I used both hot glue and wood screws to mount and secure the unit and found this to be the simplest way of doing this. I also used regular Elmer's Glue along with wood screws to secure the top piece of cardboard to the wood frame. The reason for all of this is to keep the core from seperating and to prevent accidental damage during the process of carrying the unit around.

11. 3/4" ?Baseboard:
 You will ?need a board measuring a minimum of ?6.50" x ?10" to build and secure the unit on. Any additional exterior box or frame is up to you, however do not build any exterior box./frame until the unit has been fully assembled and completed.

12. Screws:
I recommend using 14 ea. ?.5" sheet metal screws for connecting the exterior coils and single strand wire you will see around the base of the unit, ?and about 1.75" sheet rock screws for the places where you will secure the top to the side posts of the frame. You should also drill a single screw through the bottom of the 6.50" x 10" board that you are using to build the unit on.

13. Adhesives/Glues:
I highly recommend using hot glue to secure the wood blocks and to help level and/or fill any spaces between the core and the wooden blocks and frame. You will also need to use a good liquid glue like Elmer's or something similar to glue your cardboard spools together. Hot glue is not necessary for building the spools, however once they have been aligned to their proper positions on the core, you can secure them with hot glue and this will help to keep vibration to a minimum. You will also need the hot glue to secure the exterior coils to the corners of the HOPE unit after you have mounted the unit and secured the frame to the baseboard.

14. Aligator Clips:
These are not a necessity however I highly recommend that you purchase at least a dozen aligator clips for building and testing your HOPE Generator. It will save you a lot of time and work in the long run and they are not very expensive at all. The clips should measure between 12 and 24 inches in length and preferably be different colors to make things less confusing than they have to be.

NOTE: Complete step-by-step proceedures for building HOPE will be posted approximately two weeks from now.



Offline adetuc

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message for BushWacker
« Reply #10 on: September 01, 2005, 08:59:54 AM »
Hi Bush ...

I was wondering that as your HOPE generator is creating so much energy "Yes, I am using strickly sound as the input energy, and getting quite a bit of power out of the unit." that would it be possible to run the audio input device, the CD player from the output of the HOPE device thus creating a contained regenerating stand alone unit that is not powered by external mains or batteries ?
I am very interested in this technology, but not being too scientifically minded am fiinding it hard to work out the principles of the machine, are there any web pages that explain this idea ?, I guess you are using the magnetic force of the magnets to induce more energy into the system ?


Offline BushWacker

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« Reply #11 on: September 01, 2005, 10:49:32 PM »
Hello Ade,

   Actually I had asked Stefan to post the info about the HOPE Generator in a different catagory than the MEG, since it is entirely different from Tom Bearden's MEG unit. Your question is a common one and this is in fact one of the very next things that we are planning to do. Several engineer's are scheduled to be flying out shortly to help build a special amp circuit which would create audio feedback at adjustable frequencies and hopfully at consideral volume/decibals. This should indeed work from everything we have seen so far, and there should be more than enough excess power left to supply electricity to various appliances. This is currently the only web-site with information on this new technology, however I have recently joined two other guy's in forming a company which will develop HOPE technologies among many others, and we plan to set up a large web-site and also sell books and CD's/DVD's on these subjects. As far as the magnets in the HOPE Generator are concerned, I have recently found that they may not even be required any longer with the new design I have come up with. I am also planning to try several other new designs using very inexpensive materials which I believe may work even better. I will continue to post what new information I can on HOPE technologies without giving away any trade secrets, so that others can build their own units at home. If you would like to contact me personally through my e-mail account you can write me at ( I can keep you more up to date on a personal basis if you are interested in this tech.

Best Regards,

J. D. Fauble


Offline Warpspeed

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« Reply #12 on: September 17, 2005, 11:54:34 AM »
I built and tested several MEG devices about four years ago without seeing anything that looked even remotely like over-unity.

My cores were of ordinary inverter grade ferrite, and I used bias magnets of various field strengths to adjust the operating point around the knee in the magnetic BH loop. I have a fair bit of fairly exotic test equipment here, and was able to measure all the operating parameters, and calculate energy losses in primary, secondary and the core itself. I never measured more than about 70% of the input energy at the output. All of these losses could be accounted for using conventional transformer theory.

I am an electronic engineer with many years experience designing high frequency magnetic components for switchmode power supplies. The MEG made me curious, because there is no obvious way in which it could possibly work, and it is a fairly simple thing to copy from the pictures and details available.

The MEG has been around now for a very long time, and it doesn't surprise me that nobody else has been able to demonstrate one working either.

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« Reply #13 on: October 30, 2005, 03:43:24 AM »
I led built a MEG-like amplified-magnet-force-transformer(=M.A.S.E.R.):
first test result-12V,2A in and 50V,3A out !
+/- 6:1 ratio,not very impressive versus 40:1 ratio from Keiichiro Asaoka-Model(l) !

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« Reply #14 on: November 01, 2005, 05:09:36 PM »
I led built a MEG-like amplified-magnet-force-transformer(=M.A.S.E.R.):
first test result-12V,2A in and 50V,3A out !
+/- 6:1 ratio,not very impressive versus 40:1 ratio from Keiichiro Asaoka-Model(l) !


Do not lessen the 6:1 ratio, it is very impressive because it is fairly higher than 1:1...   So I would be very interested in your amplified- magnet-force-transformer if it is not top secret ;)

However, you referred to Asaoka as well and I read his patent (US5,926,083) in which the 40:1 ratio is mentioned.
My opinion is that I would like to see it in practice but not in paper... 
Asaoka writes in column 5, lines 11-13: "The static magnet dynamo can be considered as a transformer if its permanent magnet is removed and there is a gap G."  This is foggy because he uses the same G like in his second magnetic path designation where there are two (small) gaps also referred to as G, (Figs 1-9).   And the 40:1 ratio is not referred to the output:input ratio but a 40 times reduction in the input power needs.  Of course this is also very significant but as I said I would like to see it in practice. What about the effect of the load current on the input power (Lenz-law)?
And his Figs 10-11 are closed magnetic path circuits and they remember me to a MEG like arrangement which is known to be NOT working for many experimenters, including myself....   These closed path circuits work like conventional transformators. What do you think?

I believe that somehow overunity can be achived but definitely not by a MEG-like arrangement referred to above where a normal transformer action prevail, here I fully agree with Warpspeed.