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Was not sure wheret o put this one
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How about in the "don't do it like this" department?
He's got a rotating assembly with big magnets apparently just duct-taped into position.

But here:

--- Quote ---According to “Sam” the MPEG has to be aligned with the North Pole since it operates in part with magnets and uses the earth’s magnet poles to help perpetuate the motion and needs to be level to continue to operate. Cost of the machine, depending on size and if it is being self built, is about $1,500 to $2,000.
Turning on several devices to demonstrate the MPEG, “Sam” switches on a TV, a shortwave radio and an overhead light. He revealed that the room that the machine is in is wired independently to the rest of the house.
“Everything right now, you’re autonomous,” “Sam” said. To prove that the system is powering everything, he abruptly switches off the power strip coming from the machine, which immediately turns off all of the devices in the room. He said he ran the MPEG up to eight hours and it has not lost any voltage in the batteries.
--- End quote ---

Yes, we have got to see that one, don't we. With that kind of demonstration, it's not just a mistake. It is either conscious fraud, or Fire 2.0.

Anybody want to bet on Fire 2.0?

Just imagine one of those large magnets coming loose from the duct tape... 

"Two solar panels from outside also connected to the marine battery. “Sam” says to trickle charge them and keep the batteries fully charged when not in use."  Perhaps this is why the batteries keep their voltage?

Liberty and TK of course your both right and I think of a few other red flags
It amazes me how gullible and impressionable people are when first exposed to this type of technology


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