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Author Topic: The Aether and the resulting fields  (Read 6685 times)

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The Aether and the resulting fields
« on: June 27, 2013, 03:07:17 PM »

 I have been taking the time to think research and study my notes. After a few weeks I felt it was my place to set the matter straight and start a dialogue again about the Aether and what it really is.

 Whenever we hear about the Aether, it is mistakenly referred to as an energy. This couldn't be further from the truth. What the Aether really is, is a medium for energy to travel on in our space. A network that can be seen as dark areas when we view the heavens and is pictured in whole here:

 Any spot on that image that is bright is matter and it's interactions with energy. Any spot that is dark is the Aether for which energy travels through. The Aether is quite simply matter that is neutral and as perfect a conductor as we could find. Gross matter, which we can see is not a perfect conductor and usually has a certain amount of resistance associated with it. Hence it's reaction to energy as it travels the Aether network.

 We are currently understanding this premise in leaps and bounds. Our own science community is recognizing that we have been in error in our current theories and is attempting to correct the theories through empirical observation. One such attempt is an organization called the "Thunderbolts Project"

 I would suggest you read the whole site and watch the whole video series. I found it to be most enlightening, no pun intended.

 We have been forced to focus on only the side of electricity that costs us dearly and this project is trying to correct the errors in our thinking by looking into the space we didn't have the capability to look before. With new tools our steps in space exploration has been met with utter fascination at how wrong we have been for a long time now.

 I have attempted to redirect our good community a great many times only to be bashed and attacked on a personal and public level every step of the way. A few have grasped my thinking and observations but a vast majority act like I am attacking them in these observations. Those who profit from the current theories do not wish to loose the power and control they now wield over us and our desire for free clean and unlimited energy. They will do anything to keep the status quo, including infiltrating our community and debasing the ones who are on the brink of freeing not only themselves but the world of this form of slavery. We are at the dawn of a new age. An age of plenty for all, not just the few.

 Now lets get to the meat of this discussion.

 What is the true nature of nature? How can nature work over light years and impart it's information for us to see. Weather that seeing is with our eyes or with the many devices we have created to see what we can not with our eyes. The Aether connects all matter. it is to an extent in all matter on the smallest of scales. The only difference is matter has less of a density of the Aether in it. Each degree of density has effects on the matters capability to conduct energy. It's geometry also plays a part in that conduction as well. When the Aether is displaced by matter it effects that matter. The Aether is a medium only, a highway for matter to flow from potential to potential. This is current. Matter in motion. Matter in itself has no energy but what the Aether allows to pass. Matter interacts with that energy and transforms it into the various effects we can measure. Light and all the various forms of energy is a direct result of interactions of the Aether paths with matter. You could say that matter transforms the energy that the Aether is conducting.

 Where did the Aether come from? Well that is an interesting question. I don't think anyone knows the answer but here are a few ideas that spring to mind to help understand it's origins. We have an idea that at every center of galaxies is a point. Most call these points Black holes. I am of the opinion that we are wrong about that. It is a point but not a black hole in the sense of the word. It's a point of a body of mass. This point is always central to that mass. This point is the value of potential of all the matter of that body or galaxy. It is an absolute equal of all the mass of that body but of opposite sign. Since matter displaces the Aether, Matter is considered to be negative when compared to the Aether, which is energy rich. These points when compared to matter have a potential difference and will cause a flow to happen in the Aether based on the difference of the matter in the general area of that matter. The Aether is like a Vacuum and energy is merely the Aether in motion twords that vacuum. We can sense this flow by what we call gravity on other matter when in comparison to other matter in the area. The larger the mass the greater the gravity or flow of Aether. Aether flow has a weak interaction on matter which we call gravity. This is entirely based off of potentials. The flow is current of matter. All matter including plasma is matter under the influence of this flow.

 Lets look at our sun for instance:

 This is the best picture of the event of radiance. This is of an eclipse of the sun. With the radiance is enhanced because the mass of the sun is blocked out. Those fingers coming out of the sun is not because of the sun being the sun. It is like this on all bodies in space. The only reason we see them on the sun is because they are being intensified by the flow of energy into the sun because of it's displacement of the Aether. Inside of the sun there is little Aether and it wants to be normal like the Aether outside of the sun. It creates a vacuum of the Aether inside of the sun because of it's matter displaces the Aether. Now what happens when the Aether rushes in to balance the vacuum is what makes the sun produce all the effects it has. Heat and light plus the many rays it produces all comes from the Aether interacting with matter as it tried to fulfill the vacuum. Even the magnetic field is created by this method. This is where the sun gets all of it's properties.

 If we now look at a less energetic source of radiance like the Earth we can still see this radiance when it gets intensified by the solar wind emissions from our sun.

 This is the source of our weather on our Earth. If our Earth was as big as the sun it would be exactly the same as the sun. Even gas giants like Jupiter show signs of huge outbursts of huge radiative effects.

 *** I will be editing this for size errors from links as I go along  ***