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Hydrogen energy => Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation => Topic started by: GardenGnome on June 27, 2013, 07:15:49 AM

Title: HHO(Brown's Gas) Questions
Post by: GardenGnome on June 27, 2013, 07:15:49 AM
Brand new to this newsgroup. I have some questions about HHO production.  I have been researching HHO production for about a week and have some questions.

1) Does a resonance circuit only work with the Meyer's type fuel cell?

2) Does a resonance circuit improve gas production and lower amp requirement?

3) Can HHO gas production exceed I.C.E. consumption and cause HHO gas leakage and risk of explosion?

4) Which is the best resonance circuit for a DIY'r, a balance between ease of fabrication and performance?

5) What does a flashback arrester do?  I know it sounds self evident but stupid questions are better than stupid mistakes...;)