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Tragic accident with ball magnet EMDR motor-generator

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--- Quote from: TinselKoala on June 23, 2013, 05:30:36 AM ---

3. Am I reading the report correctly? The same person who was seriously injured by the disintegrating large sphere magnet.... had the same thing happen earlier with a smaller magnet and received a lesser injury? And then went and did the same thing again, with a larger magnet at higher speeds?

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Yes, he had blown already a smaller magnet and got hit only lightly at his thumb as I was told...

Then he  experimented with the larger 1 inch ball magnet and it struck him real hard this time !

Many thanks for the tip with the Lexan ( Polycarbonate !)


--- Quote from: synchro1 on June 23, 2013, 07:24:54 AM ---These guys are doing  exactly the same thing I was with my multifilar spirals, a trigger, power and output spiral around the PVC tube and magnet sphere. I showed the setup running at unity, looped back to source, with enough primary feedback to light a 120 volt LED bulb to around 2/3rds it's intensity. I claim this as OU.

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Hi synchro1,
can you please show a video of your device ?

Many thanks in advance.

Regards, Stefan.

First: the Magnetkugel-EMDR is a great design, I will try to build a similar thing.

In a video they hint at OU ("the battery does not discharge although there is a load of two gas discharge tubes").

I wonder why they do not try with a capacitor (e.g. supercaps) instead of the battery. One would see very quickly whether the cap discharges or not.

I also do not understand why the "generator coil" is very far below the spinning ball-magnet.

Is someone from the EMDR-group present in this forum? Would they answer questions (e.g. in German)?

Greetings, Conrad

Hi Conrad,
I am also still waiting for some answers.

They are currently mostly on the Facebook groups like:


Try to connect there with them in German language...

The problem is that these guys mostly only speak German language...

Anyway, I will post new updates in english language also here,when I will get some.

Regards, Stefan.

Yep Lexan is what is used for bullet proof glass.   Since you don't need that long of a tube of it I'd suggest a tube with a minimum 1" thick wall.  I think it takes about 3" thickness to stop a high power rifle bullet hitting straight on.   So the thicker the better.   Not sure how thick stock pieces might be but it may be possible to put several sizes together one each fitting just over the outside of the next piece  i.e. concentric rings of tubing.     


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