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Hallo to all
Yesterday night i saw by accident on youtube the TPU transformer. I watched the first 4 videos of Bruce explaining what happens, and i admit that it stole my attention. I think it was Bruce's simplicity combined with his well supported theory! I already today read a lot of stuff around this generator, but still no drawings of the unit. I only find explanations of how it works, and some general guiding.

Is there any drawings to see what coil goes where so to understand better the theory behind this?

What is the history behind this gen and how the plans went on public?


No drawings.

Try this:

Or post your request on YouTube.


--- Quote from: Qwert on June 12, 2013, 06:16:00 PM ---Try this:

Or post your request on YouTube.

--- End quote ---
also :

good source here Steven Mark/[/size]

Tnks Guys, i think it's a good start...

Jeg :)


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