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Author Topic: wireless energy capture and/or transfer  (Read 3384 times)


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wireless energy capture and/or transfer
« on: May 20, 2021, 12:02:43 AM »'s_Wireless_Power_Transmission
Early Theories of Electromagnetic Propagation
In pre-World War I physics, scientists postulated a number of theories to explain the propagation of electromagnetic energy through the ether. There were three popular theories present in the literature of the late 1800's and early 1900's.
They were:
1. Transmission through or along the Earth.
2. Propagation as a result of terrestrial resonances.
3. Coupling to the ionosphere using propagation through electrified gases.
We shall concern our examination at this time to the latter two theories as they were both used by Dr. Tesla at various times to explain his system of wireless transmission of power. It should be noted, however, that the first theory was supported by Fritz Lowenstein, the first vice-president of the Institute of Radio Engineers, a man who had the enviable experience of assisting Dr. Tesla during the Colorado Springs experiments of 1899. Lowenstein presented what came to be known as the "gliding wave" theory of electromagnetic radiation and propagation during a 1915 IRE lecture.

Dr. Tesla delivered lectures to the Franklin Institute at Philadelphia in February, 1903, and to the National Electric Light Association St. Louis in March 1903. The theory presented in those lectures proposed that the Earth could be considered as a conducting sphere and that it could support a large electrical charge. Dr. Tesla proposed to disturb the charge distribution on the surface of the Earth and record the period of the resulting oscillations as the charge returned to its state of equilibrium. The problem of a single charged sphere had been analyzed at that time by J.J. Thompson and A.G. Webster in "The Spherical Oscillator." This was the beginning of the science of terrestrial resonances, culminating in the 1950's and 60's with VLF radio engineering and discoveries of W.O. Schumann and J.R. Waite.
The second method of energy propagation proposed by Dr. Tesla was that of the propagation of electrical energy through electrified gases.

Dr. Tesla experimented with the use of high frequency RF currents to examine the properties of gases over a wide range of pressures. It was determined by Dr. Tesla that air under a partial vacuum could conduct high frequency electrical currents as well or better than copper wires. If a transmitter could be elevated to a level where the air pressure was on the order of 75 to 130 millimeters in pressure and an excitation of megavolts was applied, it was theorized that;
"... the air will serve as a conductor for the current produced, and the latter will be transmitted through the air with, it may be, even less resistance than through an ordinary copper wire. " (2)

Also weather-engineering ,similar HAARP ?  page 24/25   
John Hettinger

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Re: wireless energy capture and/or transfer
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2021, 05:55:37 PM »
As receiver useable :
the power/weight ratio between energy sources and energy converter/transformer :
Gasoline by mass : 12,200 Wh/kg    by volume : 9,700 Wh/l
Yater cell  US5356484 active part
When a thin metal film has a thickness in the range of about 100 angstroms, a quantum size effect of the film thickness results from quantized electron motion in a direction perpendicular to the plane of the metal film.
How many angstroms are in 1 cm?
1 centimeter (cm) = 100,000,000.00 angstroms (angstrom-unit)
1 sqm Yater cell with active part volume : 100 cm x 100 cm x 0,000001 cm = 0,01 cm3 or 
0,01 cubic-centi-metre in volume
This power is 6 orders of magnitude larger than the test power for the conversion process of 10@7 watts per square meter that was used in the experiment. These results support the conclusion that the thermal energy of the hot electron is directly converted into electromagnetic energy before any electron thermalization occurs.
10v7 Watt per square meter  :    10 000 000 W    or     10 000 KW    or  10 MW output
nobody espect as "free energy" :
from 0,01 cm3 material volume

Gasoline by mass : 12,200 Wh/kg    by volume : 9,700 Wh/l
Liter (litre) is a metric system volume unit. 1 L = 1000 cm3
0,01 cm3 volume Gasoline energetic content  :           0,097 Wh            or               349,2 Ws
10 000 000 W nominal cell output in 1 second     :        2777,8   Wh               or     10 000 000 Ws
sad,disappointed ?

from l.a.s.e.r.         light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation

The HERCULES Petawatt Laser at the University of Michigan, USA, can produce a focused laser beam with an intensityof 2×1022 W/cm2 (20 billion trillion watts per square centimeter).
The laser is fired in a pulse lasting just 30 million billionths of a second and its intensity is equivalent to focusing all the sunlight that hits the Earth onto a single grain of sand.

After a decade of work, researchers at the Center for Relativistic Laser Science (CoReLS) at the Institute for Basic Science in South Korea have achieved a record-high laser pulse intensity – over 10v23 Watts per centimetres squared (W/cm2).
(  )
as light emissor to
up to 1,7 x 10v10 W/sqm power density with concentrator
Optical device
Solar energy collector - having conical collector surface

Taking this numbers :,used%20for%20heat%20and%20transportation.

The world's electricity consumption was 18,608 TWh in 2012.
18,6 TWh = 18600 GWh = 18 600 000 MWh = 18 600 000 000 KWh divided 8766 hours =     
2 121 000  KW tower capacity for transmission and consumer receptor  installation ( 2012 consume !)
dividing  with
10 000 000 Watts/sqm diodes array converter
2 121 000  KW / 10 000 KW per sqm Yater cell output = 212(,1) X

Applied materials :
In an example of a thin film metallic quantum well diode suitable for the conversion of solar energy concentrated up to 10@7 watts per square meter, layer 42 (FIGS. 2 and 3) is an evaporated aluminum film having a thickness of 140 angstroms, barrier layer 44 is evaporated aluminum oxide having a thickness of 12 angstroms and layer 40 is an evaporated copper film having a thickness of 100 angstroms.
But we see here that instead with "only 100 angstrom" the thickness is 140 + 12 + 100 = 252 angstrom
1 centimeter (cm) = 100,000,000.00 angstroms (angstrom-unit)
100 cm x 100 cm x 0,00000254 cm = 0,0254 cm3
2 121 000  KW / 10 000 KW per sqm Yater cell output = 212(,1) X 0,0254 cm3 =    5,39 cm3
let us take from the several materials the heaviest in density,specific weight  :

Copper  8930 Kg/m3 to     8,93 Gr/cm3 5,39 cm3 X  8,93 Gr/cm3 =
circa 48 grams copper,alu,alu-oxid  for 2 121 000  KW 
 or   18,6 TWh per annum electricity (generation) conversion

  ::)  Entzueckend,Babe ! (Telly Savalas,Kojak ) ;D
Yater cell also with heat pump function ? each household an 1 US$ (per room ) ar conditioning investment ? 8)
cell life-time expectance ?
Copper actual world-market price :
May 21, 2021 is $4.48 per pound.  9,89 US$/Kg  $680.00-$700.00 per ton   0,7 US$/kg  2,382.00 US§ per ton  2,4 US$/Kg
quantity balanced middle value 7,5 US$/Kg = 48 grams copper,alu,alu-oxid  0,36 US$
 or :  thirty-six (US-Dollar-)cents material value

But as by solar cells (the active part 1/10000 mm thick and low volume) the weight goes up to 200 gr./Wp ( cell/modul/panel/rack)
Here we get packaged sizes and weight  by the inventor :

The planar array of reversible thermoelectric converters of the present invention can be utilized in a lightweight, highly efficient space module array for solar energy conversion or as an amplifier. For the space environment, no thermal insulation of the space module array is required, except for the nonactive surfaces that are exposed to direct sunlight.
The absorption of solar energy by the nonactive surfaces is minimized by a reflective surface coating such as aluminum. The low temperature space environment enables the power conversion-heat pump thermodynamic cycle for the reversible thermoelectric converter to be operated near maximum efficiency.
The incident solar energy that is absorbed by the nonactive area of the array is very small, and the power loss due to the incremental change in temperature is not a significant factor in the power output.

Planar arrays of reversible thermoelectric converters with a thin film construction can be supported with a lightweight structure and can be unfurled in space. The ultra light weight of the space module array is evident from the fact that the weight of a 100 square meter space array, including supporting booms, can be as little as 10 kilograms, as described by J. C. Yater in Applied Optics, February 1975, pages 526-536, in connection with supporting a film of similar size in synchronous orbit.

The three millimeter diameter quartz booms supporting one square meter panels of arrays have a bending moment well below the critical bending moment. At this diameter, the ratio of boom weight to array weight is small. The space support structure for the thin film planar arrays can be several orders of magnitude lighter than the support structure for a comparable thin film planar array on Earth.
 For a space structure using 100 rows of 100 panels, each of one square meter, the total power can be larger than 10 megawatts. The weight of the square space array can be as little as 20 kilograms, not including the weight required for interconnection as a power relay of solar energy or as a power source for signal relay of digital high definition TV signals.

10 Kg for 100 sqm active area  by average 25 US$/Kg production costs (open source ! and relatively low cost material !)
20 Kg  for 10 MW  means by    2 121 000  KW / 10 000 KW per sqm Yater cell output = 212(,1) x 20 Kg = 4242 Kg
4242 Kg    square space array away  from earth-shadow
24/365 solar radiation converting , 18,7 TWh p.a.
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Re: wireless energy capture and/or transfer
« Reply #2 on: May 25, 2021, 12:18:59 PM »
 7,125,828,059                                   2012,used%20for%20heat%20and%20transportation
18,6 TWh = 18600 GWh = 18 600 000 MWh = 18 600 000 000 KWh electric consume  2012
2,6 KWh average electric consume per habitant and year 
I do not believe this numbers ! Where is the numeric fault ? Ever differing : KWh and KW  !
approvement :
anglo and continental european numbers writings comparison  :
2012    19 719 TWh or 19,7 PetaWatthours electricity consume
           19 719 TWh = 19 719 000 GWh = 19 719 000 000 MWh = 19 719 000 000 000 KWh
factor 1000 : each electricity consume per habitant 2012 = 2600 KWh
         2600 KWh/8766 hours( 1 year) = 0,3 KW per habitant and hour
         this means also clearly that for an orbital solar farming project not 4242 Kg = 10 MW x212,1
         but 4 242 000 Kg/ 10 MW x 212,1 x 1000  mass and volume has to be installed in space =10 ISS 419,725 kg
         International Space Station
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Re: wireless energy capture and/or transfer
« Reply #3 on: May 25, 2021, 06:02:03 PM »
"spatial energy coherence", or: how to protect yourself from 5G.


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Re: wireless energy capture and/or transfer
« Reply #4 on: May 26, 2021, 05:58:54 PM »   and Patent Citations (29) technology
metallic/polymeric induction strips in streets
for a. charging the grid b. the moving vehicle
kitchen appliances induction center
related "spatial energy coherence" : not recommended by "pace-maker"-energy coherence  ::) 
My Opi/avo/grand had such an implant ( with atomic battery  :o )
Plutonium pacemaker To edit
Medtronic Laurens Alcatel model plutonium pacemaker
Since these first pacemakers only had short battery runtimes, pacemakers with radionuclide batteries were then implanted, which gained the required electrical energy from the decay heat of about 200 milligrams of plutonium 238 Pu. [8]
These pacemakers were also implanted in patients in West Germany between 1971 and 1976.
Some were still in use in 2009. [9]
Plutonium pacemakers were implanted in the Soviet Union until the mid-1980s.
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Re: wireless energy capture and/or transfer
« Reply #5 on: May 27, 2021, 06:27:22 PM »
#252 : Despite if they knew about it or not  it is good , because  now it can't be patented.
now !?
Which inventions and trials and their applicants do we know 2021 ?

commercial fee-profit technical patent-/  fee-free,honorable Dissertations/Promotions-/habilitations- archives worldwide ?
Technical patent archiv :
N.Tesla(-C.Steinmetz),Marconi ! Bauer ! (? ) Fessenden ! (?)
In 1903 Fessenden's first machine transmitter, a so-called alternator for a longitudinal wave transmitter , was
built by Charles P. Steinmetz at General Electric (GE). In 1904 he commissioned GE to build an alternator that would be a thousand times more powerful.

TM wave spectrum ? 
Two years later, in 1906, Ernst Alexanderson presented the completed Alexanderson alternator , a long wave transmitter that was installed in
Fessenden's radio station in Brant Rock. There, on Christmas Eve of the same year, RA Fessenden carried out the world's first wireless music
and voice transmission of mixed content, in which he read from the Bible and himself played Silent Night, Holy Night on the violin and sang.
The broadcast was even received on ships in the Caribbean Sea .
audio-/audio-channel   to later  audio-/video-signal
Reginald Fessenden patent archive publications :
Charles P. Steinmetz patent archive publications :
The Viziv Technology patent publication "cited documents" and these their "cited documents" gives probably a link/direction temporal
back to and
Among his students, Jonathan Zenneck , a pioneer of ionospheric research , as well as
Leonid Isaakowitsch Mandelstam and Nikolai Dmitrijewitsch Papalexi,
as the founders of Russian high-frequency technology should be emphasized. Max Dieckmann was a doctoral student and assistant to him.
(Dr. phil.nat.) Max Dieckmann
Emissor/Reflector : RADAR
inter-/active thermo-/photo-voltaic panels : spy potential  em wave to image  image to em wave
Dr.Helmut Reichelt Thermotexx heat/cool panel is RADAR-technology R&D  based !
Raumueberwachung(MFS or Ministerium fuer Staatssicherheit)  (audio-/video signal al-/location by XYZ-angulation )
Papalexi/Mandelstam parametrische Generator  What is parametrisch/parametric ?
Parametrie                 Target/Ziel : "SELF-/Selbst-"  Laeufer/Runner  ( not the W.v.Siemens Dynamo-principle)
the "autonomous generator" a kind of em-robot
less known people with fundamental work :

As a full professor of electrical engineering at the TH Darmstadt, Küpfmüller gave significant impetus to communications engineering with his scientific work.
He founded the system theory of electrical communications and thus contributed significantly to the development of long-distance telephony.
In 1924 he established a relationship between the bandwidth and the settling time of signals, which later became known under the
name Küpfmüller's uncertainty relation and, in quantum mechanics, has the better-known Heisenberg uncertainty relation as an analogue .
uncertainty by delay
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