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Title: Permenant Magnet Motor
Post by: blueberrydrumz on June 09, 2013, 03:15:15 AM
Hi Guys,
first of all hat off to you admins for running a great site!

i hope im in the right forum, if not please move my post..

I am new to this so please bare with me and please correct me if make mistakes.. i want to learn!

I have been spending the last days with watching alot of youtube videos & reading pdf´s  on the Bedini Motors and Permanent Magnetic Motors, i am a bit confused now and maybe someone can help clear things up.

Basicly i am looking to achieve around 6KW of power 240V AC

i found these 2 possibility that seem doable for me..

in this video
they have a motor running the modified generator (Permanent Magnetic Motor)
to get it to run on its own they need to get it up to a certain speed, so they start with regular AC power... then the magnets do the rest.. is this correct??
.. they explain it wrong in the video..

this video explains it better & makes more sence

the other possibility would be to run a motor on a belt that runs a Alternator from example a washing machine, that would save modifying a car alternator, like one in this video
but i doubt the power output would be sufficiant, good thing about this idea is i could modify it with a water pump & watermill and save on the motor

so my question is in example one, would i need to modify the motor (add magnets) to help add power to power the modified alternator?
or would it be better to use the bedini principle and modify the motor to run with help of batterys to run the alternator?
or am i getting things mixed up... sorry my brain is fried with soo much input the last days...

or has anyone got a "simple" awnser to my quest

many thx in advance for your feedback!