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Title: Eric Dollard LMD 'Analog Computer' circuit....
Post by: d3x0r on May 27, 2013, 01:46:38 PM

I know; I'm still a nobody, but that aside....

I've been playing with this LMD circuit as mentioned by Eric Dollard

Links included in description, but will provide copy at end... (http://"") 

Eric Dollard video at start of talk about circuit in general  (
I had this connected originally through my dally transformer core with both tied together; worked pretty good.  Ended up after using that, then I didn't need that coil, and the original 12V drive was enough to get power out.

Testing 12V 0.43A direct to LED load that is a 12V load, the LEDs are unbearably bright, through this, they are lit, but not great.  It's a lossy system at the start.
[size=78%]At the risk of political-cross-forum mishap, I had been writing all this at [/size][size=78%]Energetic Forum ([/size][size=78%] which has inline picture links for the schematics without having to download them...[/size]

But the schematic evolution is shown there. 

I have now grounded the coil (video) (; this video is about the signals I'm seeing across one cell of the chain.

This ringback on the input side... if I attach a coil to a transformer, it disappears... if I add a coil to it, another cell either way, it still behaves this way; but it doesn't behave this way at all with the coil on the positive power->collector side.

There are a lot of videos inbetween the 'where I started' and the 'now I have..'