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Author Topic: Eric Dollard LMD 'Analog Computer' circuit....  (Read 14728 times)

Offline d3x0r

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Eric Dollard LMD 'Analog Computer' circuit....
« on: May 27, 2013, 01:46:38 PM »

I know; I'm still a nobody, but that aside....

I've been playing with this LMD circuit as mentioned by Eric Dollard

Links included in description, but will provide copy at end... 

Eric Dollard video at start of talk about circuit in general
I had this connected originally through my dally transformer core with both tied together; worked pretty good.  Ended up after using that, then I didn't need that coil, and the original 12V drive was enough to get power out.

Testing 12V 0.43A direct to LED load that is a 12V load, the LEDs are unbearably bright, through this, they are lit, but not great.  It's a lossy system at the start.
[size=78%]At the risk of political-cross-forum mishap, I had been writing all this at [/size][size=78%]Energetic Forum[/size][size=78%] which has inline picture links for the schematics without having to download them...[/size]

But the schematic evolution is shown there. 

I have now grounded the coil (video); this video is about the signals I'm seeing across one cell of the chain.

This ringback on the input side... if I attach a coil to a transformer, it disappears... if I add a coil to it, another cell either way, it still behaves this way; but it doesn't behave this way at all with the coil on the positive power->collector side.

There are a lot of videos inbetween the 'where I started' and the 'now I have..'