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Title: Magnetic Universe - Primer Fields
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Original Link : ( (Translation on top Right)

Following those are the writings of Pier Luigi Ighina and Edward Leedskalnin , we can consider the Universe as holographic, but not electric:  Magnetic .
Magnetism (or mono-magnetism) as the primordial energy from which all other forms of energy (light included). (

The magnetic attraction can be compared to the unconditional love and how Dante wrote:
The love that moves the sun and the other stars (Divine Comedy - Paradiso XXXIII, 145).

The Brick base can be considered the magnetic particle ( the magnetic atom by Pier Luigi Ighina, the "individual magnets" North or South of Edward Leedskalnin that describes in his texts ) so that the magnetic monopole which can be positive (+) with the polarity of the "North", or negative (-) polarity if the "South".

The North and South as well as individual magnets are  cosmic forces , they remain together this earth and everything on it.

(Cited Edward Leedskalnin)
(I strongly believe that it does not refer to the normal earth's magnetic field) (

According to Pier Luigi Ighina, the magnetic atom, this particle pulses, where he began his pulse upright then it will be a particle (monopole) positive, if it starts its pulse as opposed reentrant, then it will be a monopole negative. (
Magnetic atom photographed by Pier Luigi Ighina (1940)

With this brick base is composed of any type of matter existing in the created, and then the entire body-Universe!

Please consider the following article: ( (What is Matter? For Science)

The impulse ( Heart Beat ) that the magnetic particles follow, comes from the core which is inside the sun and follows cycles of 33 Earth days in fact researchers at the ( Stanford University and Purdue (USA) found that the radioactive decay of some elements in laboratories on Earth seemed to be influenced by solar activity , 150 million kilometers away.

As described by the following article: ( (Particles changing solar matter on Earth: The strange case of solar flares and radioactive elements)

The Sun at the center of our solar system is therefore an energy vortex mono-positive magnetic (polarity of the "North") type primordial cosmic energy (warm yellow), that is, than any other type of energy ( heat, light and radiation) is attached to it, and is transported by this vortex. (see also the article: ( (Mysterious tape runs around our solar system) (

As described in the ( (Law of Rhythm Pier Luigi Ighina) Translation on top Right

Pier Luigi Ighina also indicated this primordial force as "The Magnetic Glue", which is described in the following article: ( The Magnetic Glue  (Universal)

So we perceive the gravity on Earth is nothing but the resultant force between the current mono-magnetic descendants (from the Sun to the Earth) positive and upward (from the center of the Earth to the Sun) negative, as described in the article: ( (What is the Gravity? For Science) Translation on top Right

To make these theories more comprehensible, please refer to the article: ( (Ighina Explained Vol.1 °) Translation on top Right

So once on Earth and subject to the force of gravity and hence the current of magnetic mono-Law of Rhythm , we have a magnetism balanced and well-defined in the "North" and "South" as we know it: (

With the permanent magnets, the only way to increase a pole than the other is to use magnets with a configuration in " Array Halback " (

Here are the interesting and innovative documentaries on magnetic fields in English (thanks to  David La Point )
The Primer Fields - ENG Subs ( ( (

Original Link : ( (Translation on top Right)
Title: Re: Magnetic Universe - Primer Fields
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David LaPoint is back with more information.

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