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BRAZIL - Company is building a Gravity Generator

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Brazilian company is building a Gravity Generator:

Please have a look at the link above and scroll down up to English written description.

--- Quote ---We will build in Porto Alegre, at Av. Patria, 195 - a power generator that started by a
 mechanic system, and exclusively powered by the gravity force.
 It will be the first equipment with this technology in the world.
 We have a small machine for experience and testing in our headquarter at Av. Pedro
 Ivo,933. The mechanic system was created under a special conception, to pick up and
 take the energy contained in the planet gravity, at any moment and place, without
 pollution or heat. Technology was completely developed by our Company and consists
 in a continuous movement with some extra energy that can be taken, in a continuous
 and perpetual mechanic movement. This equipment is similar to a combustion engine,
 where a set of weights represent the fuel and pistons that activate assemblies connected
 to a crankshaft. Another similar equipment will be built in the U.S.A. at the Incobrasa
 Industries Ltd plant, a Company of the group, located in Gilman, IL. Both equipment
 are demonstration models with capacity to generate 30 KW, and will be ready in the
 middle of the next year. The technique allows the building of great power generators.
--- End quote ---


This "energy-generator" is being discussed (and possibly debunked) in this thread: [size=78%][/size]

Take a look at the pages and see what you think.

Maybe they are onto something, and maybe not. . . .


If what's shown in the pictures is really all there is to it.... then .... not. It's a big, expensive, complicated flywheel, and given an initial spin, it will turn until it stops, and if it's well balanced that could be quite a few full revolutions, since it's clear they spared no expense on bearings, precise machining and expert construction. The thing weighs tons and can store a lot of input energy over a long period of time, then release it at higher peak power levels quickly, like any flywheel. Where is the magic part that makes it a "generator"? It's certainly not shown in any of the pictures or diagrams.

Patience, Al, patience.

AB Hammer:

--- Quote from: Grimer on December 28, 2013, 03:29:01 PM ---Patience, Al, patience.

--- End quote ---


 It is a win win proposition on his machine. If it works? he wins. If it doesn't work, he takes it off his taxes and wins again.  Just remember, Big money has all the advantages. Heck our government maybe paying him to build one over here.



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