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Title: The New Spectraphonic Periodic Table
Post by: jkgulick on May 08, 2013, 12:12:26 AM
After a large amount amount of rather tedious work, I have created the world's first audible periodic table of the elements.  I took the atomic spectral data from NIST, dropped it all forty octaves and reconfigured it as individual sound files for each element and then laid it out in a pretty little format that I think promises to please.  So you can hear the complex vibratory signature of each element.  The sounds of the elements.... the music of the spheres.  Anyways, now that it is done, I wonder what it might be good for besides pure aesthetics.  I figure it may be useful in education, and there may be some interesting resonance effects, but I know that tossing it out here is like plugging my brain into a vortex of possibilities. 
 The site is (
 Continuing along this research trajectory, I will be acoustically modeling nuclear events in three dimensions along with complex molecules and bonding events.  I would like to be able to model arbitrary sequences of DNA, but that's in the future.  I really would like to hear if anyone can add to the possibilities for the table.  Peace.  Oh, and to see the whole free table, you just need to like it on facebook or google+... this will disappear eventually... trying to build a bit of buzz.  Thanks.
Title: Re: The New Spectraphonic Periodic Table
Post by: lumen on May 08, 2013, 06:15:11 PM
Very cool!
Kind of a spacey feeling.