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Sirius Disclosure Movie has launched - Biggest UFO event of this year



BIG UFO Disclosure movie has been launched ! Very important !
URGENT Anouncement !

This is the hottest UFO event of the YEAR 2013 !



The new Sirius Disclosure Movie of Steven Greer has finally launched and
you can watch it right here:


This movie was made possible via crowdfunding and shows the dissection of an
dead alien baby body.

Have a look for yourself and see, how the real aliens look alike !


I will be watching it today. Will you watch it too ?

Regards, Stefan.

P.S: This is an affiliate link and if you buy the ticket via this link
it will cost not more than the normal ticket , but
this will help to cover the cost of the overunity.com forum hosting and
will sponsor some upcoming great technologies which I am currenty working on.
Many thanks for your support !

German translation:

Grösstes UFO und Alien-Enthüllungs-Video heute anschaubar dieses Jahr !

Sehr wichtig ! Bitte an Freunde Weiterleiten !

Heute ist der heisseste UFO Event des Jahres 2013 !

Heute wird der langerwartete SIRIUS Enthüllungs-Film veröffentlicht, der von Steven Greer produziert
wurde und Du kannst ihn Dir direkt hier live per Streaming anschauen  !


Der Film wurde gesponsert durch Crowdfunding und zeigt die Obduktion eines
echten kleinen Baby Aliens !


Schaut Euch das an, wie dieses Alien Baby aussieht !

Bin leider noch in Spanien und habe hier nur sehr eingeschränktes Internet, aber
sobald ich wieder eine gute Verbindung habe, schaue ich mir das auch an !
Muss man einfach gesehen haben !

P.S. Dies ist ein Affiliate Link und wenn Du das Ticket, was ca. 10 US$ Dollar kostet
kaufst, unterstützt Du damit auch das Overunity.de und Overunity.com
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und unterstütze damit die Foren und die neuen Technologien, die wir gerade entwickeln.

Vielen Dank.

Gruss, Stefan.

Well, today I bought a WIFI pass on the campground I am currently
staying at in Southern Spain in Las Negras, Camping La Caleta, in Andalusia ,
and now I have watched it and I must say that it is quite an interesting movie.

Well the about first 40 minutes are a lot about the CSETI organisation and the general political
and historical background of the UFOlogy and why disclosure is so difficult...

Then the alien baby is shown, which was about 6 to 8 years old when it died.
It really lived and breathed, etc...

It is not any known human baby with just a skeleton desease or malfunction or so...
It is only 6 inches tall ( about 15 cm !)
so it is very small and it already lived for 6 to 8 years... so I guess these Aliens
are a very small race and probably live on a very small planet compared to our earth...

They also disclosed, that it only has 10 ribbs, normally humans have 12 ribbs
and its skull is pretty huge for its size...

Anyway, the studies of it are not yet finished...
So we will probably hear a lot more about it.

This alien baby was found in the Atacama desert in Chile and I wish
they would have focussed more on the story where and when it was found exactly...
but this was not covered...

But anyway, pretty interesting movie and the findings will have a huge
impact on Ufo and Alien research and religions..... if the people will not just forget it
and watch their stupid TV shows..

Regards, Stefan.

In Russia they also found such an alien baby in the late 90s
which is featured here:




Very interesting !


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