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Author Topic: Electret antenna out of an coaxial cable?  (Read 16489 times)


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Re: Electret antenna out of an coaxial cable?
« Reply #15 on: November 08, 2016, 06:13:49 PM »

No, i don´t. What did you have in mind?

What I suggest is potentially dangerous.

You could experiment by putting several pieces of your coax cable, two inches long approx, in the oven and heat it to a medium heat for half an hour or so. Note the temperature of the oven. Remove one piece and see if the white plastic insulation has gone sticky but still holding the central line in position. If it isn't sticky, raise the temperature and repeat until the inside plastic is sticky but still holding the central conductor in place. When this condition is achieved, note the oven temp.

You could arrange a DC high voltage supply from inside a scrapped but working old style CRT television set. Probably around 30,000volts and deadly if not used correctly.

Make a coil out of your coax cable. The voltage from the TV could be applied to the screen and the central conductor of the coil of coax cable, with the other end left ON OPEN CIRCUIT. The coil is put in the oven with the TV beside it and connected up. The oven is set to the temperature determined above, and the set up left on and in position for some time, possibly three days.

Then, switch off the oven, switch off the TV and let the coil cool very thoroughly (probably for 2 - 3 hours).

The coil may, or may not, be an electret.

With help from a qualified TV engineer, this is an achievable project


=== This procedure is potentially VERY DANGEROUS and can lead to DEATH ===

=== Anyone attempting this needs either qualified help or an undertaker ===