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Author Topic: "Of the Very Nature Of Space, Time, Energy and Matter"  (Read 48447 times)

Offline verpies

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Re: "Of the Very Nature Of Space, Time, Energy and Matter"
« Reply #75 on: November 20, 2013, 02:59:38 AM »
verpies: Nature of Space,Time,Energy and Matter 
The German machine translation does not do it justice.
Fluid dynamics shows some similarity of wave interaction but it certainly does not explain the fundamental nature of time, space and matter.
I find this superposition of waves and angular momenta much more illuminating.

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Re: "Of the Very Nature Of Space, Time, Energy and Matter"
« Reply #76 on: November 20, 2013, 03:53:54 AM »
He descripes from the is-(present)-stadium
     without to interpolate the was and will be !
Then it would be clearer !When begins/began the matter- m(n)emory-effect ?

Please do not answer( in your language): "..und ES hauchte das Odem...."


 Mein ES kann zu jederzeit auch wuerfeln koennen wollen
 "12 horas no continente e 11 horas nos Aczores" zurueckgeblieben ? matter-space-time-zone

                                          Position: Class ?,Class ??, Class ???

                                   Superposition:  Class !,Class !!,Class !!!   
                                    Unity-question to Unity-answer         
                                    Duty-question to Duty-answer
                                    Trinity-questions to Trinity-answers 

                                      Wer und was beraet die Berater ?

  Marx/Engels                matrielle Dialektik oder dialektischer Matrialismus
 Schumpeter                schoepferische Zerstoerung oder zerstoererische Schoepfung

                              this all  made/written by my personal wave dynamics expression
                             from S.F. view(without external drugs) : Ich- UeberIch - ES -UeberES
                                            TRAUMZEIT,timeless, but not TIMEX(=TM )

Offline lancaIV

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Re: "Of the Very Nature Of Space, Time, Energy and Matter"
« Reply #77 on: November 20, 2013, 09:56:46 AM »
                                     Wer und was beraet die Berater ?

Guiding spirit
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Guiding spirit ( Latin : spiritus rector = "[the] leading [r] directing [r] spirit," literally, "[the] Spirit for their guide") is a Latin Phraseologismus and refers to a person from a community in less common use of the term also an individual who can spiritually guide.

 Depending on the context, so that a leadership role in religious, philosophical, political, artistic or other issues meant his not less or results from a particular office, but primarily from the recognition of the special spiritual and intellectual abilities of the person concerned.  For example, Russian lobbyist Andrey Bykov was called to military uranium from Russia as a "guiding spirit" of the deal in the EnBW affair. [1]

 In traditional alchemy guiding spirit was the name for the spiritual principle that holds all things in medicine , building on Paracelsus, a name for the Archaeous maximus, the primal force that dominates the organism of living beings, in chemistry the term was then in the 18th  Century by Herman Boerhaave introduced as a technical term for a volatile fiery, water-soluble and mixing with the air substance to his own and the cause of its smell and taste all vegetable oils.  Boerhaave's theory of spiritus rector ( French esprit recteur, Italian : spirito Rettore) was in the natural sciences even into the 19th  Century discussed and gradually replaced by newer theories that smell and taste ( flavor attributed) no longer on its own substance, but to the oxidation mixture and the components involved.
See also [ edit ]
 Wiktionary: Spiritus Rector - Meaning meanings, word origin, synonyms, translations
References, Sources [ Edit ]
↑ businesses German energy companies with uranium from Russia only a normal business? , Süddeutsche Zeitung of 15 September 2012
Category : Latin phrase

Alma Mater (von lateinisch alma „nährend, gütig“ und mater „Mutter“) ist heute eine im deutschen Sprachraum und Nordamerika geläufige Bezeichnung für Universitäten.Inhaltsverzeichnis  [Verbergen]
1 Etymologie
2 Geschichte
3 Siehe auch
4 Weblinks


Im Römischen Reich war alma ein Epithet für nährende, segenspendende Göttinnen, so z. B. alma Ceres, alma Tellus oder auch alma Venus. Im Mittelalter war mit alma mater meist die Gottesmutter Maria gemeint (z. B. in der Marianischen Antiphon des Breviers in der Advents- und Weihnachtszeit, Alma redemptoris mater).

Universitäten werden als Alma Mater bezeichnet, da Studierende dort metaphorisch mit Bildung und Wissen genährt werden. Der Ausdruck in dieser Verwendung stammt vom Motto „Alma mater studiorum“ der Universität Bologna, die als älteste Universität Europas im Jahr 1088 gegründet wurde. Im deutschsprachigen Raum findet sich die Bezeichnung beispielsweise bei der Alma Mater Lipsiensis (1409) und der Alma Mater Viadrina (1506).

Diese Begriffsverwendung, die im britischen Englisch eher selten ist, wird im amerikanischen Englisch neben der Universität auch auf andere Schulen bis hin zur Grundschule ausgedehnt. Außerdem bezeichnet alma mater dort häufig Schul- oder Universitäts-Hymnen, die in den USA oft mit diesen Worten beginnen (→Incipit).
Siehe auch[Bearbeiten]
 Commons: Alma Mater – Sammlung von Bildern, Videos und Audiodateien
Kategorien: Hochschulsystem
Lateinische Phrase

                                                           internato or/and externato !
Vale bene
"Die Bildungsleise hat sich doch gelohnt,odel nit ?" Obelix 2 Astelix (Gallien: r zu l) :
"Die sin doch lomantischel als wil dachten !" (klingt fast bletonisch)

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Re: "Of the Very Nature Of Space, Time, Energy and Matter"
« Reply #78 on: November 21, 2013, 05:11:11 AM »

                   LOGIK-KETTE           (logere: inne-/beiwohnen s.a. Kost und Logis , L'O)

                     in-or out-sider ? or in-and-outsider ?

                                  Your own decision !   
                                   in- et ex-  cell-ent

complaining the list ,tornar(winden)2Tornado(in/out centrifugal/peripetal-incl. Auge-but also as shaft)forces:

and this Vortice-amplificaion (in- or decreasing or also terming it as im-/expression) method example (googlematics translation ):

                               With the progress techniechen are also an increasing mass of bearings , such as Ball, roller , tapered roller , barrel and needle bearings and the like , provided conditions that they only partly or can not meet in their traditional embodiments .

 Especially at high load high speeds are very narrow limits . Often must be avoided to a large utility- top full speed or it falls an important project or its major advantages , because the storage of large loads at the moment, unusual , but necessary speed is illusory.

 At high speeds, previously known Rolling naturally , very high rolling speeds of those rollers , whereby the friction coefficient significantly aneteigt especially under stress and gives rise to excessive wear and eventually leads to the destruction of the camp.

 In order to eliminate these and other well-known in the art drawbacks and limitations , is erfindungsemä0 proposed to create roller bearings or the like, which have a relatively low value of the coefficient of friction at extremely high demand speeds and large load , preferably in that the for Rrzielung höcheter speeds required Rollgeschwindigkei th its rollers can be reduced to any desired or required fraction .

 The reduction of the rolling speed of the rolling elements can be in accordance with the invention as achieved by dividing the shaft speed in two or several steps and in such a way that preferably the shaft , and the fastest- rotating body which is itself mounted in a rotatable ring or the like , the effective Bigendrehung again or in a rotatable ring is mounted in the bearing housing . If one assumes the bearing housing in which a rotatable bearing ring is rotatable with a bearing ring for supporting the shaft , one achieves a potential increase in the speed in the 3 Power , if for example an auto sync mechanical control of the speed - multiplication or division to Brehzahlbestimmung is specifically attached to structurally con .

 For a simple , moving into this inventive bearing mechanism can explain such installing a bearing ring rotatably mounted in a bearing housing and rotatably support the shaft in dieeen ring. It rotates the rotating bearing ring , for example, 600 r / min, and it then reverses the direction in this ring rotatably mounted shaft also having an effective speed of 6NN U / min with respect to the rotating bearing ring , so there is a multiplication of the rotational speed of 60 to itself and a relative speed of the shaft of 360,000 U / min with an effective roll speed of the rollers as obtained at 600 U / min.

Developer Heinrich Kunel

                                                              a-/symmetrical thinking

Offline stivep

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Re: "Of the Very Nature Of Space, Time, Energy and Matter"
« Reply #79 on: November 26, 2013, 05:56:36 AM »

Wesley translation and comments About Akula video #11


Offline d3x0r

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Re: "Of the Very Nature Of Space, Time, Energy and Matter"
« Reply #80 on: December 27, 2013, 01:09:48 PM »
I've Stumbled on this guy...  (Induction)  (magnetism)

who has some interesting perspectives on magnetic fields also...
and a new ether model (not based on aether (or soemthing like that ) )

On hydrodynamic vortex generation;

and specifically the [size=78%][/size]  which evolved into [size=78%][/size]

The francis turbine takes most of the work of spinning the water and turns a generator, resulting in water that is axial out with basically no spin; I would think that rather than being an 'evolution' that one could attach a kaplan after the francis and have just that much more power...

Offline d3x0r

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Re: "Of the Very Nature Of Space, Time, Energy and Matter"
« Reply #81 on: December 29, 2013, 11:43:44 AM »

I learned a new thing; apparetly there is 'displacement current' which happens between the plates of a capacitor; in that the magnetic field is also present there...

This leads to more questions
How far away can the plates be before they are no longer a capacitor?    How does the displacement current know it can find the other end of the capacitor?

If it really only applied in basically a closed loop of a single loop of wire with two parallel plates in a minor arc of the circle; how is it not the original induction field and not a separate one?

Turned out to be needed that that field is also part of the original field(?)

Started at:

But to go back to displacement which apparently is inarguably present...
then this field is also in the capacitive interchange between the wire and its shielding diaelectric and is a magnetic field...

Similarly if I wind a tape capacitor, then the current displacement of that should be able to be picked up by a  conventional toroidal winding on top of that... (one of the latest self powered things had such a capacitor)

Hendershot has a foil capacitor like that, but I don't know what the pickup of that displacement current would be... but then that capacitor can apparently be replaced with a conventional foil capacitor (of large enough size?)

does displacement current induce the same umm..

That split core experiment; where the pickup was over the split of the transformer... was there a current flow in the ferrite that ended at that capacitve gap the projected a field?

Edit3: Thought I was onto something; just some figures... DC current is sensed across a resistor shunt...thought there was a way to have a coil get it

Figure (F1) - a normal wire, carrying a current, has a continuous displacement current that induces into a coil wound around the wire;

Figure (F2) - Two near wires, one with a charge, the other nearby should get an induced current for the time that the current is rising (graph upper left (I) )

Figure (F3) - Two pancake coils, convetional all-encompasing magnetic field...(same as straight wire)
Figure (F4) - Two solenoids near end-to-end(same as straight wire)
FIgure (F5) - Two solenoids, joined by a ferrous core(same as straight wire)
Figure (F6) - bifilar solenoid (same as straight wire)

Edit: sorry forgot the picture