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Title: what would you do with your free energy device ?
Post by: innovator on February 05, 2013, 11:23:39 PM
from years of research and replicating "aspects" of other peoples work from the likes of nicola tesla , john bedini , joseph newman , farraday and a whole list of names concerning free energy devices and electricity i now make my own devices using what i know and what i have and ive made some weird and wonderfull magnet motors over the years and my collection of hardware is now is huge . From all the magnet motors ive ever made and solid state devices and home made batteries e.c.t. my only goal was to run a load and somehow get a gain in battery voltage , but everything ive ever made over the years and im talking probably more than 100 different magnet motors and solid state devices and some weird devices the battery that runs the load always drops and eventually the battery dies , ive found ways to extend the battery life and make a magnet motor run longer and switch batteries from run to charge like the schoolgirl ssg e.c.t but the battery always dies !!! does this sound familiar? ?  BUT my years of perciverance has finally paid off because i´ve finally done it !!! i´ve made a motor with a particullar arrangement of magnets and coils and other electricial components that fully charges the run battery !!!! ive done dozens of tests with it  namely discharging a 12v car battery by connecting a light bulb to it for a day so the next day the bulb is no longer lit and measures 10.2 volts then repeat the process until the battery voltage no longer rises , the battery is now completely dead and barely lights a l.e.d but theres just enough power to run my magnet motor which ticks over at 200 r.p.m at this stage , however within just half an hour the motor is now doing well over 1000 r.p.m and after 2 hours the motor is way over 10.000 r.p.m !!!! after 4 hours the motor exeeds 15.000 r.p.m and nothing is hot !!! my motor has no bearings it floats !!! or should i say magnetically levitates so theres nothing to get hot not even the special rectifier . so after i turn the motor off i wait a few hours before checking the battery voltage to dissapate any ghost voltage and measure 13.4 volts so i put the same light bulb back on to see how long it will stay lit and it was still lit the next day !!!!  this motor ive made also runs on a 1.5v tiny button battery and ive charged many other dead rechargeable pencil batteries to their full capacity !!! i have no need or desire to lie to you or fool you in any way whatsoever and i am writing this in the hope for some advice as to what i should do now , hence the name of this post , what would you do with your free energy device ? your comments and suggestions will help anyone with the same predicament as me but ive got a feeling its going to be a bumpy road ahead  :-X
Title: Re: what would you do with your free energy device ?
Post by: truesearch on February 06, 2013, 04:56:19 PM

You have posed a very good question as to how a person should proceed with a "FreeEnergy" invention or discover.

I suggest the following:

1) Full documentation and test measurements/procedures of your invention (this is helpful for the next step).

2) Full disclosure to other "FreeEnergy" researchers of your discover. This will anchor your claim to the invention (if it IS original). You should expect many critical "thinkers" and "trolls" to weigh in with theories and reasons why it won't work. However, after you new discovery is duplicated by other builders you will see you claim either:
--- Validated as legitimate and expanded into areas you haven't imagined yet;
--- Discounted as improper measurements and or a fluke that can't be duplicated.

3) Avoid patent procedures as that will attract government attention and problems before your idea can be shared with enough people as to be unstable.

Just my suggestions. . .

Title: Re: what would you do with your free energy device ?
Post by: garrypm on February 06, 2013, 09:33:00 PM
I am simply looking for inspiration !
After spending many years, (not as many as some), I am hoping that someone will show, demonstrate, claim that - YES, IT'S POSSIBLE.
I am sure that you must have, like me, considered giving up ,many times.
Many Thanks, Garry
Title: Re: what would you do with your free energy device ?
Post by: gyulasun on February 06, 2013, 11:49:34 PM
Hi Innovator,

First it would be good you could build (i.e. replicate) another copy of your present motor and see it works very similarly like this one. DO NOT dismantle or modify this one working motor, whatever good ideas may come to you to"improve" it.  IT would be also a good idea to video your steps how you replicate/build a second motor.
Then in case you wish to patent it (albeit it does not protect your intellectual property a 100%) do not use claims on any energy gain or whatever feature "impossible" by conventional mainstream science because you will have a perpetual patent application but not a granted patent. Although there are some countries where such "impossible" applications are accepted and they become patent.
IF you do not wish to patent it, then make a description how to build it, backed up with video and start selling it as an e-book. Of course showing a working motor with measurements or built by others to demonstrate your device has all the bells you claim about it would greatly help selling your plans.

Good luck and hopefully you are not pulling anyones leg...     

Title: Re: what would you do with your free energy device ?
Post by: e2matrix on February 07, 2013, 12:12:55 AM
It depends on whether you fall into the trap of thinking you can get rich from your invention.  I say 'trap' because I don't think you can find anyone in the last hundred years who has come up with an energy invention who has become rich from it.  I won't say it's impossible but I've got 3 PDF documents of 'Killed inventors' if that tells you anything.  I've posted them around here before.  Also the Memo from the U.S. Patent office will likely clarify the foolishness of trying to patent anything.    If however you think you might like to have everyone on the planet thanking you (except the energy cartels) and possibly making money from other sources once it is fully out in the world then you may want to consider open sourcing it with full details of construction, detailed parts list and so on.  I've seen others here suggest open sourcing it anonymously by posting it from a remote Wifi location.   I would suggest including some highly encrypted file along with it that would have a less than obvious way of identifying you.   For example a set of verifiable details about yourself that would be different from anyone else but not your name, phone or anything like that.   Then at the right time in the future when millions of them have been built and the energy cartels are long since out of business you might consider (or not) decrypting that file you included and showing why the details in it could only apply to you thus proving you are the original inventor. 
    At that point it would be very foolish for any former energy people to try getting revenge but if you want to really be worry free it may be best to find a way to stay anonymous.  Simply providing the extensive password for the encrypted file along with a picture that is needed to decrypt it (Truecrypt can do this making it impossible to crack just from the password) would prove you are the inventor and thus you could setup an account for donations anonymously in a number of ways (Bitcoin being one of them).   
    This of course is for the truly paranoid (of course you aren't paranoid if they really are out to get you ;)  )    but neither our government nor the energy companies will be thrilled with what you have since our government makes a huge amount from taxes on oil and gas.   This all assumes your device is a truly real-world-usable device which can be scaled up to provide house or car power or at the least provide usable power for larger devices.  It actually costs very little in electricity to recharge your cell phones and other small battery powered devices so it's not likely to find a big market there. 
     The other advantage now of open source is the opportunity to get validation from a relatively small group here.  If you post it as open source here no one can patent it easily to make money from your idea.  It would also be good to post it at some other energy research forums.   

Title: Re: what would you do with your free energy device ?
Post by: hoptoad on February 07, 2013, 03:22:33 AM
There must be some unique characteristics to your motor's configuration. The/those unique characteristics which make the motor run the way it does can be identified, and a patent applied for, which covers those unique characteristics without having to refer to O/U at all. A simple statement/s that your motor with its unique characteristics will deliver torque at a higher efficiency, compared to other motors is all that is required in your claim. You don't have to mention O/U or self charging or anything which raises the prospect of unwanted attention from the patent office.

For example, you may do a torque test and discover that in terms of torque, your motor uses less energy to produce that torque, than a comparable motor of a different design. It is not the patent examiners job to analyse your patent application for errors in data that you've provided, or to check the voracity of the truth of the data that you've submitted. It is only their task to analyse the device for workability within conservative physics parameters, and whether your claims (unique design) are already covered in another patent.

So you could claim that your device outputs 95% of its (100%) input as torque, and you could provide less than truthful data showing this, and you would not raise any eyebrows. Your patent would be granted if the device was considered workable and operated within the confines of conservative physics, and the unique characteristics of your device as outlined by you, were indeed considered unique by the examiner.

An example of this sort of patent application are the patents of Robert Adam's pulsed motor generator, which claim unique design characteristics leading to increased efficiency, but make no mention at all of O/U capability. In fact, the first patent by Robert Adams was not for a motor/generator, but for his unique star shaped mechanical switch which he used to control the pulsing. Just for the record - Robert Adams motor generators are not O/U, but do incorporate some unique design features.

Title: Re: what would you do with your free energy device ?
Post by: wideyed_tutank on February 07, 2013, 04:57:44 AM
Contact the folks at TED or make your own public demos. 

When making your own demos make sure you have a secondary battery that appears to be connected to something so that skeptics will have something to talk about; that should give you more time to test and refine your product in the court of public opinion.
Title: Re: what would you do with your free energy device ?
Post by: Newton II on February 07, 2013, 06:09:33 AM

 i have no need or desire to lie to you or fool you in any way whatsoever

You are definitely trying o fool us.   If not provide atleast basic principle of working without disclosing complete details.
Title: Re: what would you do with your free energy device ?
Post by: Madeo on February 07, 2013, 04:33:38 PM
There are two things you can do with your machine:

1.  You can be like Don Smith, Tariel Kapanadze, or Steven Marks by going for the money. However, the elites will have your device buried so nobody will ever see or hear from it again. If you're lucky,  you'd live a very comfortable life while you watch the rest of the world slowly burn to oblivion. Your children and their children will inherit a world that will be half way dead from the heavily polluted water, air, and food. Humanity in the future will surely live a short bitter life.

2. Or,  You can be like Tesla by sharing your knowledge to the rest of the world. Your contribution would help build a future that is truly free and bountiful. It won't make you rich, but what money can't buy, instead, will give you plenty of fresh food, fresh water, fresh air, and a healthy life. Your children and their children will be happy and proud to have a father/grandfather/ancestor to have given them a world that cultivates their inherent abilities. Tesla knew that if he was able to give the world free energy, it would give birth to a new generation of brilliant scientists, artists, philosophers, and strong leaders that the world has never seen before in history. Poverty and fear is a prison that shackles the mind in a constant state of ignorance and Tesla understands this very well.

Obviously, you have a very important decision to make. Your choice can help steer the direction of our society one way or the other. It's up to you what kind of a future you want.  It's like voting for a president. One vote may not seem a lot, but it does help promote one candidate over the other. It's unfortunate that we ended up with Obama, but that's a whole different issue altogether.

Personally, I'd choose option number 2. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to build a free energy machine in the 5 years that i've been studying and lingering here in the free energy community, but the subject continues to fascinate me. I must say, I have a great deal of respect for John Bedini, Peter Lindemann, Eric Dollard, Tom Bearden, and Joseph newman for trying to teach us about the hidden possibilities of electricity, sometimes at a cost of personal sacrifice. I don't care what people say about these guys, but to me and people like me, we will always regard them as heroes. Our descendants will admire them for their courage and wisdom just as we admire Tesla today. I regret that Don Smith, T.K., and Steven Marks chose option 1. They are brilliant men, but ultimately greed got the better of them. I have lost respect for them ages ago. They remind me of Marconi.
Title: Re: what would you do with your free energy device ?
Post by: Bob Smith on February 07, 2013, 06:31:21 PM
Hello Inno
I'd be very surprised if your post hasn't already caused you to be approached with a good offer that might include cash for your further research in return for a non-disclosure agreement.
If you want to get your product out there to share, I'd suggest having as many open forums as possible to release it from - groups such as this and others, yahoo work groups, YouTube, Vimeo etc. I would probably even get friends to post it on various bulletin boards, Facebook and any other venue from which it can be rapidly spread.  More than likely, someone will quickly try to pick it up to patent a variation on it, but they'd do that even if it were patented.
The technology is slowly being understood by more and more people. Your discovery is encouraging to the rest of us.
Title: Re: what would you do with your free energy device ?
Post by: Here2njoy on February 08, 2013, 10:48:00 PM


Do you want to change the world?  Most would if they had the chance.
This video has an interesting take on some that have changed the world. (

and most of these people wound up incredibly rewarded.

Title: Re: what would you do with your free energy device ?
Post by: that_prophet on April 17, 2015, 09:08:00 PM
   Yes, that is correct, Free Energy has been discovered, this electricity multiplier mechanism is dirt simple, and extremely easy to build, with spare parts even. Building this type of free energy device is not only easy, but is simple also, costing practically nothing to produce. This is mainly because you are able to build this contraption with spare parts, and very few parts at that.

   This device is extremely easy to build, with only a few moving parts, such as at least two pulleys, one large pulley, one or many small pulleys, and a belt, strap, rope or even string in a pinch, to connect the two pulleys together. There are only two more moving parts here, a DC drive motor, and at least one AC output motor/generator. I say at least one, as you could have many more, as the more generators you have, the greater the multiplication factor of your electricity multiplier unit. You can also increase your multiplication factor by increasing the circumference of your drive pulley, or decreasing the circumference of the output pulleys.

   The workings of this miraculous mechanism are pretty straightforward, and can be described by using a multiplication factor of rotations, by merely changing the size of pulleys. You put an extremely small amount of DC electricity into the drive motor, which has a 100cm circumference and only needs to do one single revolution. This drive pulley is connected to at least one one-centimetre circumference mini-pulley that acts as an output device, giving us 100 units of AC electricity, per every output pulley that is connected.

   I suppose that you might be able to see how this could start adding up, giving you 100 units of AC electricity for every output mini-pulley that you attach to the system. If you only added 10 of these mini-pulleys, then you would gain 1000 units of AC electricity, for every single input revolution of the DC motor that you put into this free energy device, otherwise known as GEM = Geometric Electricity Multiplier
Title: Re: what would you do with your free energy device ?
Post by: that_prophet on April 17, 2015, 09:17:31 PM
It just takes you to look past the lie,
That evil forces are whispering in your ear,
It is pure logic, that pulleys multiply rotations,
+ with AC electricity, revolutions equal AC power,
Satan hides this super simple free energy technology,
By immediately bringing up torque needed to rotate pulley,
Letting you forget AC motors are a breeze to rotate,
You could easily have 10 – 100 of them rotating at once,
And when the drag of load attacks, it is minimized by 1/10th to 1/100th,
Because of it getting divided up, so it lessens it so severely, that it works
Please believe me, and my Lord + Savior, Jesus Christ,,,
God So Much Wants to Give us this Little Miracle Device,
+ He only ask for your faith,,,