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Author Topic: whater cleaning and electromagnetic structuring  (Read 9387 times)


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whater cleaning and electromagnetic structuring
« on: January 24, 2013, 09:16:18 PM »
In the wastewater of sewer systems any heavy metals and metals
cleaned it is relatively easy using a modulated electromagnetic field which
the elements is geometrically shaped to stimulate.
Every element has a multiple of the frequency of the fundamental note of the element.
Thus, in the iron frequenzies of 416 heart with the 13:8 ratio is present.
Thus, if one of these frequenzies the sewage system to a chemical element neigbour
The coils are 13: 8 disposed ratio per coil and play an octave higher a
sinus. Thus, in all iron items from the water Pulled.
Zinc and Phosphorur order to pull out of the water take a coil with 480 heart modulates
located in the ratio of 16:15, which the physical octave, this frequency
publish such elements to the north and south  Zinc and tin will accumulate.
To collect gold and platinum from the wastewater is required  a gold plate and
a platinum plate of seaweed and a voltage range corresponding to the chemical wel1che
two plates is created.
To separate plastic and petroleum residues from the water have one bit. To the oils from the
To clean water, you need a centrifuge, which swirled in a tube the fuide.
By Scinneffect of water increases the surface tension and the gravity.
This alone will be the heavy elements on the whaterskinn in the middle of the maelstrom
the centripetal catch. Easy game with a sucker, this
Surface sucked ... the oil remains in the water bin.
If you still want to add more to his silver silver, then take his
Silverware and doing this in addition to aluminum plates out. IN the course drains. Thereupon
the silver is converted to silver with aluminum. It is best, in the winter when
the monkeys scatter wildly salt, both of these elements to put in the sewer side.
Subsequently, a series of chemical voltage polarity reversed according to the two
Elements connected. Way to win silver in the fucking water.
To filter the greenflow of copper from the water, you need a bronze plaque which
very little has cooper The tin is anodized by the verdigris to copper.

The Bioelectromagnetism does not work only electrostatically or electromagnetically. It is very important as the information that has sent us from bein entertaining words or images. The frequencies which is chosen is crucial to which energy is taken at the center of human, animal or plant, and the environment. Plants are Hewymetall music or irradiated simple a coil electromagnetically wither this. Plants are exposed to Mozart or Bach Acoustic or a coil so these plants bloom and bear fruit. Something like that but it works for us little complicated people .... and other living things.

For example, visual information about the technical preparations:

To a stereo system includes one of a coil, and speaks to a CD "I am Harmonious in health, strength, vitality, jets before beauty, love gutwollen just good and positive words. Or a Mozart, Bach CD. This will be very as electric wave positive impact on what is wanted. This takes the information field and is spreading. Placing them coil to a plant as it grows great and looks beautiful.
The water treatment works are now based mainly on sewage a problem cause the heavy metals and the  and drug residues that can be filtered very schwirig from wastewater. The documentary shows how the since of water over and above the verwirblungsmachinen Schauberger principle, the purified water and the water is finished. Interesting to know the water through galvanic and inductive elements thus informed by inductors and capacitors of the plates and the Strucktur water can be improved. The surface tension of water can be increased by adding a high voltage, which forms a stable hydrogen bonds. Heavy metals in sewage sludge are not nearly cuting. My musing is that each metal has its own vibration and thereby Moekulare electromagnetic waves can be angregt. The MaxPlanck Heisenberg constant of the material property of heavy metals are used to calculate the molecule osscilate the substance. Iron at the fundamental frequency is about 434 Hz, and iron can be used in the water by this frequency and its harmonics to the upper shin impurities, so that the iron in the water molecules move strongly. The iron molecules begin to polarize and there is now a pre-ionization of the iron in sewage effluent sludge. Now the sludge is washed by Ligende parallel plates. These plates are placed at intervals of about 20 cm to each other. Capacitors plates are firstly connected to a DC voltage equal to the other and just switched to the AC of the alternating voltage to filter element. The alternating voltage of the capacitor plates, the frequency of the iron, the heavy metal, or of the natural vibration of the molecule which will be filtered out of the cleandet be. Should be the DC current chemical series, the capacitor plates and the element, the Filtered.

If you want a galvanic cell Forexample a lead acid battery, or otherwise which metal plates which lie in a potential series as build a Electromechanical coupling, then the electrostatic force which draws together the plates use for it. The induction which was wrapped around the capacity is now responsible for the electro-mechanical movement. If a stored Elektroylt Forexample a sulfur Your between the lead plates, the lead plates will attract each other when the lead plates are loose. As a result, the electrolyte is circulated and the arising of small pumps effect. The Sulphosierung is prevented, and the lead plates are accumulated faster with lead. In order to get metals from a glut acid solution, copper or gold Forexample, the Inductive shares beiwirken a successful. The Molekularschwinung of elements each for metal beisitzt a natural frequency. This is calculated on the basis of my knowledge of Maxplankkonstanten and it is iron, for example at 434 Hz ​​and the harmonic multiples. If the coil with a 434 Hz ​​frequency is now switched to the parallel Eiesenplatten, time is needed which is small, in order from an iron Klaerschwemme accumulate on the plates. Copper and ferrous metals have a Eigenschwinung. This can be ausgenuetzt Ads With Pictures Refine by these precious metals from an acid exclude glut the copper acid mixture then through the coil which energizes the copper plates wrapped, then the Eigenschwinung, copper can be used to stimulate Molekuelarschwinung of copper. Is now in the same galvanic element adding to the AC vibration, a DC voltage is applied, the copper plates Galvanized much quicker. In sewage treatment plants, the capacitive plate assembly to be used to enrich heavy metals from sewage sludge to the metal plates. This is much faster if the vibration of the metal plates which are traversed by the sewage sludge with the natural frequency of the molecular vibration of the heavy metals will be stimulated. Water lets itself at the end much easier Informative and Capacitive cleaning and faecal bacteria are thus kill faster. The whater flows through between the red and blue plates.

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Re: whater cleaning and electromagnetic structuring
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2013, 08:49:06 PM »
Valuable experience as a lead-acid batteries must be repaired, sulfosfierte batteries can be a problem.
  The cell at the negative and the cell at the
Plus often have much less acid having held. A lead car battery which is no longer a starter battery
can be set is good, yet to charge a solar cell. To repair a used car battery, a
Used hydrometer, Desiliertes water and sulfuric acid. Very often, two cells are extremely congested,
the first cell in the negative and the last cell in the lead Plus. The four cells between plus and minus
  often have a good mixture of acids. Now simply fill the first of the anode cell and the cathode cell einwenig
distilled water and the Schwefeläure after. You have to mix the Verhältinss molar mass. the mean
four cells are loaded when needed with distilled water and sulfuric acid. I have had the experience
The capacity of the battery is extremely increased when the DC voltage of
14.8 volts DC through a modulation of 530 Hz AC voltage of 2 V pp. The water was struckturiert acid batteries.
The frequency does Struckturieren water well and allows the molecules quickly dock the Bleiione. So one must
still swing the battery einwenig and shake so that the acid mixture distributed. Used a car battery is free and can be used for solar projects. This lann still 4 years
have a good capacity. In environmental terms, and also financial Technically, it makes sense the used car batteries
to repair. The Modulated cargo is an experience that Struckturieren of water by Autobattierienwasser
has proved itself to be extremely increase the capacity of the car battery. :P


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Re: whater cleaning and electromagnetic structuring
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2013, 09:50:33 AM »
Lithium ion battery used by laptop repair

Used reuse lithium-ion batteries of notebook, but how?
Laptop batteries are the lithium-ion cells connected in series with a
to achieve higher voltage. At a battery voltage source in series which
are switched, there is a condition of the first and the last cell.
The cathode cell is loaded with a very high current and the material
hike by the ionization takes place there strong. This breaks down, however,
one has yet still 4 more cells that are to use yet.
Laptop batteries disassemble is a tricky thing, it shall not
longer short circuits can result. However, it is worth taking out
the fittest still functional lithium-ion cells to continue using them.
The individual lithium-ion cells are loaded with 4 volts and should not
warmer than 55 C are. If the cell explodes and with the lithium
Water meets fire hazard exists.

How can the lithium battery in Struckturieren better. under Struckurieren
I understand the electromagnetic excitation of the material. Lithium has a
Electromagnetic I Eigenschwinung 3.14kHz calculated. Now create manden
Crystal lithium or lithium cell below a flat coil. the flat
Coil is driven with the stereo at 14.3 kHz.
The lithium crystal with a field frequency of about 3:14 kHz
charged and discharged, the can with the molecular Saltzmolekühle
Vibration and thereby the better placing of the cell Kapaziät Increases.

The lithium battery is thus more durable and capacitance. Evt can be another
Ideealere ausrechen frequency, the length and the width of the battery as the
Molecular Eigenschwinung of lithium crystal mass is give.


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Re: whater cleaning and electromagnetic structuring
« Reply #3 on: February 04, 2013, 09:57:50 AM »
Water has a surface tension which can be increased by the Add Hochspanungsgleichstrom thereby allowing this to form the water a hard surface. These high surface tension of water Skinnefekt or as I call it is to raise a möglchkeit Kappilareffekt to increase the mass transport of water in a Kapilar. Water has a high charge Negativeionisation and an extremely high electron Netativ stability where water pipes which are not grounded on Vedas thousands of volts and spark in a Sorrowful discharged to the touch. Water contains a high energy and Eelktromagnetische Struckturierung of Wassser can change their properties significantly.

  The Energegewinnung by water friction in Verwirbelungsmaschinen how she built Schuaberger lead to increased Negativionisation and to increased Elektreonenüberschuss said. Measurements after http :/ / by Hr Dr. r. Klaus Volkamer some negative gravity causes. Schaberger and the mystery of water is reflected in his book, in which water droplets showing by a flat coil fluently one of the gravity moves contrary to the video.
He mentioned in his book, also a beatless his Wasserverwirbelagregat. These Wasserverwirbler which are built in Texas and describes the spark discharge of water which causes electricity by friction. The static electricity generated by water and high voltage can soar high water droplets or invite just Electrostatically.
  The Wasserelektrzizität could still be used shows the link Wasserfadenexperimet.
Electrostatic energy of Wasserverwirbelungsystemen


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Re: whater cleaning and electromagnetic structuring
« Reply #4 on: May 04, 2013, 11:13:26 PM »
Lead Accu repair shop and Hochkapazitiv

Lead Accu hold a charge voltage von2.2 volts. Accu rechargeable batteries are lead-loaded on 2.5 volts, they heat up very strong. The frequency of molecular Blei175.4311 Mhz and the molecular resonance frequency of sulfur 899.0842Mhz. The frequency can be determined under as a calculator. Now, this frequency is generated by a DC DC converter. The ripple frequency of the molecular contacts the battery in resonance can be 1200mV large and the charging voltage desBlei Accu may be at 14.8 volts. Now it can be seen that the capacity of the battery is reached much more quickly and efficiently. In addition, can also be an old-discharged lead Accu still revive the molecular structure of the resonance frequency.
Lithium ion rechargable batteries and Hochkapazitiv Repair Shop

Lithium ion rechargable batteries hold a charge voltage of 4.2 volts. Lithium ion batteries are loaded on 4.4 volts, they heat up very strong. The frequency of molecular Nicel is 4795.1158 MHz and the molecular resonance frequency of carbon is 2397.5579Mhz. The frequency can be determined under as a calculator. Now, this frequency is generated by a DC DC converter. The frequency of the ripple of the molecular engages the battery in response may be 500 mV large and the charging voltage of the lithium ion may be Accu to 4.3 volts.

Nicel cadmium rechargable batteries hold a charge voltage of 1.45V. Nicel cadmium batteries are loaded on 1.8 volts, they heat up very strong. The frequency of molecular Nicel is 513.7624 MHz and the molecular resonance frequency of cadmium is 299.6947 MHz. The frequency can be determined under as a calculator. Now, this frequency is generated by a DC DC converter. The ripple 500 mV can be large and the charging voltage of the Nicel cadmium batteries can be at 1.3 volts. Now it can be seen that the capacity of the battery is reached much schneler and efficient and will use the first discarded cadmium batteries or ... Thus, the Messiresycling has still a meaning to cover oneself with rechargable batteries and repair this way.

When yo filter metalls out of the whater whit this frequenzies you must wired a coil over plates. on the plates area have the voltage of bor chemical electron, and on the wire you module the rauchs frequenzies. the whater includet metalls cooper or auron or iron, you give on the capacitive plates the boor s voltage of 1 Volt and the mol3kularfr3quencies is on the coil, the metall eloxidet on the plates.