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Title: Electric vehicle
Post by: Mercure on January 19, 2013, 08:44:22 PM
Hello all this is my first post on this forum.
I have been reading up on free energy techniques for the past few years and i noticed that along the way the general interest in this subject has increased a lot. Now it seems time to combine several techniques to truly get this thing going... and with that i mean electric cars.

The way i see it the electric car revolves around the use of energy; and as such it can be cut up in 3 ways:

* Energy generation
   - Solar roof                  (see link 5)
   - Electric shockabsorbers   (link 6)
   - Regenerative braking (see: link 1,, dont forget to read their conclusions);
   - Crystal batteries (Maybe if they can be incorporated into the frame of the car... so it has a double role).
* Energy storage
   - Battery                      (see link 2)
   - Capacitor (for the quick bursts of power)  (see link 7).
* Energy conservation / Amplification
  - Jouleringer for the car lights  (lasersabre)
  - Gegene to drop the wattage  (JLN/ Woopy)
  - Low friction tires.      (see link 3)
  - Low drag car             (see link 4)
* Energy usage
   - Electric engine          (ufopolitics: youtube)
   - Car lights
   - Information / Media systems

The way i envision this is that everybody can print their own car with the usage of 3d printing.
This technology is expanding so fast that it seems likely we can print pretty much anything.

link 1:,d.d2k (,d.d2k)
link 2: (
link 3: (
link 4: (
link 5: (
link 6: (
link 7:,d.d2k (,d.d2k)