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Selfmade powerful DIY Nickel Zinc Accumulator

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Hi All,
try to replicate this:

You only need a Nickel plate from an old NiMH Accumulator,
a Zinc nail from a dissassembled  Alkaline battery
( you can also use probably stainless steel or a copper wire for it..just try it)
and Zincoxide powder (ZnO) !

And the electrolyte is KOH (Pottassiumhydroxide) in water.

It delivers 1.9 Volts open circuit and almost 2 amps shortcircuit current !

This is a great cell and could probably still be enhanced by using just
carbonfiber electrodes where you electroplate the zinc and nickel onto
the carbonfiber first and the oxidize the carbonfiber-zinc electrode first
in another electroysis bath...

Also if you can get me a good cheap method to produce your own graphene,
just let me know and post it here.

Maybe we can electroplate nickel and zinc onto graphene sheets.
This should even have then better conduction at the electrodes which will
give more energy and power from the cells.

BTW, in the video at the end he used for the test just a 21 Watts 12 Volts car bulb,
cause he did not have any other bulb right there...

That is why it glowed so dimmly !

If you used a 1.5 to 2 Volts  bulb it would
have been very bright  and long lasting !

Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.

Here is a Google Translator translated article about growing the right material on graphene

This could be used to grow the right Zincoxide and Nickel and  Nickelhydroxide materials
on the graphene electrodes.
Here is a guy from youtube who explains to make graphene;


unfortunately the audio is quite distorted !

Regards, Stefan.

Yeasterday we made a Google Hangout Videochat with Calvin and Fank and we tried to replicate this accumulator.

Have a look here:

Will be using next a Nickel plate from an old NiMh battery and see, if I can get the current as User Eflose
has got it. Calvin has already got it, but he hadnĀ“t no incandescent bulb to show it.

Stay tuned.

Regards, Stefan.

what you can also do is a zinc-PbO2 accumulator.the electrolyte is ammonium sulfate.ANY lead plate will do fine for the cathode,just charge it up and a thick layer of black PbO2 forms ontop.


Please post the chemical reaction formulas for the Lead zinc accumulator.

Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.


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