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I have a working free energy device

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 Attention all of you back yard mechanics,,,
I did an experiment, where I let my electric wheelchair become a free energy device
where I gained the power to go an additional 20 feet up a pretty steep hill,
each time I travel up the hill at full speed, and back then down the hill slowly.
I repeated this test 3 time, gaining a total of 60 feet before stopping the test
Then I repeated the test a few days later, gaining the same 60 feet
This was proof to me, that we have discovered a way of gaining free energy
I also made drawings of how to build a stand-alone mechanism
That I believe should be a way of gaining free energy power supplies
On this website:
if this site does not allow url then
search for “free-energy” and “yolasite”
I hope and believe that my drawing is a correct representation
Of a free energy machine for our power hungry world
But even if it is not, that just means that we will have to dig deeper
Into finding out how my electric chair can be used as a free energy generator
Please note = you must change the settings on the power chair
so that your motors run at highest efficiency, (as generator)
you must make sure that you have highest torque settings = 1st gear
as well as the highest speed settings = 10th gear
so that your chair works most like the ten speed bicycle
in the Vision that God was so Gracious to share with me
of going up hill in 10th gear, and then back down in 1st gear
because I did not have the time to experiment much at the time
I feel sure that someone could gain more power than the 20 feet that I gained
If you went down the hill slower, maybe even extremely slow, breaking hard
So that you were gaining more power out of every foot you travel down the hill
Which would act the same as adding a larger pulley to the drive motor,
or maybe shrinking the size of the output pulley(s).
to all who are in the family of Christ
Your Bro,
.   .   .   joe

Please post a Youtube video of it,
just using a charged up big capacitor.

If thze capacitor will not discharge you have done it...

Batteries have sometimes strange effects and the discharge state could be hard to measure...

Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.

Isn't your message the same you published one year ago?


You also posted the same in 2010


Oh dear, why oh why are these posts happening, sorry guys but I just joined OU so I can find some other like minded people who are looking for solutions and not just concentrating on what doesn’t work... after all we all know what doesn’t.

But honestly, and I have given this some real serious thought... the moment I would have a working model then I would hoist it up in an open space on glass legs and expose it to the world using real time IP cams for months on end until anyone with a moderate clue of physics can work out that the mass/power ratio far out ways any battery ever produced and it isn’t radioactive of coarse...

One day, hopefully. Just as with every other problem.... a simple case of listing them all, and working a way round, over, or just dam through them all. One by one.

It’s a lonely and busy world!


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