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On this last day of 2012, I would like to thank @hartiberlin (Stefan) for opening this group, and just in time for 2013.

I would like this Understanding OverUnity (OU) group to eventually become a condensed prerequisite for all OUers that are or will be working towards achieving OU. In a way, it seems like a contradiction in terms. We don't have OU yet, so how can you understand something you don't yet have. There in lies the challenge. We know it's there, we know it's possible, we know it has to have certain attributes and we know we must to learn more basics and even learn new perspectives that can break us out of the proverbial mold or mind games any rational human has to cope with in working towards OU.

So......the first thing about Overunity is that there is no such a thing in the strict sense of the word. Nothing comes from nothing. The energy that we are talking about here is the energy that has always been around us, always producing the magnetic fields in our pulsed coils, always coupling through air or cores to a secondary coil, always supplying the motive flux in our motors and even always energizing every single atom in this universe. That all omnipresent energy is what we call ether or aether. I prefer to spell it as "ether", the way Mr. Tesla did just to perpetuate something from a man that gave so much to this planet Earth and hoped that one day we would plug our devices into "his" envisioned wheelwork.

Our limited brains cannot deal with all that ether implies so to simplify matters, we have come up with the Overunity nomenclature because our limited perspective based on visual, textual and academic teachings can only accommodate the classical limitations of what overunity implies to simply be an impossibility. This is the shell we have to break out of to work towards OU. But in reality all we are implying is that ether is already present and being used by man in a less then efficient manner and that there is room to improve the attraction of ether energy to a point where the energy expended to attract ether is less then the ether energy accumulated. We are not inventing energy out of thin air with magic or tricks. We are coaxing this energy to compress harder then it would have.

The ether should be considered to be the most well trained and obedient "element" in the universe. I am calling it an element because we need substance in order to understand our reality. Ether knows exactly how much impress is required on every single object in the universe, from the largest objects to the infinitesimally smallest objects, each has its complimentary level of ether surrounding it and penetrating it. But ether is so perfect that it will only provide what is required for a certain circumstance. It is the greatest measure of our reality because whatever is received is what it needs.

So the only real option any of us have to increase that ether impress above and beyond the level ether would normally impress is to trick it into thinking there is more going on that requires more ether energy then there really is applied. We need to find out what makes ether tick, what makes it pile on, what makes it overly active and what is required to harness this excess.

Some of the notions here will be a new perspective on energy and electricity. I will try to explain this step by step in a logical manner so that all level of OUers will be able to grasp some of these concepts and hopefully start looking at OU research in a new light. These are foundations that we can extrapolate and keep and advance with until and beyond the day of OU.

Why am I doing this. Well, during the past several years I had been noticing that classical EE is not giving us the real answers. Yes classical EE works and it works well to the point where anyone questioning the working methods now seems to be treated as a fool for even trying to rock the boat.

The other factor is that for too many years now the OU community has been sidetracked and all of us have been victims. The main issues are one of intent. We have followed for too long purported OU devices that are still being kept a secret by their so called inventors. We had to deal with SM and his TPUs, but no TPU in sight. We had to deal with TK and no TK device in sight. We have to fight to attain the all elusive ether capturing techniques and we have to fight against the all pervasive advent of all these characters coming onto the OU foray and creating so much irrelevant, time wasting and non-productive conditions for all OU @members.

This has got to stop. We have to grow up. We have to put all these guys back into a curiosity bin where they really belong because none of them are talking so everything we can do is limited to either grasping at straws or finding video discrepancies that either confirm or provide a new theory of effect or that they confirm these guys are just a bunch of fakers looking for some level of perverted fame and ill gained fortune.

The point is these guys have wasted enough of our time, energy and intellect and they need to be put back into the irrelevant box. They are only good to fodder functional theories that range in the thousands, only limited by the very fertile minds of all OUers. While this is a good exercise for the mind, after a while it has a deleterious effect because the mind cannot cope with all the theories and OUers just keep turning around in circles, wondering and wondering endlessly on things that in all probability were never functional. How can an OU community take that chance? There should be no room for chance when it concerns OU research.

The only real way to move forward is one solid step at a time, step by step advancing, checking effects, making variations for comparisons and not relying on anyone or anything but our own god given talents. We all come from ether so we all have this inherent knowledge stored away in our subconscious that needs to be developed in an honest and open manner. There is nothing on this planet more important then to discover and disseminate OU information.

So in this light, this section will have some limitations and as moderator, I will take it on myself to both make sure those limitations are not surpassed so that this section provides present and future OUers with a place they can call home. Home where true OU is discussed and not true OU Secret Holders that waste our time. So here are a few rules for this section.

1) As an example, I will be opening up a new thread that will be locked and then open a second thread using the same thread title and adding the designation of " - Companion Thread" to the second title. Only I will be able to post on the main thread so that information does not get lost in endless pages while the Companion Thread can be used by all @members for discussions that will ultimately lead to changes in the main thread. I am not saying I am always right and welcome corrections and new ideas to include in the main thread, but only I can do those changes.

2) Other @members can open a new thread plus a Companion Thread but the main thread will not be locked. If the @member that has started the main thread wishes to have a post removed, all they have to do is ask me and identify the post number and I will remove that post without any questions or advanced notice to the person who made the post. Time is a limited commodity so expediency will be the normal method.

3) There are absolutely no threads to be started in this section regarding anyone that is not working open source. That automatically cancels out anything about SM or TK or the like. If someone in the world has a device but they do not want to disclose the function, or if they say they will publish it at a future date, then we should not be wasting time with them offering our free time, energy, knowledge and orientation. We have given these guys way to much unwarranted credibility and it is time that the OU community, as a whole, decides that enough is enough.

4) If a new @member wished to make a full disclosure, this section will be the ideal location to do it since I can lock the main thread once the disclosure is done and open a companion thread for discussions. Again, this is to keep the main information in a concentrated format that is easy for other @members to access. Information is useless if it is lost is a limbo of jargonisms.

5) Some OU @members may have to be banned from this section for the greater good of the masses. Anyone saying OU is impossible gets an automatic showing of the exit door. This is an OU site for those who seem to forget. OU is not 1/4 or 1/2 possible. It is possible and that is the vision required to advance in OU research.

6) I want this section to be a safe haven for OU brains to grow and flourish without the constant hammering down and irrelevant postings of other @members. This means that your posts must always be well thought out with no idle chitchat and not simply posting endless diagrams without providing a who, what, where, when and why of the post. Irrelevant threads will be removed so don't go starting a thread if you are not interested in being responsible for its content.

7) Do not prepare a quick text and post it immediately. Always wait a few hours to let the discussion progress further out. You will soon realize that in more instances then you can imagine the post you wanted to put on the thread does not even require to be posted. Never post on a whim.

8) Prepare your posts in a logical progression. Work the post and the ideas it has to convey. Edit and re-edit it. Work out the logic of your post. Consider the countering arguments that others @members may post and see if your position still holds. If it does not, then work your post again. Consider that every post is a new publication of yourself and what you stand for.

9) All other forum rules apply. There is no problem to have lively debates as long as it is respectful.

This is it guys. I had already set-up my own forum a good while ago but have never done anything with it because there are enough forums out there already. I think that is the best medium for this section although I do have the utmost respect for the guys at OUR as more of a classical comparative that for me lacks a certain level of childlike innocence required for OU research to be done in an open minded manner. So, here it is and hopefully this section will help other OUers to work not only better and smarter, but, with the true encouragement all OUers require on a daily basis to keep moving forward.

I can only foresee a 2013 full of OU success that will be open sourced with no secrets. So Happy New Years 2013!!!!

Welcome and let's start.


PS: I will be posting the first thread in the next two days.

Overunity cannot be achieved unless you eliminate the feed back force (reaction) which tries to slow down the applied force.   In most of the experiments which I have posted in this forum,  I have tried to eleiminate this feedback force. 

Your not going to achieve ou unless you start understanding and working with both polarity's.


You bring up a good point and we will cover this question and also try and identify the terminology when guys talk about effects in their coils. Usually feed back is an intended effect taken via a third coil on a core, so the term you are using may not be the right one, but this confusion happens way to often in OU discussions and it often becomes a source of great discourse, so we will take a look at that in the next threads.


I agree with you. And again, this is another main point to look at. When you look at Tesla patents, you will notice that he rarely makes reference to positive and negative and you could swear some of his devices worked bi-directionally. I am using the word "direction" here very loosely because I really think that DC has no direction. Direction only became a reality once the positive diode was invented and by doing so forced all circuits into a fixed direction. I also think one day someone will invent the negative diode and when that becomes a reality, circuits will be seen in a whole new light. We will have to cover this more in the coming threads.


If you have some other short ideas to add to this thread, concerns, observations, etc., that we can then cover these more deeply in newer threads, please do so.



Idea's  ;D


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