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Title: Hutchison GoFundMe Scam ?
Post by: hartiberlin on December 30, 2012, 06:24:58 PM
What do you all think about the Hutchison
Gofundme Videos to raise money ?

I think this is faked: ( (!

A Barium-Titanate Cylinder that just blinks for a few microseconds a neon bulb is
not able to run a 1 Watt Lightbulb nor  these motors, also not if he uses
it via these LC tuning circuits, that also have losses...

So I think Hutchison  is running a scam there...

I think this is not funny, although  he makes himself look a little bit nuts...
as his other videos pretend...

If he lies there in these videos to make money this way,
he just makes the whole free energy scene look stupid and fraudulent...

That is not good...

Please post your views about this.

Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.
Title: Re: Hutchison GoFundMe Scam ?
Post by: TinselKoala on December 30, 2012, 09:07:02 PM
I have long felt that Hutchison is an outrageous scammer. It is all the more ironic that his "funder" whom he mentions several times in this video, has also finally decided pretty much the same thing. It is believed by some of his early sponsors and investigators (but not by me) that perhaps John at one time could actually generate some effects in his old laboratory, but for many years now he has been unable to produce any real effects like his early levitations.

However, it is my belief that those early levitations and other effects were also faked, many of them simply by filming with the camera upside-down. I have seen and inspected many of his original weird metal samples, and some of them are still unexplained, but others of them have been duplicated using induction furnaces (which he has) and oxyacetylene torches (also which he has).

In the present video.... as in just about every other video that he has ever presented... it is impossible to tell whether or not there are hidden wires supplying energy, or even the output of an induction furnace or other wireless power transmitting system operating. One exception is a video from some years ago where he "levitates" a toy flying saucer model for a Japanese film crew.... and one can easily see the string supporting the "levitating" model.

I myself have reproduced the famous "bushing" levitation. This film from JH was analyzed by some very good engineers and they claimed that the time course of the acceleration could not have been faked by jerking the bushing upwards with a string or other means. I did it by turning the whole scene upside down and suspending the bushing by an electromagnet, then reducing the EM field rapidly but not instantly.... as if by turning down a variac. Filming upside down, this produced a bushing levitation with a time course of acceleration identical to that observed in the heavily-analyzed original JH video.  The combination of the slow release of the magnetic field and the acceleration due to the Earth's gravity produced an acceleration profile just like what was seen in the JH bushing levitation film.
I also was able to reproduce some of his other famous effects using simple trickery.
Title: Re: Hutchison GoFundMe Scam ?
Post by: picowatt on December 30, 2012, 10:46:31 PM
Why does he need to build a larger version to prove that his concept is sound or have independent testing/validation performed?

Food for thought...

Title: Re: Hutchison GoFundMe Scam ?
Post by: tinman on December 31, 2012, 12:20:02 AM
One also has to wonder why a man who claims to have an anti gravity system,would need ! go fund me? !
Surly an anti gravity system would be worth a couple of buck's?
Title: Re: Hutchison GoFundMe Scam ?
Post by: hartiberlin on December 31, 2012, 04:31:08 AM
Well, okay, maybe I worded it a bit wrong due to the language barrier,
 maybe we should call him delusional ?,
 but he just received some bigger donations like 1000 US$...
 Well he raised already 5000 US$ via this...
 At least I can say from experience, that a Barium Titanate cylinder
 that acts as an electret and charges up itsself and just blinks for a
 few micro- or milliseconds
 a neon bulb, will not have the power to light up this at least 500
 MilliWatts or 1 Watt incandescent bulb
 contineously and also will not be able to power the motors...
 He also shows this sitting on some kind of container beneath it, where
 it is possible,
 that he just has a car battery or simular hidden below it.
 It was also shown, that he staged this small toy UFO flying in his
 flat where you
 could actually see the wire lifting it in his video...
 So maybe his earlier Antigravity videos are also only faked by using
 180 degrees tilted cameras...??
 Well, his videos where he pretends to be a blonde woman are sometimes
 funny, but claiming now free energy in the Watt range other than his
 crystal cells, which only
 delivered MilliWatts, without a real proof and obviously faking it,
 seems not so funny to me...
 Well, with this staging he makes the whole free energy scene look nuts
 and we are already enough the targets of professional skeptics and
 paid naysaysers or simular characters..
 So I don´t find this funny anymore, also people who have been scammed this
 way will never donate any more money to real good scientists doing
 good research...
 cause they have fear being scammed again...
 Just my opinion.
 Regards, Stefan.
Title: Re: Hutchison GoFundMe Scam ?
Post by: hartiberlin on December 31, 2012, 04:37:31 AM
P.S: Also I don´t know or understand how Hutchison wants to remove or
wants to fight the radioactive contamination from Fukushima
just via some weird sound waves ?

Seems to me, that he belittled the radioactive contamination more this way...
Title: Re: Hutchison GoFundMe Scam ?
Post by: gauschor on December 31, 2012, 11:41:57 AM
It would make sense perhaps if you see it from the point of view that everything is waves and one could eliminate contamination by using a kind of waves which equalize or reduce the radioactive ones (the gamma rays?). I personally don't think he is a scammer, but agree that he's kind of a mad scientist.
It is though believable that one could levitate objects by sound, but from what I've seen he needs a lot of energy. If you look for antigravity then Townsend Brown is a better to start. Regarding his crystal cells, I'm also not convinced as it could only light a small LED (a crystal cell which is about 50 times the size of battery). And the video he posted unfortunately shows nothing concrete.
Title: Re: Hutchison GoFundMe Scam ?
Post by: hartiberlin on January 10, 2013, 03:50:48 AM
Hutchison posted a new video here:
 I think it is a total fake. There must be a hidden power source.
These 2 cylinders can never deliver this shown about at least 1 Watts constant  output power !
(2 Motors and incandescent lamp )
He showed in his first videos, that one cylinder just blinks a small Neon bulb maybe every 10 or 20 seconds.
This shows, that it is just a miniscule High Voltage pulse with very low energy in it only...
Now claiming these LC networks will equalize the power is just a scam.

They have also losses and will even reduce the output power..
Hutchison seems to do this  only for the money.

Did you see, when he adjusted the coils, nothing changed !
So he probably has a hidden battery somewhere beneath his LC circuit board...

If it would be real, he would show scopeshots and better measurements with current and
voltage readings...

Too bad that Hutchison has gone this way now to scam people for their money...
I liked his former Antigravity research, but I wonder, why he does this now...
Please post your views.
Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.

Title: Re: Hutchison GoFundMe Scam ?
Post by: MileHigh on January 10, 2013, 04:55:08 AM
That Hutchison clip is a totally dishonest nonsense clip.  That's usual for him.   Remember he went to clean up the big BP oil spill with crystal harmonic waves or something like that.

To paraphrase Frank Zappa, "Kiss my Aura, Johnny."

Hutchison has a big rebuttal and I bet you it is for this thread:


Delete and block your way through life John.  Ignorance is intelligence.

John makes me think of the people that you might see leaving a pharmacy...... "Spare change?...  Spare change?"
Title: Re: Hutchison GoFundMe Scam ?
Post by: flathunter on January 10, 2013, 08:15:47 PM
I, too, have some suspicions about John. Its a shame, cos I always loved his videos of the flying canon ball and stuff. But he could always make me change my mind in the future, by coming out with something legit and replicable. I like to remain uncommitted with regards to who's a scammer, who's delusional, and who's working for the man.

I replicated his crystal battery after I saw him dressed as a blonde and claiming that a few simple domestic salts would sort you out some constant energy which didn't come from galvanic action. I tried it, and got a simple and pretty cool galvanic battery that needed water, or went flat. Interesting and fun, but not what he claimed it to be. I tried lots of different types, including ones with ground up BaTiO3 in the mixture. I managed to get a CFL to light from this battery (after a robust charge up), but again it went flat under load, and needed water to kick it back into life. The people who I really trust on youtube don't seem to get the same results as the free energy 'big names' (Hutchinson and Bedini) in these experiments. Neither do I. Perhaps we are doing it wrong, but I am not so sure these days.

Life is a learning process I suppose. I haven't given up on free energy, but I am certainly a lot more sceptical over new (or old) claims.
Title: Re: Hutchison GoFundMe Scam ?
Post by: Freezer on January 10, 2013, 10:21:32 PM
Personally I don't think we can say it's a scam, as there is no evidence.  It would be nice to see an independent witness who could confirm what he has shown, perhaps someone who lives near him could shoot a video, but then again people never trust videos anyways.  I have no idea if it's fake, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt till confirmed otherwise.

I do have hutchison cells which I have never added water to, which are still putting out microwatts to blink an led, and those are over 1 year old.  My largest hutchison cell (4 months underload, no water added) lights an led to around 75% brightness, and provides useful light, but this cell weighs over 5 pounds.  It was the only light in my house still on during my power outage and allowed me to find my way around in the darkness as it's constantly on.  Most all my other mixtures die after they dry out, but some of the hutchison cells don't.. Not that it is going to light your home, but still interesting..

I am however convinced of his levitation experiments, as well as his metal transmutation results.  If you listen to interviews of boyd bushman, former senior scientist for lockheed, he talked about hutchison many times, stating that lockheed used hutchisons setups to further their understanding on propulsion.  Bushman's credibility can't be questioned, and you can look up his patents on google with lockheeds signature to confirm it.
Title: Re: Hutchison GoFundMe Scam ?
Post by: hartiberlin on January 11, 2013, 02:04:02 AM
I think it is a scam,
when he willingly hides a battery and powers his setup  via this hidden battery and pretend
it would be the 2 Barium Titanate cylinders, that would be the power source...!

Surely his Crystal cells are only low below 10 MilliWatts cells that you can build
also via other methods.

But okay, his earlier metal breakingt stuff was probably genuine, cause I knew a guy
from Berlin over here, who worked at the BAM ( Bundesamt für Materialprüfung, something like a federal material science lab)
and they conducted tests on some Hutchison samples and also came to the conclusion, that this was a strange material
and could not explain the effects...
So I guess his 2 Teslacoil and 1 Vandergraf setup to cause these effects were real.

But the problem for him is now probably, that he does not get any money more from it.

And he seems to have decided
to stage now these faked free energy demos to raise some new funds...
which in my eyes is a scam.

Okay, as he does not do it so professionell as other scammers do it and
he comes around a bit nuts, when he posts the videos about him wearing woman´s clothing
and a blond wick, people who donated might not be too angry with him....
but in my opinion it shines some bad light on him..

Regards, Stefan.

Title: Re: Hutchison GoFundMe Scam ?
Post by: hartiberlin on January 11, 2013, 06:58:23 AM
Here is a recent video about Hutchison with Jesse Ventura and his son visiting John Hutchison and his new wife. (

Hutchinson also had a female stalker , maybe his former girlfriend ??,  following him and harrassing him on forums, that is probably
why he makes fun of her dressing in female clothing and wanting to look as if he nuts, so MIBs let him alone...

Anyway, staging Free Energy with hiddden batteries  is bad in my view...

Regards, Stefan.
Title: Re: Hutchison GoFundMe Scam ?
Post by: Gwandau on January 13, 2013, 02:25:14 AM
John Hutchinton always have been presenting his claims in a way that makes me extremely upset.
Since he never ever have been able to repeat any of his bigger claims, the question whether he is genuine or not is totally uninteresting.
NASA had him over for a couple of months, but he never could repeat his famous anti grav experiments, since he "could not remember what he did"!!!
John Hutchinton lacks the most important thing a new energy scientist need in order to get anywhere at all.
He lacks the crucial combination of a clear mind and methodical habit that makes the difference.
Thus he lacks the very mandate to succeed in changing anything.

It doesn't really matter if he actually may have stumbled upon some novel things during the years. He lacks the means to organize the information.
As far as I am concerned, he is a harmless child who only likes to play, but really doesn't have the intellectual means to take it any further.
If this "child" now and then fiddles with hidden batteries, and then again sometimes hit gold, it doesn't really matter, since he will never organize his findings into anything real.
Devoting time to the workings of John Hutchinton just makes you lose energy.
He is a lost case, don't bother.

Title: Re: Hutchison GoFundMe Scam ?
Post by: TinselKoala on January 14, 2013, 05:29:34 AM
It's interesting how different ones of us believe in different things from Hutchison.
I believe that his crystal/earth batteries are the only real things he's actually done. All the rest, the antigravity stuff, the metal samples, etc etc I believe are faked.
In the era when he was "making" the various metal samples I know he had and was using an induction furnace and oxyacetylene torches to melt metals, and he lived near a Canadian navy "junkyard". Some of the more unusual metal samples look like billets exploded by extremely high currents, as produced by industrial homopolar generators; others are just aluminum melted around stronger metals, or with bits of wood poked into it as it cooled. The most famous "levitation", the bushing, was done by filming upside down: the bushing was held aloft by an electromagnet and "dropped" by fairly quickly reducing the power to the EM with a variac, and letting gravity do its thing. This video was analyzed by professional engineers on the assumption that it was taken right-side-up and under that assumption, the analysis couldn't explain the frame-by-frame acceleration profile (it had a "jerk" or second derivative component that looked anomalous) but I successfully duplicated this acceleration profile by doing it just as I described above. Ditto with the "yougurt" or ice cream or paint levitations.  The bowling ball was lifted by a rod out of sight from underneath. The "boiling water" in a plastic cup was done very simply by blowing it with compressed air. You can clearly see the string supporting the "flying saucer" levitation done for the Japanese film crew. And on and on. Some specific metal samples remain unexplained _exactly_ but I believe these came as-is from Canadian naval research lab surplus junk, he didn't make them himself. The redhot file was done by the induction furnace coil under the plywood, and it was already broken in two before the heating was done. Etc etc. He's a phony from the start, plain and simple.
I have personally examined many of his metal samples, I've reviewed many of his original films, and as I said, I've replicated many of his effects myself by using fairly simple trickery like inverted cameras and stages, glue and string, magnetic fields, and so on.

One thing is true: he had a fire/explosion that caused the RCMP to check out his apartment and confiscate his gun collection and some of his equipment (radioactive stuff I think).

I know that there are lots of Hutchison fans that will want to argue with me about this stuff .... but I'm done. Some people will say that he had some kind of psychic powers so that he had to be nearby to make his effects, and that he's lost it now but in the 1980s he did real stuff. I say.... nope, it was all faked even then. Just the tiny power output from some of his cells.... that is all that is real and all that ever was real.
Title: Re: Hutchison GoFundMe Scam ?
Post by: raburgeson on May 09, 2014, 04:19:08 AM
Funny thing about him. He does something they steal his equipment. Do you want to further the equipment at some government lab. I don't even think this guy even takes notes.
Title: Re: Hutchison GoFundMe Scam ?
Post by: MileHigh on May 09, 2014, 04:34:02 AM
He is prancing around on his YouTube page as a transvestite.  I kid you not.
Title: Re: Hutchison GoFundMe Scam ?
Post by: rc3po on May 09, 2014, 04:43:50 AM
"There's a sucker born every minute."
 - P. T. Barnum
He will probably make a lot of money off of his scam. That's a shame.