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noise (vibration) from the ground (earth) to energy


does anyone know if its possible to capture noise (vibration) from the ground (earth) and turn it into energy? maybe by berrying a long pipe into the ground verticaly and half of it is coming out of the ground? the pipe would have to be hollow from inside the ground up.
i got this idea from looking at:

sure, sink a ten foot stick of 3/4 inch EMT(available at the Home Depot, Lowes, or any electrical supply house) into the ground.  Be sure to cap off the bottom end or it will fill with water.  Leave about 3 inches exposed and place a sound powered mic on top.  It will generate a bit I would assume.  Enough to power your house?... probably not.

I've seen something similar on a website,it was Art Bell or Rense.com or one of those. It was made up of two wires,each wire was hooked to a stack of metal plates and the stacks were buried in the ground next to each other. It was said to produce electricity from the earth's magnetism. It was done a long time ago about 100 years or so. I can't find the original story or anything else on this subject.If anyone knows anything about this let me know.


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