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The Piezzokristall emits electrons on compression in shock and centripetal forces torque. The rock crystal can produce as when Piezzofeuerzeug electrical flashes and electron-sharing itself. Mechanical effects can illuminate the Bergristall, or Funkenspruehen. When two pieces are Berkristall successive hit, they see in the dark, as the whole crystal in the interior lights sparks. Which means that the electric charge in the crystal with light burns. A rock crystal can also be brought to the electric lights. A rock crystal feuerig lights brightly when it is applied to high voltage. Take two Bruchstuecke of quartz crystal and beat them the two pieces together. Take wueste pieces, for it may be that you zerbrechen.Schlägt If the two together, they are seen as lights in the dark, the crystals inside. Now The Piezzokristall of about 30 cm in length can wound with a Laengsspule. The red threads can be connected in parallel along one side and at the two opposite points. The two coil ends should not touch it. The coil can be wound in several layers. Best take two core Copper wires, this Wrapped one. On this rock crystal The resonant frequency of the crystal mountain can be recalculated based on the physics formulas. The length and width as well as the nature of the piezo quartz crystal are crucial to the given component can be adjusted. It is crucial to know the capacitive reactance. Based on the capacitive reactance of the crystal, they can the inductive reactance of the Laengsspule calculate. The induction in milli henry can determine the dan Wicklungsgröessen two Kupferdrahaete weden.Die primary side so for the red winding which was attached to the crystal, and secondary side for the Greens side where the frequency generator is connected. With a frequency sweep and a Osszilloskop You could Voltage Measuring stroke in the crystal points. At resonant frequency will you measure several of thousands volts. A voltage divider for the measurement circuit is empfelen if no new Osziliskop should be purchased. The maximum voltage swing is then the resonance frequency. Now I install the rock crystal on a rotor, drill or rotary engine. Below near the rotor arms, the magnets are mounted. These magnets of alternating polarity Drehflaeche stuck below the pad to a fixed or clamped. The rotational speed and number of magnets as well as the distance from magnet to magnet gives the frequency of the alternating field where the Laengsspule is suspended. It is crucial that a high speed compresses the crystal rotates and mechanically exterm. This knocked out the Kristallgitterverbaenden electrons. Solid-state physics is revealing the exact Vorgang.Achtung that the stone does not break. The magnets beneath the crystal now give an induction and thus drive the coil. The coil is in resonance with the capacitance of the crystal. The interesting thing is that spin at the tips of the crystal now very many flashes of meheren cm by itself. With a Aluminiumroehre or Buechse can these electrons are trapped. One end of the crystal can be connected to a good ground or in the middle of the wire can be a grounding laengswicklung be connected. Thus an electron current flows. In the inner of Laengsspule you can place magnets if they want the induction is greater

Hallo i have an new invigation of the piezo cristalls rotation disk. the piezo kristall emitted electrons when this hit and drift. the piezo cristall place on the top of the disk, then you have a heater, bottom of the circle. the Draw have explain.
With the energy it's like the Lottorie ... Anyone who has looked Loto knows runs as the raffle and the lucky one wins the jackpot. This image, the piezoelectric crystal electron spin Erlkärt as a generator.
The piezoelectric crystals are attached to the edge of one wheel. Then in the wheel an iron ball is placed. The iron ball
is struck by the rotation of the piezoelectric crystals. By a blow to the piezoelectric crystals now electrons
by the blow from the crystal emits or Herausgeschalgen. The piezo voltage is now starting as a spark
given. According as the voltage can reach several of thousands of volts. The voltage is then by metal plates
absobiert. It must at the tips of the piezo electric crystals, only ligands are deposited, these can
Piezo electricity now be sucked over copper lines. The voltage must now via rectifiers
Be addressed. Light-emitting diodes can also be easily shot to the electrons. The electric current
now flows. This is possible to take advantage of a rotation and electricity by gravity from a piezoelectric crystal.

@sergirafael: have you done any supporting experiments or is it "Gedankenexperiment" only?

How difficult would it be to build such a machine? Could it be done by hand and with materials available on the open market?

Greetings, Conrad

electrical power
Generator itself

The component is, I give him the name
Piezoelectric crystal generator. This will now be on a wheel
mounted. By rotation about its own axis
the revolution will be a centripetal or Fibration
generated in the crystal. From an acceleration of the rotation
gives the crystal to the Spiten a voltage. This is
High voltage, there are strong electric flashes on the

The capacity is fed back to the inductance, the electrical
Fields and magnetic fields are fed back. The two
Fields complement Electromechanical and Physical
second by Maxwell formula The capacitive transformer was
already described.

The resonant frequency of the quartz crystal must be the resonance
Frequency of the capacitive Substation be the same. The coils
must end are deposited on the quartz crystal.

The coils and capacitors are AlumiumFolien
in resonance frequency build. fr = {2 * pi * - / (L * C)} ^ 1 ⁻
Is now on a flywheel mounted the Piezokrsitall allowed to turn these, the rotation generates the piezo
Crystal vibration, mechanical vibration. This oscillation is increased by you speed. Frequency
the vibration in heart is depending on the speed of the oscillating wheel. Below or behind half of the oscillating wheel
Magnets are now mounted. These magnets have to be Fixmontiert like a generator circuit
the distance between the magnets and the path now leads to a Magntischen vibration. This oscillation is a
Frequency which is to be supplemented with the ideall resonance frequency of the resonant circuit of the piezoelectric crystal.

The aluminum tube is placed around the flywheel, it now starts the electrons which the radio flashes from the
Be placed piezoelectric generator on. The trapped electrons can now for a load of
a consumer will verheitzt.

To the drawing, the points are points of connection manager, the blue and red plates capacitors as aluminum foil or Aluminiumklebband, the Red Green lines are insulated copper wires.

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