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Author Topic: Solar cooling  (Read 14653 times)

Offline sergirafael

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Solar cooling
« on: December 12, 2012, 08:41:33 AM »
Solar cells have a temperature coefficient, solar cells have a working temperature. The performance of the solar cell depends on the ambient temperature. The warmer a solar cell is in operation, the lower the efficiency and to poor performance. The efficiency increases with the cooling of the silicon surface and the cooling of the solar panels. To cool the Photovoltanik element is bonded with the back of the silicon solar panel, a copper pipe or a garden hose. The cooler must be like a rib of a refrigerator be fixed serpentine back. The Gartenschauch or copper tube is passed through cold water. The cold water cools the solar cell now. Through the cooling of the solar cell is now the efficiency and performance of the solar cell is increased. The cold water cools so the solar cell and the water erwährmt at the circuit. The hot water can be used for the Heaters. A heat exchanger can use the hot water for the Hausheitung. The solar cell obtained by cooling a longer life and a much better Leistungskurfe. Two advantages can be seen in the idea. Firstly, they have hot water, and secondly, you have a better electrical performance of the solar cell. The idea can easily replicate each, take a garden hose at the rear of the solar cell is attached with this tortuous and Silikonleim. Another advantage of this idea is, in winter, the roof surface aufgeheitzt briefly so that the snow melts away.

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Solar cooling
« on: December 12, 2012, 08:41:33 AM »

Offline sergirafael

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Re: Solar cooling
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2013, 09:17:54 PM »
To vorzunhemen the water cooling of solar cells is to take the simplest and easiest cars Heaters pipes or copper pipes. You can also take a garden hose.

Problem is that with increasing temperature of the solar cell efficiency is reduced again. If the cell / the

Module cooled by wind and accordingly ventilation (also depending on installation), you can reduce these losses.

Without ventilation, the losses are about 5% higher than with aeration. At high Tempraturen can indicate about 0.5% derating per degree Celsius. If the temperature of a solar module of the proposed (based on test conditions) 25 ° C as at 55 ° C, module power may decrease by about 15%.

Solar cool with water, such as the solar cell is efficient. Solar cells can of course easily be cooled with water. This cooling water increases the efficiency of the solar cell by 25%. To a panel with a surface area of ​​2 m2 to cool you need ideally a water volume of one liter.

The process is amazingly simple, and it offers many advantages.

1 Wärmekoefizient of the solar cell becomes negative. It means when the solar cell is cooled by water increases, the current flow and the voltage as well as the real power of the solar cell. The solar cell can be well cooled at 5 ° C well water coolers. This is the Wikrungsgrad are increased by 30%, the pressure of the well water is enough to power around the tube of a solar cell.

2 Advantage when the solar cell is cooled with water: Solar cell aging much less. The silver contacts on the silicon wafer by the heat becomes porous. See photo.

3 Advantage to cool the solar cell with water: The water is heated to a Durchschnittemperatur of 60 ° Celsius. The water has a very high heat and can now be used for the hot water. The 60 ° C warm water can also be used for the Heaters for the home or a Wärmetausscher.

4 Advantage in the winter when the solar cell is covered with snow, you can make hot water through the pipes. This makes the snow surface is melted very quickly. The advantage of offers especially a reason The Schneflaäche can slip off during extremely cold weather and the snow falling down from the roof causing damage to vehicles and people. The solar cell in the winter with hot water to heat through the pipes is good weill the surface can be used again for further use.

To attach the hose to the back of the solar cell, you can clean the back of the solar cell with a cloth. The copper tube is then fitted the rear. With a garden hose or a hose Also Brian can also be cooled by the solar cell efficiency to Boost.

Subsequently, the copper pipe, it can also be ground Heaters pipes, like a snake threaded.

Now Taking a insulating foam or silicone glue. The insulating foam is very broad and low.

Now, the pipe is fitted and geklept to the back of the solar panel.


Now when the sun shines, the water is allowed to cool through the tube to the solar panel and increase efficiency. The water is extremely warm, the first test results in 43 ° C warm water that flows back out of the hoses back again.

The big advantage is if you cool the solar panel with water, you get a solar cell is the longevity. The solar cell is much too heavy burden when used without cooling which causes damage to the kontacktstreifen silver. This damage is caused by the Zuhohe temperature and can not be Repaired. That is why it is good to have a cool solar cell.

The warm water is ideal to provide themselves with warm water. The performance of solar cell is ideally at 5 ° C, this indicates that 35% better efficiency and more efficient than that required for operating temperature of 60 ° Celsius. Have fun making regeards child Luthern, R. Sergi