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Title: kapacitiv Transformer
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The electromagnetic Fild have 2 components. First the Magnetic wave, maxwell define this and second the electiric Fild 90° degrees and twisted drill of the magnetic fild. To capture and kollector the two componente of this field, you Can bulit a capative Transformer. The idee of this Element is, whit the capacitator plate you can wired whit the coil magnetic componet. The magnetic Coil gife a magnetic wafe and the capazitive komponent absorber the electrostatic fild of this magnetic wafes. maxwell define that evrry magnetic field hafe 90degrees across a electrostatic field. in resonance freqzenze you can construct a capacitor an wired a coil over the capacitor. when you give a dc current of the coil you can messure a electric field on the condensator. when you connect the wire of the coil whit the capicitor an give whit a Audio Amp and a Sinusosscilator a wafe, you see a great Ipedance of the construct. When you mace a devince of the picture, you give a Ground and a positive anoden, whit Metal. you can kollectet the ionic positiv Elements whit the metal, and have potential different of a ground whit negative electrons. the coil is construct a 1/4 messurement of the lagth of the electromagnetic wafe frequenzis. and the capicitator plate lengh ist constructet whit (space) 1/8 of magnetic wafe.  ;)
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Post by: sergirafael on November 21, 2012, 11:38:49 PM
this picture gife a sample of the secondarry capacitive plate...
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I like explain Electrical includes real, inductive and capacitive elements. Electromagnetism includes the magnetic force and the electric force. The electric force and the magnetic force is verahlten gegenseitigt as a integral and a differential. These two factors are electromechanical and physically linked. Two capacitors plates are a change in the electric field generated, 90 ° to the electric field is observed, a change in the magnetic field. Only a change produces an effect. Maxwell defined it. It can be observed how the effect of the change of the electric field integrall, a differential of change of the magnetic field. The given sizes are to each other inversely proportional in. The Integrall the electrical voltage at the field plates generates a differential of the current. Is now switched to the capacitor plates Resonaz a coil so that the differential voltage and the integrall the current is exactly inversely proportional. Is wrapped around a commercially available bipolar capacitor, a coil, such as in one element is spatially the electrostatic and magnetic space wave in the same element. Now, this coil is wound around the capacitor connected in positive feedback then added, the magnetic flux of the coil to the structure of the electric field in the capacitor. The magnetic field is now considered to be 90 ° to the electric field of the spatial space wave in the component. The contraction of the electric field and the plates apart to stretch the magnetic windings of the coil are mechanically coupled longitudinal sizes. The electromagnetic wave having a wavelength in the area, where now also comes to light that can excite the wave according to Planck and electron. You can stimulate not only electron, you can also environment electrons or emmi animals whose waves and collective animals. The wavelength is in resonance exactly show the dimension in meters, that is to measure the length of the coil and the capacitor plate spacing. The particle wave phenomenon now leads to a linear coupling informs the surrounding particles, the particles Umgegbungsenergie is brought in as the component in positive feedback to a resonant vibration. The electrostatic force causes a change in the change of the magnetic force and vice versa. Now the amplitude of the magnetic force. At the point in space at the largest where the electrostatic force in the space at the smallest acts The size of the component Sun dimmensioniert that the length and width of the component is exactly located in the wavelength of the resonant frequency, there are no field lines in the two Abschnürgrenze. The Abschnürgrenze causes an antenna in the electromagnetic wave abschürt from the antenna or the element and in space vortbewegt. So I imagine that the scale of the space as such is reversed proportinal Massenbegwegung of the particles. For an electron particle Vortbewegung now is due to the relativistic effect infinitely fast. So the space for electrons is quantum entanglement. Only by the small mass of the electron Skallierung the space dimension is thus the endless time. May be linked Quantenphysikalsich an electromagnetic wave with the information on unlimited space. Now, the space of the electron by impact of the injured elektromagetischen shaft so thereby shrinks the time and, thus, the shaft as a particle is connect to an atomic association and show its effect as light energy or heat. the matrix in which this occurs is now dependent on the frequency of the electron wave and the spatial structure of the capacitor which has been wrapped with a copper coil. It is to be observed that, after the coil winding again two Alluminiumfolien must be rolled around the spool. This can be continued. in the middle of the capacitor may protrude a rod antenna, which is tuned to the proper frequency. An antenna is ideally generate Landa to 1/4 for the best reception. Antennas in the essentiel, and mirroring and reflection is to be observed. An ideal material for reflection are ultra-flat surfaces.
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Wait i like explain more

The description of the capacitive transformer
Title: The capacitive transformer
With a capacitive current of the transformer, the flow is intended to
eighth by the size of the surface of the secondary plates (3) 9)) 10))
defined. The capacitive transformer intended to ensure that the the electrical
Reactive current from a primary side to a secondary side
is converted. The AC voltage remains on the secondary side
same as in the primary side. AC is very with
low-loss transfer.
With the invention, a signal from the primary side to the individual
Most of the secondary pages transferred and isolated.
A very interesting application is, when the component in a
The resonant circuit is used with coils. A self-oscillating
Systene thus obtain a very valuable extension. Thus, the
given capacitive coupling. Thus, not only inductive
but also just build coupled capacitively coupled resonant circuits.
The individual plates are DC Moderately separated. This
is on for the signal transfer transistors and other semiconductors
required. The various loads on the secondary side
separated Gleichpannungsmässig.
The secondary output is for example, with an inductive load a motor
loaded. Through the load, the maximum current which flows through I = U / R
is defined. The inductive reactive power is determined by the capacitive
Blinstrom compensated. The reactive power is almost zero. The charge Q
which is defined by U * C = I * t. The output current is from
this may affect health. Is applied to the plates through the primary
Applying a voltage, an electric field established. The electric
Field is thus defined by the insulator (1), shielded 5th).
By induction, so the displacement of charge in dielectrics are
the charge carrier from the primary drive to the secondary plate
moved. The charge is on the surface of the plates. The
inner material of the plate is free of electrical fields. With the
capacitive transformer is the power to various loads so
distributed, as the load is designed to power.
The adaptation of the internal resistance of the voltage source can be
optimize performance by adapting, by the inductive
Reactive current component is transformed by the capacity at 90 °.
By the charge is a maximum current flow, which is not
can be exceeded.
In a possible short-circuit caused by the load, the
Current limited. By a high current flow is that electrolyte (12)
heated and vaporized. In the worst case, this leads to an explosion.
Remedy thereby creates fast swapping of the dielectrics
through the electrolyte pump. Depending on the electrolyte, the internal resistance
and the frequency response changes.
4 shows the electrolytic paper (3), (7) is shown. By
Electrolytic paper which is shaped sinusoidal flows that liquid
Dielectrics (12) between these grooves from the bottom upwards. Thus
the hot dielectric over the pumping system (14) in an external
Heatsinks out (11) and can cool down there.
Figur1 in the Schematic design is shown. By
Pipe connections (15) is that the capacitive transformer dielectrics
out (14) by a pump into a liquid container (11), where the
Dielectrics can cool (12). The cool is back in the dielectrics
capacitive transformer pumped back. The dielectrics flows in
a circuit.
The internal structure of the capacitive transformer in Figure 3
shown. The length and the Plane of the layers with the
Capacity formula C = Eo * He * (A / l) is calculated and dimensioned. The
internal structure of the transformer consists of capacitive layers in
the order is placed after 3 shows another. These are then
rolled as in Figure 2. The layers are as follows successive
On the insulator (1) is a metal strip, the primary plate is placed (2).
Out the electrolytic paper (3) is laid. This is the
desired number of secondary panels (4), (9) is placed. Thereon is one
Another insulator set (5.) It is the primary positive (6) plate
defined. Thereon a second electrolytic paper is placed (7). Thereon is
secondary negative plate set (8), (10). These layers are
the lengthwise as rolled up in Figure 2. This role is in a
round Tubular aluminum cups (13) out. The
Insulation layer (1) is guided along the outermost layer. There
can not conductive layer dielectrics and not the aluminum cup
. touch
Top and bottom of the round with a rubber or polymer of the
Capacitive transformer covered. This gum is in Figure 6 as
Seal described. Anschussdrähte the (16, 17, 18, 19) and the
Connections for electrolyte ducts (15) are out of the seal
passed out. (FIG. 6).
The technical field of the transformer is the capacitive
Resonant circuit technology to build capacitively coupled Schwinkreise. Shall
a coil built around the component is obtained after the second Maxwell
Conservation in addition to the magnetic field and the electric field at
Use Trafobau. The application of the capacitive transformer
and their reactive power compensation is in the signal transmission
The invention solves the problem of the distribution of power to gleichohmigen
inductive loads. By this invention it is possible to the loads from the
To separate direct current. The load is supported only by the alternating current
traversed. For inductive loads, such as motors with leads to the motor
an inductive reactive current. The capacitive transformer to the
inductive reactive current through the capacitive reactive power to counteract.
The invention of the undulating electrolytic paper solves the problem of
Heat exhaustion and promotes the flow of dielectrics. The invention of
Dielektrikapumpe the flow is responsible for the dielectrics.
The invention can dissolve the problem of the coupling of Schwinkreisen. Thus
is also a capacitive coupled resonance circuit to be built and
not only an inductive.
The invention is used to start of electric fields in a
inductive transformer. Maxwel describes the electric field and the
capacitive field-shifted by 90 °. In an inductive transformer, the
Transformer sheet with the plates, is replaced.
Carrying out the invention
The capacitive transformer can be used as a counterpart to
Be used in a coil-capacitor resonant circuit.
This is practical for self-oscillating Bautgruppen which in an LC
The resonant circuit can be used. The Inductive share generates a
Electric field which in the plates has a polarity of the charge
causes. The component can be used in a transformer coil as the core
are the electric field and "capture". Thus allows the
Change Permabilität of conventional transformers.
When large currents to be distributed, it is advantageous to
To increase the frequency of the alternating voltage in order a smaller
Resistance produce.
In transmission amplifier technology, it is advantageous that
Carrier signal to be separated from DC. This signal
simultaneously transmitted in parallel on different levels, the
Use of a capacitive transformer is advantageous. It is possible to
Bridge circuit to drive.
To compensate for the inductive reactive power of coils is in the
Practice one switched capacitor to the coil. The capacitive
Transformer reduces the inductive reactive power. Figure 6 shows an
Application example.
Calculations for the current flow is passed from the calculation of
Capacitor from. The product of the permittivity and the area above
the length of the secondary plates define the capacity. (C = E * He *
(A / l)). The output current is defined as the product of capacity
and the voltage applied by the charging and discharging time.
(I = (C * U) / t). The internal resistance of the capacitive transformer acts
as a frequency-dependent resistance of the internal resistance of the
Source initiated by the formula Xc = (2 * Π * f * C) - define .
The advantage of the capacitive transformers:
There is no need for a copper exchanger
The power loss is transferred high efficiency.
The internal resistance of the source led change with change of frequency.

The resonant frequency of a capacitive transformer
is calculated as follows. The coil diameter size
1/2 the wavelength which is to be captured.
The Kondensatorplattenabstaende are 1/4 of the wave length
which are to be received. The capacitor plates
and the flat coil windings must reactance in the capacity
and the blind resistance of inductance resonates be switched.
The coil can be wound with bifilar wires, one is the
Sekkundaere winding directly connected to the capacitor of the above it
connected. The primary winding and an audio amplifier
connected a frequency generator. with an AC SWEEP findent you
quickly at the resonant frequency at which the impedance Kurfe becomes very small.
This is a very high Paralellschwinkreis guete. Can also be
one very very steep filter in analog technology of wireless technology
be used. Wired to a primary side of the load,
best is the internal resistance of the load or just the impedance
of Schwinkreises adjusted. The electrostatic field lines are of
the magnetic force of the flat coil is energized. This electrical component
electromechanically is in resonance with the coil winding. My
Idea is not to buy on the market, you have to build it Siebe.

Maxwell equation in practice
Maxwell explained during some years einhunder how an electromagnetic wave behaves.
An electromagnetic wave has four space component. First an electrostatic
Component which acts on an electrostatic force. Secondly, a magnetic force on the
a magnetic type effect. Third, a particle, due to the particle wave
Participating Phaeno the radiation interacts with matter. Fourth, the Quantum Physics
and Informatics component does the information about an unlimited space
Quantenverschraenkt and changed over infinite distances in the same time.

I will address only the first two things. The magnetic wave and the electric wave
are coupled together. They are interlaced with each other, and the electromagnetic wave
is twisted in the running away in space. If you want to represent an electromagnetic wave or
foreseeable do so with a long Fluereszenroehre FL tube, this can be accomplished.
The tube lights in an electrostatic field. Is a 20 cm wave blasted so you can see
as the distance of 20 cm glow Wellennulldurchgaenge in FL tube. The crests of the
electrostatic force are dark. One sees a Interefferenzmuster of dark and light
by 20cm. The magnetic component can be made visible by now the tube
90Â ° rotated away from the antenna beams hold. The sky wave can now
the dark areas of the electromagnetic force shine.

The magnetic component of the electromagnetic wave and elektrostatiche are at 90Â °
Rotated. In space they often move away twisted like a screw.
An antenna or antenna mast has always Abschnuergrenze when not in

Is a component operated at resonance frequency, so there is no Abschnuergrenze. The sky wave remains
included in the assembly. The component is built in the wavelength of the vibration is carried
the resonant frequency of the Ähterenergie therein and may receive Schwinung outside the vibrational
or absorb the electromagnetic fluid. This is wished for a independent power supply.

To capture the electromagnetic wave space needed one and two-component.
An inductive component and a static component. An antenna is generally in the lengthwise
Eletrkostatisch, and the width by electromagnetically. One can imagine that at the two peaks
the antenna a Kondensatordipol is formed and 90 ° to one magnetic dipole.
If it wants to define a plate and coil system, we obtain the image below:

The capacitive transformer which I want to help you understand extended
is shown here. Now the Tesla bifilar pancake coil are wound.
They are responsible for the body waves. A bifilar winding of the flat coil
generated in the secondary coil, a strong counter-induction. The Feldplattenkondensatoen
be connected in parallel to the Laengsspulenwicklungen. This circuitry
should only be done on the secondary side output side. The primary side is
be wired with an audio amplifier and a Pulweitenmodulator. The amplifier
However switched in a small amplitude. The electromechanical components
the electrostatic and electromagnetic force are rotated 90 °. The
The frequency is selected on resonant frequency of the component. The capacity
should be selected by the Plattenabstaenden quarter of Landa Wellenlaenge or HarmonischeMehrfache.
Which are then wrapped in Landa Spulendraehte 1/4 the wavelength.
It can also be a Harmonic multiples thereof. The voltage is applied to the
Electrostatic plates increase in resonance. Which the current is now Integrall the differential of the flow of
Coil. Electromechanical the capacitive transformer is fed back. Can verpoelen
Also a negative feedback and a Damping produced.
The output side is wired to a load, which the internal resistance of the source
equal. Thus one has a power adjustment. The internal resistance is the impedance ...
Ideally, when a voltage source 0 The resonance circuit has a auusgesprochen
good quality and a very good Flankensteilhei
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Post by: sergirafael on January 15, 2013, 07:19:15 PM
This picture is same lonly explain on german
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Post by: Neo-X on January 16, 2013, 04:43:37 AM
Nosebleed...  :'(
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Post by: tinman on January 16, 2013, 10:06:35 AM
Nosebleed...  :'(
Would there be a schematic for the compleete setup?
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Is it possible to make a transformer made up of only capacitor?
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I made a experiment just to confirm my theory but the result was failed.. :(
I was thinking that if i wound a coil in any condutor like spoon then connect it to the ac voltage source, the output voltage in the coil is much higher to the input. But the result the voltage is the same.
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The coil is then wound around the capacitor plates. the coils
Now you can switch parallel with the capacitor plates. the resonance circuit
can be excited by a second coil winding. the zeweipol
can be switched via a diode to a load. Is an important
To obtain threshold not make the whole pathogen energy
Together Torn is.
The capacitive transformer as a resonance circuit
  constructed in a different way. The green and red Alluminiumfolien
are wound about each other. Lying between the is an electrolyte.
It can also be more than just two were superimposed Alluminiumfolie
be wrapped. The green plates verebunden miteineander
and the red plates are interconnected.
The result is a capacity. *

A resonant circuit which can supplement the electric and magnetic alternating field lines can also be constructed as shown in the drawing. The electro-mechanical component of the capacitive voltage to the attraction between the capacitor plates and the drifting apart of the magnetic force of the coil can be the component in response to loud. In resonance, a doubling of voltage to be measured, at Jeem resonance circuit. The change of the magnetic flux gets a change in the electrical field HERFOR, where in the drawing an erroneous idea. I did not take into account that the field lines are shifted 90 ° Spatially.
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I dont really understand what are you trying to point out but if its a transformer with capacitance i think your idea is similar to tesla's pancake bi-pillar coil.
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I dont really understand what are you trying to point out but if its a transformer with capacitance i think your idea is similar to tesla's pancake bi-pillar coil.
He's trying to imply a capacitor in a toroid shape then wound with copper coil, hence doubling the capacitive reaction, with both coil and cap....more power i guess.... ;)

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Post by: sergirafael on January 21, 2013, 09:15:57 AM
Hallo Cracz Cutter i have draw a littel sheet on german, whit explain you the mecanical ov my idee.
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These articles look very interesting, from the parts I could understand. Unfortunately I couldn't understand much although I'm german (and I also visited the german page of with the same forum thread). It'll need some time to getting the text/pictures into context and what this is really about. It'll also take some months before I get to the workbench again, so maybe others are quicker in understanding what you wrote.

What especially caught me here is that some of the theory in here could also resemble the principle of the Testatika. I don't think this is by accident ;)
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Oh great respect of Methernita the spiritual Order of the Christ Church is verry lovly, pleas respect. :'(
I gave you a little explanation on this from the school as an electrician. I have poor English knowledge give me trouble.
Electromagnetic waves in the frequency range of a bandwidth of the spectrum comprising a vibration is energy. Electrostatic energy and electromagnetic energy. Electromagnetic energy contains a frequency Mater osscilate. Electromagnetic energy contains information, a knowledge or a past. The electromagnetic wave is ensnared by a space, it is encased in a time. Electromagnetic particles can heat up a lead they can also cool a conductor. The cooling effect of the end Skinneffektes we learn only at high DC voltage and an electron lovers alloy. The molecular motion of the conductor to be braked, the same direction and thus may be cooled by means of electron accumulation. Electrostatic fields always produce alternating magnetic fields alternate. The fields are coupled to each other and electro-mechanically react these fields. The integral of the electrostatic force is the differential of the magnetic force of an electromagnetic wave. locally, the two forces moved to 1/4 wavelength and the forces are 90 degrees apart Twisted. The electromagnetic wave dancing and shaking in teh space room continued in space, they can bring the air to illuminate and ionize. The wave is always an energy content. Reacts the shaft with matter so formed from the shaft a particle. The space in oneself is the electron particles moving compressed curved by the relativistic effect or stretched. Electrons produce a levitation, this is caused by the curvature of the space. The time to the electron passes slowly stretched them. The space around the electron (as a wave) is upset she is hevy surmountable. The information of the electron can be locally folded independently. This quantum entanglement is purely informational. She has spirit, acts as a reject. The reject, the space and the time stretch elongation. A curvature of space is effected by strong AC magnetic fields, thereby allowing the same particle is twice the same time locally observable. al little error is the way of looking at the optics, we look for another Space skalar and the particle is in the opposite space skalar. The area scaling is done by enrichment of energy which accumulates to a room size, the electron some angstrom. In order to obtain an extension of a transformer is the property of the electromagnetic energy Elekro mechanische understand. The four components of an electromagnetic wave are distinguishable. It consists of a magnetic component, an electric static components, an informative component and a frequency components. The masses is a weight that summarizes the amount of electrons and observe their interaction with the real mass. An electron accumulation or a surplus of electrons often produces a levitation of matter that accumulates on the electron excess. Alloys are allowing an excess of electrons move for levitation too much observance. If, for example one Fehikel aluminum blinds excited with a high voltage cathode ray unit to a surplus of electrons so it gives a lift. The electromagnetic component always has the particle wave phenomenon. An electron with its mass has a different spatial scale due to its motion or kinetic energy of the state. The space is scaled by the electron and stretched, it is logical that it shows a diffraction space and a relativistic effect around the electron as moving mass element. The wave characteristics of electrons is presented because of the curvature of space and the kinetic Elektomagnetic wave propagation in space. The space is curved so is the time which elapses in curved space much more durable than the time to large masses. So the time of out Look perspecives is considered very short for the movement of Electrones, so it's a viewing or viewing matter. The Simple musing that the Electronen osscilates always a scalar is room size with the frequency moves in the matter, so it is logical that these electromagneitc energy always wech donkey acts on a solid physical size that is a crystal, a capacitive and an electromagneitc share and interact. This energy is so pervasive, it is now to change the room as it is now to show that energy to make as it were visible. Curvature of space are reasonably known to gravity in astrophysics. I see a Linare to the Columb charge which is reflected in particle physics. The collectet the electrons is now make a static space curvature. My musing is that the accumulation of many electrons in a material, an alloy on the space now follows curves levitated that this matter, as it were, anti-gravity effect shows. So I can in the world formula or the perception of the strong and the weak stomach tables electric power draw a conclusion. Which consists of magnetic and electromagnetic components electrostatic elements acting against each other for like a maxwell inteagration and a differential tion. This interaction is in the amplitudes always inverted, and behaves coupled. Is now in an element which is assembled from a capacitive and an inductive component, these two elements positively fed, not only the magnetic flux is transferred, it is also to the electrostatic capacitive component Bachten and use its power. If you want even tinker then you wrap up a copper wire around a bipolar capacitor and connect  both these components in a series resonant circuit or a Paralelloscillatecircel. Now you sourcet with an audio amplifier, and an audio function generator in the device resonant frequency. thus observe you now how to maxwell by applying the ac voltage across the coil regardless of the capacitor circuit (even if not connected) to the capacitor plates, a alternate volate and the Bind current alternate be measured. By the polarity of the alternating fields now a positive feedback or a counter-coupling is generated. I see it now is the practical oscillator circuit which taught in electrical engineering by a capacitive positive feedback and by electromechanical coupling effect is. So you can switch paralell or serial LC osscilator in own group.  ???
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this picture explain what is say.
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The speed in a three-phase generator has a frequency which represents a generator also has a natural frequency. To build a super-efficient generator for the Maxwell utilizes the electrical and inductive fields are set instead of the anchor, the Capacitive Transformer. The armature of an alternator is shorted, herewith are the electric fields in the anchor not being used and they are transformed into magnetic eddy currents. To prevent an eddy current will now take an anchor from transformer sheet capacity built as an electrolyte such as Air has. The capacity of the disk sizes and their distances l be switched in response to the coils parallel or in a series resonant circuit. At paralellschwingkreis itself is a very deep Z a very low internal resistance characteristic wherein it is desirable for a voltage source. In a series resonant circuit is very high, and thus the Z is a high given approximate to a power source. Performance adjustment of the load to the internal resistance allows for optimal balance. The speed of the external magnets generates an alternating field in Hz which the resonance frequency of the anchor which is to be replaced Kapazitiventransformer equal. The given circuit must be decoupled via diodes so that the load is not the resonance zusammenreisst complete. A positive feedback or negative feedback to the electric and magnetic field lines generated by the polarities and the running time difference. Of course, the connection of the coil to the capacitor or cut through a switching element and a diode, it is flowing to the imagination of the developer left. Cource with kind permission for reproduction and replication Open
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The electrostatic charge is a charge Potentaildifferent between two surfaces. It can be considered wherein a gradient plate is enriched with electrons and the positively charged ions of opposite polarity. An accumulation of electrons on a plate or surface leads to the electrostatic effect. The electrostatic effect is observed everywhere where friction on surface materials ensteht. The friction energy to synthetic fabrics and Plasiken possible charge the material. Amber is rubbed on a Lamfell ensteht a strong electrostatic force. If a substance Sythetischer e.g. A trainer at a lambskin rubbed so already incur considerable spark discharges. By frictional electricity to produce economically has a material property to be found which has a high flat Oberflächenstrucktur. The material properties and the nature of the friction Nailon allows to generate a high electricity. This high voltage of 50 000 volts which is so loaded, however, has little amount of electrons to a high current flow to be generated. Current flow is defined by the amount of electrons. The electrons flow quantity is important so one can bennenenswerter power. The electrostatic fields to the body can be crucial to feel a wellbeing. If a coach jacket worn beneath a sheepskin jacket, this creates an increased electrostatic charge on the body. This can help if you feel disturbed by electromagnetic pollution. The organism and the organisms respond positively to electron accumulation by electrostatics. To walk barefoot is one way to earth. It is also possible in the shoe sole Piezzolautsprecher or below the drive chuck to generate do when running sufficient electrostatic force. The organism communicates via electrostatic lighting effects and the cell structures in the body are Infromiert about weak fields of 20 mV as a collective over the smallest electrostatic fields on their function.

Electrostatic fields Fairs

Electrostatic fields can be measured. A component is the variable capacitor what in old radios used is, the exposed plates can be schlosen to an instrumentation amplifier, and thus there is at the output of instrumentation amplifier an analogue voltage swing when the capacitors Plate is glegt into an electrostatic alternating field.
The songs bottle with gold foil in the middle is also a possibility to measure electrostatic fields. There do different measurement methods to measure electrostatic Fleder. It always requires a reaction that appears. An effect caused by a change in the direction of the force field lines. A very simple and old method of measurement is called a spring Flausel Indeanerfeder track down the fields. The Indeanerfeder anähernd a tree trunk hit by the electrostatic field in such a way at the top of Flauseln move downward. So the Flauseln do in Electrostatic Field move. The tree gives the tree its electricity Spirit's character and property. This is not respected today and this also needs to Respect when infested with the polluters which radio technicians build the environment. The tree electricity is generated when the water flows into the capillaries which act by friction and the energy Kapilareffekt. Since a tree is rooted deep, he has a very good grounding and a radio technician I know that tree death and dying forests is always associated in connection with broadcasting. Radio technologies disturb the natural electrostatic field of living things by the information in the body or in the upper layers of the hypodermis is gestörrt or Modified. The Flugrute a bee is the bee electrostatically erspürrt a bird also has a magnetic sense of direction. When the bee can not find the information for the flight back to the sensors they got lost and died unfortunately. Electrostatic fields are also given along the body, they are very weak, but also very important. Astrahl the body of people is partly electrostatic and he is a part of the consciousness of living beings. This is exposed wikürlich allenmöglichen radio signals and can sicken people in an unnatural way.
Mensché who wrote about Levitation in old books from the year 1970 (flea market and Brockaden was thanks!) Declared their ability to Levitate because of the spirit which envelops them. In the branch of metaphysics people are in your development may hopefully gain experience. Static electricity can be very full of energy and are always charged capacitors between sheets. The potential difference is always a lot of electrons.

Generate electrostatic levitation

If a vehicle has a higher amount of electrons is accumulated as the Earth has thus results one floating effect or levitation. Technorama in a public demonstration is very funny, if a child is at Langhariges plastic pedestal and touches one electrostatic charge sphere. The hair standing berege einwenig shows the levitation by the hair. Levitation is a special kind of Elektrostatika, levitation occurs weill the quantity of electrons is higher than the amount of electrons of the earth. Levitation is one of the things mitdem hopefully in the future, the space can be revolutionized. Levitation caused by the change of the electron accumulation Raumskalar through to a surface. Said Raumskalar is amended to remove an electron, of course. The time and the included Raumskalar sensation can be varied by a high Elektrostatika. The Raumskalargrösse thing is a consideration and objectivity is to illustrate the Raumskalar from the viewpoint of a Elektrones one other than objectivity which we humans have. The Raumskalra in contemplation, from an electron from being stretched endlessly. The reason it long lives for us viewers.

Curvature of space and spatial expansion of electrons

An electron has a function room extension. Strain produces antigravity space and an inverse change of the time, the information being coupled to the Maxwell Quantenüphysikalisch by magnetism. The string or Satieneffekt is by stretching the Raumskalar one spit effect chamber elongation and the change of the information on an electron, the second coupled to local electron reach immediately. The dimensioning of the information is a step higher than the dimensions of time. I explain the gap effect and thus that Interefferenz particles wave phenomenon is a change in connection Raumskalargrösse stehtend. By interagierung with the matter wave is gebremmst strong. The space around the particle (electron or photon) is suddenly changed. The oscillation is a Raumskalargrösse with gehdehntem space, the rest is a particle Raumskalargrösse, scrunched space. That the space is changed by braking or beschläunigung the electron. Einstiens formulation describes it, because I want to hold on to. The Raumskalaränderung creates a strong energy, the zero point energy research in which. {Space and time (a Commercial magazine) Issue 10 2011} there is angeknüft and the information could be found for me in the Journal A Raumskalaränderung is a change in the space by the decelerating expansion of the electron. The braking of the EM wave in femtosecond generates a complex, wherein the space of strain suddenly comes into an upsetting. The space compression produced depending on the energy and mass of the electron radiation. The abrupt change of the space around the electron can also cause an effect that two of the same particles exist in the same place for us viewers, anyway. There is the space curvature, a lens effect ÖFT if one sees the satellite photos are taken about half of magnetic Amomalien. An electron can Raudehnundgsfunktion basis of which it itself auslösst gringe by its mass and the high kinetic Energiepotental produce on the matter levitation. Levitation caused the more electron is present on a Masser as matter. The Skinneffekt is overcome. The Skinneffekt of high voltage can be exploited to the property, and the weight of material to change. Electrons which are thus rectified and can not Wedendorf discharged by a current or a potential Different thus also cool a body. The material as the temperature is reduced by vibration. The heating of matter by electromagnetic turbulence in microwaves is known, burns around the ear by heating can be observed. Interestingly, the cooling is by electron accumulation as it is to be found in the Peltier element. The Peltier element is an array of transitions PN, by the current flow, the one side and cools the heat removed by these electrons jeodch enrichment of the N substrates.
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The weak gravitational force increases it by the accumulation of masses, however, are large masses encounter like planets also from each other. The Raumkruemung which is caused by the gravitational mass on approach of two major mass pile a negative attraction erzuegt because the space constant is gekruemt. The space can be stretched and compressed. Saklar space is stretched when there is a very small mass, for example, an electron. A room can be upset when a large mass is present, for example, a black hole. Electrostatic force is defined as a strong force. Electrostatic levitation force produced one Schwebeffekt. Electron accumulation of metal alloy levitates the metal. An electron has a single particle with its mass and its Beschlaeunigung a functional space in which to bend Permits near the room at the electron well. This collection of electrons generated by Raumkruemmung levitation. We only look from one to the other Raumskalargroesse electron, therefore, I see now the electron as a wave motion, however, the particles which bends space as such. The curvature of space success by strong magnetic force, thus there is a bulge on my studies, we have a book of my ancient physics Raumwoelbung generated thereby. This is a lens effect, therefore, the danger is there, now that an electron in two places at the same time as the particle exists. The information which the electron is in itself bears therefore no longer koheraent with the reality that Schwinung was destroyed by the magnetic space injury but is it possible the same electron at the same time can be observed more times. The spatial distortion caused by masses is a complex, which represents the time, as such, in the information. Quantum entanglement is a phenomenon of the information where the space is stretched around the electron, thus the time for the transmission of information in quantum entanglement vekürzt. So high distance, a Quantum Entangled electron pair dual react simultaneously. The information is considered to be a constant when the space moves scalar. A spatial displacement is generated at about the electron velocity and the frequency. I think that an electron with its small mass with the increase of the speed of the space IMENS expands into itself, it wessewegen much longer lives and it also acts as an extreme energy Frequentiale vibration. The properties of space-time compression and expansion now makes the electron is extremely long life, at least for us observers. The bulk density and time course is inversely proportional. If the electron now interacts with an elementary or atomic union Valenzelektronverschiebung Sun radiate from a force. A radiation into light, Roentgen or Gammastralung arises when this Valenzbandwechsel is strong. Here, the space or the Raumsakalargrösse is changed abruptly. By beschleundigung braking and high speeds of the space around the electron with the fact-comprising energy is changed rapidly. A change means that the energy acts. The given quantities of radiation is defined by the speed or even in the course of scalars braking space. The space of one to the other is a few Valenzelektronenzustand angstrom, so now the electron acceleration or velocity times frequency prevail how many photons are emitted by the elementary. The uniting of elktrostatischen force and the radiation is thus dependent through the material spacing in Angstrom and the valence electrons. Radioactivity is reduced by Fuleren 90, dolomite and quartz crystal. The solid state physical properties of the crystals by allowing enrichment of electron beams leave. This may be light, X-rays or gamma rays. Depending on the amount of electron (electron current) Freuqenz and acceleration or Abbremsungsgeschwindigkeit. The radioactive radiation or light, and can also be converted into a reabsobiert potential difference gap voltage. The solid state physics with the lattice spacing of crystals and their Eigenschwinungung (temperature dependent) allow the interaction of electrostatic coloumbkraft and understanding of radioactivity. High electrostatic force enables to change the time constant, a high electrostatic force enables to REDUCE the Zervallszeit or extend the higher the frequency of the Electrostatic potentials is the faster the time measured. The molar rate of matter is represented by the light beams in Planck color than temperature. The frequency in Hertz is liniear convert it. The Skinneffekt of matter in white heat means that even Hot Iron in white heat has a similar Skinneffekt as high voltage, it might even be touched by hand. Skinneffekt of the high voltage has a very cooling and temperature-lowering property. The electron accumulation in the molecular structure can be the frequency, and thus reduce the temperature oscillation. Thus can cool off Electrostatically. The duality of the temperature with the frequency is important schwinung the Molecular to measure the heart, thereby Electromagnetically the material may be so excited that it will be easier and more energy efficient reabsobiert from an acid leach Elementary. Skinneffekt of the high voltage can be applied to water, thus can be a hard hydrogen build in the surface tension of water is so high that it is mechanically stable.
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Nice to see someone finally getting the concept, good luck with your devices.

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The cylindrical coil and the cylindrical capacitor, the electric magnetic wave can be used in a device as a standing wave of a resonance circuit in koheränt serial switch again. The length of the solenoid must be 1/8, and the length of the cylinder Landa capacitor must be 1/8 Landa. By Maxwell the electric field in the capacitor and the magnetic field in the coil in the amplitude level is enhanced. The two components are wound onto a Ferit or magnetic tubes.
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a stupid video of narow manufacture and devloped 200kHz resonance coil on HP Tonercartuche mangetic tubes

to first run use handsperds
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Where is Stefan when he is really needed?
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so yep sorry my terrible english i write
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Production of long coils and capacitive transformer

Magnetizable ferrite in the length of 30 cm and a diameter of 1 cm are to pull it aufzu a copper wire . The ferrite contained in old Tonercartouchen are cheap and geeiegnet from Mass. .

The ferrite rod is can a Doppelkleband ( Teppichkleband ) umwicklet , then the copper wire are wound. For this, the ferrite rod is clamped into a battery drilling machine . Low speed of the copper wire can be manually raised . For this purpose, the winder should wear gloves to avoid sore .

Thus, several layers of enamelled copper wire wound over each other on a rod to make a long coil.

The capacitor and the coil in a . Between the coil layers Alluminiumfolien can be wound alternately. Household foil is suitable for it. Between each one Alluminiumfolie a plastic film must be wound mandatory. The thickness of the plastic film decides on the Durchrlschlagsfestigkeit . The thicker this plastic film the higher the Spannug be held between the plates Aluminium . An electrolytic paper with acetic acid can be decisive for the choice and increase the capacity.

The resonant frequency for a 1 mm ² copper wire on a 30cm long ferrite coil is around 200 kHz + / - 5kHz tolerance . This is nachzuvolziehen experimentally. For this purpose, an audio amplifier without treble band filter is fed by a frequency generator. The audio amplifier is to switch to one of the four windings. The amplitude should be kept as small as possible since high voltage is produced at the resonant frequency . A Osszilloskop then the amplitude at the resonant frequency to 200 kHz is a factor 2 to 5 times as large as in the remaining frequency range.

The capacitor plates should be wrapped lying parallel to the coils can be switched to that frequency . To this end, this capacitor must be precisely calculated at the resonant frequency formula .

If the long wire coil in series with the capacitors plates obtained a good voltage source with low internal resistance , you can switch this Paralell one obtains a power source.

Due to wind up a primary coil with fewer turns the Sekunär coil can now be controlled . This winding is best to switch in the middle of words between the secondary windings.

The suppressor circuit of a long- transformer

A longitudinal transformer must be operated in the resonance frequency. A switching power supply is very well suited to the primary coil to control . The resistance of the primary coil has to be not less than the resistance of the primary coil of the switching power supply. It now removes from the switching power supply transformer .

The primary coil is then soldered in place of the primary winding of the switched mode power supply between the drain of the transistor and the GND power resistor . The optocoupler can most easily be switched by a 200 mV germanium diode. The power supply should now tackten . The voltage at the long coil comes from 200kHz to high voltage.
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s the change of these two variables as a coupled alternating field or uncoupled waves as electromagnetic radio waves and even body waves in scalar quantities referring.

Within the 1913 reconstructed works by Maxwell was eingentlich a coil condenser (as I accidentally as a capacitive transformer) drawn and described. Commercially available high-performance coils, the wires flat and not wrapped around, so this is a capacity within the element is formed. The higher the power density and the smaller the footprint have these two elements to be considered when changing fields of electromagnetic components higher.

To built a flexible Ferrite core

As patterns in the picture Green a 4.7 micro farad capacitor which was subsequently ensnared with 45 turns of enamelled copper wire.

 Now an inductive alternating field in resonance frequency and a capacitive alternating field is within the Bauteis now switched the power density is improved as a choke or storage capacity by a factor of .5, within positive feedback improves innerhlab laboratory setups this factor.

How do self made a flexible long coil.

When the wave maxima of the alternating electric field enters into effect at the point of Wellenminium of tromagnetic alternating field, the coil would have to wound only at the ends of the capacitor.

Thus, the motor is so rotated by the effect of the electric field in the torque, but it is interesting that this was caused by a coil, so only Cosiunu Phi 1 was utilized.

Toroide whit a flexible mecanicel Tesla Coil

To simply the low-voltage range for measuring used is 63 volts AC drives so that coil-wound quartz crystal, the superjacent capacitor Platen which were wound around the spool start in very low frequency of 5200 to fall in love with the effect in voltage. This, however, only within the resonant frequency. The plates are not connected to the AC voltage, the poles are open. Image construction from 2010 onwards.

Kondensators Foil wired on a Coper coil

Now the capacitor plate in series with the coil or Parallel with the coil can be driven, instead of the quartz-crystal ferrite, allows an extremely strong electrostatic field from the induction to generate. After Maxwell 2. conservation law gives an energy density which is greater than with conventional devices, which was also described mathematically measured technically and scientifically already 1929th.

What is important here not to use capacitors which have a Alluminiumcase but Tandalkondensatoren which possess a high dielectric strength. The coil is wound on the Tandalkondensator, the coil capacitor is very suitable for an integral differential PID controller element, or for the final stage of Klass D amplifier unit, or for a very good resonance transformer. Next added a flat coil by 150 heart resonates goes.