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just looking through some other forums and came across this

thought it was worth a look

anybody any ideas how long a battery and motor like this should last without the magnet/quartz?

wow, i will have to try this!

I've tried the same experiment, but got no usefull results.
I used too a CD player DC motor. Spins with a 4.5v salin battery.
I glued a Neodymium magnet (measured 1192 Gauss on surface) one pole by face, and a bi-terminated quartz on it (same size as on the picture).

The most difficult was to align the magnet and the quartz, so it doesn't vibrate too much when spining, and doesn't eject the quartz from the motor.

I measured 4.24V on the battery before starting the experience.
Started to spin the stuff. After 20mn, it began to spin more slowly, and gradually were more and more slowly. I stopped the experiment, and measured the battery : 3.68V => unsuccessfull
I did the same experiment inversing polarities to make it spin counterclockwise. Same results.

Did someone else succeed, or ran tests ?


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