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Author Topic: without board faces  (Read 2793 times)

Offline cherry6

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without board faces
« on: October 25, 2012, 05:04:40 AM »
Fortunately, Nfl jerseys wholesale,Anna is a bit of a pain because of the foot, so I am a bit distracted and did not notice - they emptied.
Side of the stool and sat down, leaning Anna Li Yi agreed to wait for Anna, Anna hit the books to pick up the right foot.
Took off his of Anna right foot wear bright silver high heels, see the book hit, obvious red one place, Li Yi distressed Speaking of "I'm sorry, I just want to say hello to you, are you okay?"
Second before Xipixiaolian see their injuries are so serious grief. Anna Li Yi also a bit not sure what character.
"I'm fine, put me down." With weak red blush Anna said.
Hear Anna speak, Li Yi discovered that own this time holding on Anna's tiny feet.
But Li Yi did not let go of the meaning, but "tough" Speaking of "first do not move.
Then Li Yi squat on the opposite Anna, do not know where to work out an ointment, Anna put her leg on his thigh, injured daub never out of touch ointments that do not know, start light light massage to Anna.
Clutching their feet stroked by a man, Anna is absolutely unique. Thought scold Li Yi, He let go of their own, but Li Yi for their own treatment, Anna time could not find any grounds for objection.
Li Yi rapt look and see, Anna briefest absence.
"Your feet long and looks beautiful." Li Yi grinning word broke Anna have just portrayed in my mind a better picture.
"Well," do not know the gas what Anna turned her head to the side.
Invade the body, Cheap Elite jerseys,feeling the affected area have one cool feeling Anna felt very comfortable injured in the first place, that the affected area of congestion, Li Yi rubbing scattered.
A few minutes later, Li Yi stop the movement of the hands, gently put down Anna's feet, and gentle help Anna shoes to wear.
Hungry? "
Ask yourself hungry, Anna instinctively nodded heard Li Yi.
"Then, I ask you to dinner." Li Yi smiling Speaking when your feet hurt you apologize. "
Wanted to reject Anna. Do not know how he is Li Yi pulled upscale French restaurant, and she also obedient location of their favorite food.
I would say, Cheap nfl jerseys,with Germany's young men and women to eat, ah, very special.
"Fortunately, the taste of the foie gras Well, I have to eat to." Anna is the case expect.
Li Yi is a scourge ah, you see, directly to the Anna girl scared into eating goods.
After dinner, walked 2 people toward Li Yi parking place.
The rice eat together, Anna Li Yi took her home would be impossible not to, right?
"Anna, you today how would go to the library?" Li Yi, this problem is really a little curious, so see now a good atmosphere, and asked out.
"Why should I tell you?" Anna first stay for, and then the hard answer.
Smiled gently, Authentic nfl jerseys,Li Yi and do not care, that is, and now he and Anna have not come to that, people really did not need to tell Anna Li Yi, she was going to do every day. Even went that step, say say, this have to see people feel, because there are things called - privacy.
"That, to accompany me to play with me?"
Li Yi suddenly to such a one, Anna stopped under footsteps.
Turned, staring at Li Yi, to determine the other is not a joke, this hips and asked, "Why do I want to accompany you to play?"
"Because you look very boring ah!" Body gently reach, the Li Yi nose was almost touching the nose to Anna, nhl jerseys china,Li Yi this gently said, "to see me, Do you not happy what ? without board faces? "
"You are not always so confident?" Take a step back a little, Anna asked.

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without board faces
« on: October 25, 2012, 05:04:40 AM »