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Electrolysis separation cell for pure Hydrogen production with high pressure


I was just wondering how you can possibly build an electrolysis separation cell , where you can easily with a hand pump or electric compressor
can compress only pure hydrogen gas, to about maybe 5-10 bar ( to about 100 to 200 PSI) and either store it in old tractor or truck rubber tire tubes or even in empty propane tanks.

Have a look at the tdrawing of Hoffmann's Wasserzersetzer,
e.g. here:


As you can see there the gases are created equal ... separately

The only downside is that the electrodes are quite far apart and therefore quite a few
electric heat losses at the long water-resistance arise ...

But you can also bring the electrodes closer and then just below the plates make a hole
so that the current can flow through these holes.

But now comes the idea:

Have a look at the water reservoir tank in the middle of the picture there.

It is open at the top so it has only the air pressure ...

But what if we get stuck in here with a hydraulic press and a stamp, so to speak
press down on the water?

Then exactly the hydrogen gas and the oxygen gas can be compressed!

This is Exactly what we want !

We have therefore achieved by a simple compression of the water compresssion of the gasses.

Moreover, the compression could be done very far from the gas tank away, so that if by any
technical malfunction of the compression , it can not come to any ignition of the hydrogen gas ...!

The compression may be done a few meters away made via a water hose by purely simply pressing from the outside the water with a small lever, hand pump or an electric pump.

One should succeed in the hydrogen gas to get at least 10 bar  pressure, and thus to be stored in tubes or Propanegasbottle....

Enough for me to store enough hydrogen gas during the day via the production of solar cells in order to ensure enough hydrogen gas for the night, for cooking and heating ...

The next day, one can again generate new hydrogen gas during the day light from the solar cells ....

So I just need enough storage for  1 or 2 nights ... so I don´t need extreme pressure ...
just only 5 to 10 bars which will be easy to do with the water hydraulic pressure system !

What do you think?

Greetings, Stefan....

The Boss:
Do you already have a cell that separates the oxygen/hydrogen gasses?

Please be careful Stefan...


Hydrogen LFL = 4%

Hydrogen UFL = 75%

If your cell produces gases within the flammability range then compressing the gases for storage is a dangerous idea. How will you measure the gas content accurately ? What safety circuit will automatically shut HHO production off and dump the stored gas contents to atmosphere should the gas content stray into the flammability range ?

A deflagration to detonation event would be bad news in the quantities of storage you are talking about, even if you use a rubber diaphragm so no fragmentation of metals or plastics occurs, the resultant shockwave would probably be enough to burst your ear drums and cause internal damage to your body organs.

Until the cell is proven to separate the H and O effectively and reliably I would be hesitant to start pressurised storage of the gases, for the above reasons.



Rob  :)

Hi All,
here is the design principle of the new pressureized split cell I came up with:


Please let me know, what you think.

Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.


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