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Author Topic: Re-Inventing The Wheel-Part1-Clemente_Figuera-THE INFINITE ENERGY MACHINE  (Read 2058446 times)

Offline marathonman

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Re: Re-Inventing The Wheel-Part1-Clemente_Figuera-THE INFINITE ENERGY MACHINE
« Reply #4005 on: August 20, 2016, 04:04:09 PM »
I request that people please stop posting book long post of giberish. please read the patent. i repeat, PLEASE read the all patents before you post half a page of nonsense.
the Rswami device is not Figuera device period, it's a transformer, and as such i request you move off this thread as it does not pertain to the Figuera device at all. please move off this thread and get your own thread as you are disrupting the very fabric of this thread.

Offline lancaIV

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Re: Re-Inventing The Wheel-Part1-Clemente_Figuera-THE INFINITE ENERGY MACHINE
« Reply #4006 on: August 20, 2016, 04:58:28 PM »
Dear Ramaswami,why are you so aggressive ? :-\
My first given example was an inventor device from India,too:

It looks really simple
( comparing with this not more years less younger concept of an optimal efficiency machine )

I am -your findings and your person related- neither your enemy nor your friend ! ???

The Figuera device is one idea,magnetic force amplification to convert this in a work process to electric power another
and finally also your -"earth (battery)cell"effect similar- findings.

If it is simple : Bravo ! If it uses no/rare material comsumption: better !
                                   If it is economical : HEUREKA ! 

here an experimeter store:
 with free e-bay plans:
 Earth Battery , your point recitating
"The result has been explained here after several months by a Chemistry Professor that we have caused an electrochemical reaction in the Earth points by the high voltage differences and that is the reason for the higher output. The Professor guaranteed that the same result will not come again after a few days as the electrodes in the Earth point would have got oxidized and corroded and output would be less. He turned out to be correct."     related.

But using copper wire ,not iron wire ::)

I have no problem with simple results.

Do you know this "water-egg/granate" concept,not consuming the device,
only refillable water+coal powder as fuel :

but doing the math:
 Un exemple : il est avéré qu'un minuscule  récipient cubique de   o-  3o (le côté, d'un  poils moyen de 15   kilogs,  en pleine   charge, contient 55o éléments complets dont voici la  puissance électromotrice Tension : 66o volts.   

    Intensité : 1,5 ampères pour une. Résistance intérieure : de   44o  ohms.  force qui ne se dégradant que de   i  !à volts par  heure, laisse une   marge  de  force utile  lar gement   suffisante  pour entraîner un moteur  de   1o  HP à   15oo tours, durant 3o heures  au minimum,  force à   peu  près gratuite et renouvelable à  tout instant par une simple   réimbibition  des  sachets de charbon (opérable en quelques mi  nutes).   

660 V x 1,5 A =  990 VA                  x 30 hours/heures(au minimum ::) )      = 55 "water-eggs" á 12V
10 hp motor ~ 7450 W(VA) motor  x 30 hours   = much power        :o full load ?

                                      carbon + zinc + water : with no emission

                                   (990VA x 30 hours)/15 Kg 1928 publicated :
                actually 2016 a recycleable battery available with that power storage ?
                   only as       carbon  +           water :     hydrocarbon fuel cell

without doubt: it is written !
with      doubt: it is as working ?

Offline forest

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Offline lancaIV

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Re: Re-Inventing The Wheel-Part1-Clemente_Figuera-THE INFINITE ENERGY MACHINE
« Reply #4008 on: August 20, 2016, 05:23:53 PM »
forest,yeah,but the water(hydrogen/oxygen=radical) does the catalytic effect !
Your example: not water,but sulphur ! probably + ambiental oxygen (air and rain/fog water)

from the US160152 description: primary -without insulation

North/south orientation is known by Bioculture or !
Stupid humoric question ,related this "rexresearch article" sentence
Under the influence of the electrical current, the numerical proportions between ( hemp) power plants of different sexes :

is your generated electricity male :P or female  :-* ? Transgender :o


Offline NRamaswami

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Re: Re-Inventing The Wheel-Part1-Clemente_Figuera-THE INFINITE ENERGY MACHINE
« Reply #4009 on: August 20, 2016, 06:34:28 PM »

Sir I apologise if you found my language to be aggressive. I do not understand the French or Spanish in your posts.

The way Earth points are made here is simple.

One iron pipe of 2 inches wide and 8 feet length is inserted into an Earth pit filled with charcoal and water and salt ie sodium chloride. A copper wire is connected to this Iron pipe. That is all.

Copper plates are easily oxidised and wasted than steel. The good materials are non mgnetic and non corrosivec steel or Titanium. Submarine grade material.

I have not studied much about these concepts. I share what I did and what I found.

Chris Stykes the other day mentioned that when core is saturated the wires wiund on the core will behave only like resistors and there no phase or frequency difference. In 2013 we did not know any thing. But later on another friend advised us that the safe limit is 1.2 Tesla and 12 amps is the safe limit for current in 4 sq mm wure when it is coiled. When we followed these safety limits we could not cross cop=1 itself.

I used very cheap material.soft iron rods hammered in to plastic tubes made the core. And we used first copper and then aluminium insulated wires. Soil content can change the results as are the materials used for the core. But we can prepare the soil.

I think since we had an air core plus iron core we could go to high Tesla ranges and still it was safe for us to get results. Normal solid cores would have resulted in so much of heat that wures would have burned away. I have several copper wures that have got the color of copper changed to slightly black. I think it is due to excessive heating due to high saturation.

In all honesty I did not know why and how those results came. I am trying to understand.

Patrick has warned me not to try to do any self runner as the system will then try to take energy from the atmosphere and it results in lightening strikes and lightening prefers living beings than metals to strike. So I have avoided doing these things.

I have zero knowledge in other things. The professors here would have dismissed the statements and observations except for the fact that I handle their patents and they know me to be honest and trustworthy. This is how they looked at 
the Earth point possibility. We need to use non corrosive material for Earth. Copper would easily be oxidized and it is more expensive and will  easily stop the desired work.

I lack specific knowledge on this subject.

The Earth points have to be kept wet for results to come.

We did a lot of things wrong and today I can say if you follow safety norms we will not get results we got. There is also the possibility that iron rods in the core oscillated increasing frequency. But I do not know these things.

You can look deeply at the Figuera device and see if any component is missing or if the patent could have been edited. We found two anomolies.

The 1902 patent says that induced must be placed between opposite poles. We found that it is identical poles that give best results.

In 1908 patent it says the two magnets must have alternately higher and Lower magnetic field strength. We observed that both the primaries must be of equal or nearly equal strength to get best results. Since we used AC the oscillation is there always.

Please do not trust patents. They can be used only as guiding materials. They are wriiten to hide real facts.

I do not understand any language other than English and Tamil and if my writing style is found to be aggreesive I apologise again.



Offline lancaIV

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Re: Re-Inventing The Wheel-Part1-Clemente_Figuera-THE INFINITE ENERGY MACHINE
« Reply #4010 on: August 20, 2016, 10:52:45 PM »
step-by-step lecture research:
at first the articles about the invention,later the original spanish publications
So says Mr. Figueras, who is consistent with his scientific creed, has based his significant invention on harnessing the vibrations of the ether, building a device, that he names as Generator Figueras, with the power required to run a motor, as well as powering itself, developing a force of twenty horse power. Should be noted that the produced energy can be applied to all kinds of industries and its cost is zero, because nothing is spent to obtain it. All parts have been built separately in various workshops under the management of the inventor, who has shown the generator running in his home in the city of Las Palmas.

What has been the electrical output from the Figuera device ? Input 100 VA, 100V and 1 Ampére ! Output 300 Ampére and ? Volt ?

"It is stated in the original communication that Prof. Figueras '' has constructed a rough apparatus by which he obtains a current of 550Volts"
Measured or estimated- based by the motor nominal VA input and lightning consume ?

In my post before I showed you the written numbers from the french inventor Meredieu:
660V and 1,5A as source for a 10 hp motor
AC or DC ?

my result about the first listed 30375 patent :
a variable force -switchable-electromagnet as solution explained

In summary: in the machine that it is requested to have a privilege, the excitatory magnets are constructed as those in the current machines, and in the number, size and desired arrangement. The core consists of a group of as many electromagnets as those of the excitatory side, and the wires in the excitatory electromagnets and core electromagnets disposed in series or parallel or as required for the excitatory current, whose aim is to convert them in powerful magnets and to create the magnetic fields which are formed between the poles of each excitatory electromagnet and its corresponding electromagnet in the core. Both, exciter electromagnets as those in the core, which are also exciters, are terminated by expansions of iron or steel, placing face to face these expansions and disposing them in such a way that in front of a pole of a name there is placed a pole of opposite name. The core is composed of motionless electromagnets around shaft, and nor those magnets neither the exciter ones rotate. The induced circuit formed by wires coiled in a drum type configuration rotates around its axis, inside the magnetic fields, accompanied by a collector and a pulley, so that any motor may put them into movement.

=  Mukherjee
"Electric generator without external mechanical energy source - uses conventional generator and electric unit carrying field magnets and armature"     working principle:

    unifying Figueras splitted only electro-magnets using -two parts-concept
    part II :

But, as the distribution and establishment of magnetic fields is always the same and independent of the rotation, the undersigned inventors have thought that it is not needed to move the core for the induced coils to cut the existing lines of force between the pole faces of the exciter electromagnets and the core, producing this way the induction, and it is enough that the induced circuit will be separated by a very tiny distance from this core, only rotating the induced coil, for which, it is not required a great strength since, with copper being diamagnetic, simply it is sufficient with the necessary effort to overcome the air resistance, friction of brushes, and higher or lower attraction from currents to currents, effort which is easily obtained using a suitable electric motor driven by an independent current, or by a part of the total current given by the machine. This procedure allows to obtain currents remarkably identical to those existing today in dynamos, but without using driving force which is today used and wasted away, almost entirely, in rotating the soft iron core.
The Figuera device has physical rotating parts and a motor makes part  !

The current dynamos, come from groups of Clarke machines, and our generator recalls, in its fundamental principle, the Ruhmkorff induction coil.
 In that -Clarke- machine the induction machine is created by movement of the induced circuit:
 in the generator, induction occurs because of the intermittences of the current which magnetize the electromagnets, and in order to achieve these intermittences or changes in sign, only is required a very small quantity or almost negligible force, we, with our generator, produce the same effects of current dynamos without using any driving force at all.

In the arrangement of the excitatory magnets and the induced, our generator has some analogy with dynamos, but completely differs from them in that, not requiring the use of motive power, is not a transforming apparatus.
As much as we take, as a starting point, the fundamental principle that supports the construction of the Ruhmkorff induction coil, our generator is not a cluster of these coils which differs completely.

 It has the advantage that the soft iron core can be constructed with complete indifference of the induced circuit, allowing the core to be a real group of electromagnets, like the exciters, and covered with a proper wire in order that these electromagnets may develop the biggest attractive force possible, without worrying at all about the conditions that the induced wire must have for the voltage and amperage that is desired. In the winding of this induced wire, within the magnetic fields, are followed the requirements and practices known today in the construction of dynamos, and we refrain from going into further detail, believing it unnecessary.

Enough for today


Offline guest1289

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    • The download link for the document containing my 'Inventions and Designs'
Re: Re-Inventing The Wheel-Part1-Clemente_Figuera-THE INFINITE ENERGY MACHINE
« Reply #4011 on: August 21, 2016, 02:12:41 AM »
How many have actually kicked back in your favorite chair, or sofa, with a nice adult beverage, possibly chilled, and contemplated what Lenz was suggesting?  It's not a bad idea, contemplating that which he suggests through his penned observation.  Laws are made by men to govern men!  Lenz did not pen a law, he placed his thoughts on paper, and shared those thoughts with like minded men of his time.  Influential men in his time, with vested interest in the future shaped the future using ideas presented to them by insightful individuals.   They decide which ideas would become the ideas which all men would structure their lives around.  Place yourself in the position of the man who made the observation, respect the position of those few who comprehended its ability to bind the ignorant together.

When Lenz's observation is truly comprehended, we observe that the way forward is as simple as creating a beat, those among you who can will comprehended what has just been given.  Lenz is not holding any of us back, ignorance, and its cousin arrogance is. 

     Maybe you could start a thread proving why Lenz's-Law is incorrect,  but hopefully also explaining it in terms that people like me can understand,  since I only understand the basics of why a magnet falling down a copper pipe,   falls slower than outside of the pipe,  or why the magnet will float when moving across a sheet of copper,  eddies,  and that they claim that a transformer can only function by using moving-magnetic-fields.

       Think up a Test or Device,  that will really Amplify  the error( errors ) in Lenz's-Law

    You'd think you could present your proof to  MIT university,  due to the following :

    I am starting to wonder if proof why Lenz's-Law may be incorrect,  could be the  imaging-research( electron-microscope research ) which shows that the magnetic-field( consists of ) forms tiny vortices emanating from the surface( Magnetic Tubes of Force ),  WHICH DIRECTLY LEADS ME TO MY QUESTION :

    NOTE : Think of my question as a generator, not a motor

     My Only Question Is :
      -  If you have a  'Free-Spinning-Disc-Magnet' on a shaft,  and then you bring a  'Straight-Wire-Carrying-Non-Pulsed-DC-Current'  near( but not touching ) to one-half of the 'Disc-Magnet'( OR, to the surface of the outer-edge of the 'Disc-Magnet' ),  WILL IT CAUSE THE 'DISC-MAGNET' TO SPIN  ?

       (  OR,  would this generate any electricity ? )

    The diagram-below shows my question,  the large-circle is the Disc-Magnet,  and the wire is labelled X.

Offline Cadman

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Re: Re-Inventing The Wheel-Part1-Clemente_Figuera-THE INFINITE ENERGY MACHINE
« Reply #4012 on: August 21, 2016, 02:43:14 AM »
step-by-step lecture research:



The Figuera device has physical rotating parts and a motor makes part  !

induction occurs because of the intermittences of the current which magnetize the electromagnets, and in order to achieve these intermittences or changes in sign, only is required a very small quantity or almost negligible force, we, with our generator, produce the same effects of current dynamos without using any driving force at all.

Enough for today


I am only posting this because I believe you to be sincere and open minded. Please note the evolution of these first patents. The next patent 44267 is the first patent with the infamous 'part G' and the claim of self running. It is a completely new and different machine evolved from the previous versions. Part G coupled with the resistance is what indicates DC exciting current. The proponents of the N-N and S-S polarity arrangement, myself included, have adopted that view through testing and the lack of specific mention of AC current (as is in common use today) in this and later patents.

It is critical not to mix the properties of these first patents with the later versions.


Offline lancaIV

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« Last Edit: August 21, 2016, 01:24:16 PM by lancaIV »

Offline forest

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Re: Re-Inventing The Wheel-Part1-Clemente_Figuera-THE INFINITE ENERGY MACHINE
« Reply #4014 on: August 21, 2016, 12:07:26 PM »
Between the later patent publications read ,especially marathonman and 100% Figuera device related  and in original language :

1.problem: translation/transduction from a uncommon/foreign language (also today a great problem: automatic translater comparision)
clearly only one view from the object and trial by prototyping

How many comments ? How many followers ? net-wide ?

second youtube-experimenter:

Thank You. That is useful comment ! I think it would work if he place output coils at 90 degrees on the central core part. Like he experimented here  I hope someone translate those videos

Offline lancaIV

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Re: Re-Inventing The Wheel-Part1-Clemente_Figuera-THE INFINITE ENERGY MACHINE
« Reply #4015 on: August 21, 2016, 01:49:23 PM »
The principle where is based this theory, carries the unavoidable need for the movement of the induced circuit or the inductor circuit, and therefore these machines are taken as transformer of mechanical work into electricity.
"transformer" has been for Buforn/Figuera the used expression for "Converter" and not the today
common used meaning to differ between rotatoric motor/generator and static/no mechanical move
 "transformer" !
But this is the translated version,original language version ?
 (will become later compared ,if possible)
It was considered the possibility of building a machine that would work, not in the principle of movement, as do the current dynamos, but using the principle of increase and decrease, this is the variation of the power of the magnetic field, or the electrical current which produces it.

~ 30375  from their experience knowledge

The voltage from the total current of the current dynamos is the sum of partial induced currents born in each one of the turns of the induced. Therefore it matters little to these induced currents if they were obtained by the turning of the induced, or by the variation of the magnetic flux that runs through them; but in the first case, a greater source of mechanical work than obtained electricity is required, and in the second case, the force necessary to achieve the variation of flux is so insignificant that it can be derived without any inconvenience, from the one supplied by the machine.

concept principle:
This principle is not new since it is just a consequence of the laws of induction stated by Faraday in the year 1831: what it is new and requested to privilege is the application of this principle to a machine which produces large industrial electrical currents which until now cannot be obtained but transforming mechanical work into electricity.


                  cylinder “G” powered by the action of a small electrical motor.
                (cadman,for me the infamous "part G"defines the G-enerator)
                +  the excitatory current which is taken from an external and foreigner generator.       (alternatively :batteryset)

As seen in the drawing the current, once that has made its function, returns to the generator where taken; naturally in every revolution of the brush will be a change of sign in the induced current; but a switch will do it continuous if wanted.  From this current is derived a small part to excite the machine converting it in self-exciting and to operate the small motor which moves the brush and the switch; the external current supply, this is the feeding current, is removed and the machine continue working without any help indefinitely.

                          feedback circuit ,dynamo principle(Siemens)
                                                     conclusion 44267
The machine is essentially characterized by two series of electromagnets which form the inductor circuit, between whose poles the reels of the induced are properly placed. Both circuits, remaining motionless, induced and inductor, are able to produce a current induced by the constant variation of the intensity of the magnetic field forcing the excitatory current (coming at first from any external source) to pass through a rotating brush which, in its rotation movement, is placed in communication with the commutator bars or contacts of a ring distributor or cylinder whose contacts are in communication with a resistance whose value varies  from a maximum to a minimum and vice versa, according with the commutator bars of the cylinder which operates, and for that reason the resistance is connected to the electromagnets N by one of its side, and the electromagnets S at the other side, in such a way that the excitatory current will be magnetizing successively with more or less strength to the first electromagnets, while, oppositely, will be decreasing or increasing the magnetization  in the second ones, determining these variations in intensity of the magnetic field, the production of the current in the induced, current that we can use for any work for the most part, and of which only one small fraction is derived for the actuation of a small electrical motor which make rotate the brush, and another fraction goes to the continuous excitation of the electromagnets, and, therefore, converting the machine in self-exciting, being able to suppress the external power which was used at first to excite  the electromagnets. Once the machinery is in motion, no new force is required and the machine will continue in operation indefinitely.

           Today we know such a machine concept by the name : Rotoverter !
            I think somebody thought this had been a: Transverter !
           errare humanum est
          [ I please you really moderatly for "pardon me?",marathonman,cause indirectly off-thread   
           Transverter/ static dynamo ? : let us go (virtual) to (L)A Corun(h)a,Northwest-Spain:
           automatic description translation:   

           "Definitive Protection" 2008,approvement from paper values ?
           or by functional prototype testing and result acceptance ?!
           energy source : a costa de la degradación de los imanes permanentes

          advocare : advogado/abogado: lawyer ]
          marathonman,it is not easy to stay in angelii manner,my satanii part "juckt kraeftig"

           Sometimes it is dangerous to believe in "transforming"-books and descriptions/publications:
« Last Edit: August 21, 2016, 06:16:51 PM by lancaIV »

Offline Doug1

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Re: Re-Inventing The Wheel-Part1-Clemente_Figuera-THE INFINITE ENERGY MACHINE
« Reply #4016 on: August 21, 2016, 02:28:18 PM »

  I dont like addressing you because your name is too hard to remember how to spell. Pick a short nick name something easy something you approve.

   (Lenz's law states that the current induced in a circuit due to a change or a motion in a magnetic field is so directed as to oppose the change in flux and to exert a mechanical force opposing the motion.)
    Where does this state how the magnetic field was created that was used for the observation? The observation is regarding what? The focus of the observation is on what part? The definition of work is what? Break it down, what where when. Keep the answers short simple direct.

Offline NRamaswami

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Re: Re-Inventing The Wheel-Part1-Clemente_Figuera-THE INFINITE ENERGY MACHINE
« Reply #4017 on: August 21, 2016, 05:05:02 PM »

You may please call me Rams if it is easy to use.

I have to decline to accept the bait. In theoretical knowledge you are a Tiger and I am a cat. Not fair game here.

I only shared my experiments and observations.

lancaIV..sir..the one more observation that I need to share is that increasing the primary voltage dramatically increases the secondary wattage. You can reduce the primary amperage by using multifilar coils with plastic iron sheet plastic placed between layers of primary multifilar wire. Magnetism is intense. Input is AC. Cause is increasing inductive impedance in primary.  I can only experiment once in a month now and if I have reportable results I will share.

My coils are fairly large. They are heavy.  It takes time and effort to winfmd them and experiment. 

Marathonman.. here is a deal you cannot refuse.  You tender an unconditional apology to all including Mr. Dare Diamond and I will not post here in this thread. You know I am honest. 



Offline Doug1

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Re: Re-Inventing The Wheel-Part1-Clemente_Figuera-THE INFINITE ENERGY MACHINE
« Reply #4018 on: August 21, 2016, 06:07:59 PM »
 If you drop a rock is it theory it will fall to the ground? Im sure there was time when the result was theoretical.

Offline lancaIV

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Re: Re-Inventing The Wheel-Part1-Clemente_Figuera-THE INFINITE ENERGY MACHINE
« Reply #4019 on: August 21, 2016, 06:45:41 PM »
what is written and explained will not become forgotten !
But we have at first concentrate our workpotential in one direction !

As "Figuera thread" the Figuera-details has all to become clear and understandable !

100V/1 Ampére in                           and                              550 V/300 Ampére out
small motor                                                                                     G-enerator

                I will use the Mukherjee generator/controle unit  F1/F2 relationship:
                a.first objective difference Mukherjee is not a pulsed "generator" device
                   pulsed systems have got extra  power saving effect potential (duty cycle !)
                                                        Figuera device     
                                                      550/   100 V tension     
                                                      300/       1 A current
               the tension drop = 5,5 times would give 300/(5,5x5,5) A current as VA input need
               let us roughly give 100V á "10"A = 1000VA what differs from the written 100 VA

                                     really sad,this difference ! unexplainable ?

                                                     Mukherjee device link II :
                                        the above relationship F1/F2 has been by
                2x magnetic field force relationship between generator/controle unit

                                        recitating from the publication:
              Bei dem erfindungsgemässen Generator, bei welchem die Permeabilität des Generatorfeldkerns 10,000 und die der elektrischen Einrichtung 100 000 beträgt, ist die Feldstärke der elektrischen Einrichtung um das 10-Fache grösser als die des Generators. Wenn die Spulenlänge in beiden Ankern gleich gehalten wird, wird 1/10 des Generatorstroms in der elektrischen Einrichtung verbraucht, um die Gegenkraft auf der Welle zu kompensieren, d.h. BLI = 1OB  x L x 1/10. 

 Somit wird 1/100 oder 1% der Generatorenergie von der elektrischen Einrichtung verbraucht.

                  for someones better understanding,google translated:

The inventive generator in which the permeability of the generator field core 10,000 and the electrical device is 100 000, the field strength of the electrical device to 10 times greater than that of the generator. If the coil length is kept the same in both anchors, 1/10 of the generator current is consumed in the electrical device in order to compensate the reaction force on the shaft, i.e. BLI = 1Ob x L x 1/10.

  Thus, 1/100 or 1% of the generator energy is consumed by the electric device.
                            a 10 to 1 generator/controle unit magnetic force field relationship gives :

                       (550VX 300A) / 100 = 165 VA   ::) one step-by-the-other

                                          enough C.O.P. ? No >:(

                             Mukherjee link III,conductor length related :

Wenn bei dem erfindungsgemässen Generator die Spulenlänge des Ankers der elektrischen Einrichtung 1/5 von der des Generatorankers beträgt und der Durchmesser ihrer Anker gleich gehalten wird, wird die Hälfte des Generatorstroms in der elektrischen Einrichtung verbraucht, da BLI = 1OB x L/5 x 1  Dies bedeutet, dass 1/4 oder 25% der Generatorenergie in der elektrischen Einrichtung verbraucht werden. Zieht man den anderen Verbrauch von 5 bis 7%, wie vorstehend erläutert, in Betracht, so ergibt sich ein Verlust von 30 bis 32%. Man erhält also 68 bis 70% der vom Generator abgegebenen Energie auf Kosten von 30 bis 32% Abgabeenergie und ohne dass eine andere externe Energie verbraucht wird.Zur Erzeugung von soviel Energie mit einem herkömmlichen Generator mit einem Wirkungsgrad von 80% müssen das 5/4-Fache oder 125% dieser Energie kontinuierlich zugeführt werden.

                               ito dito:
If in the inventive generator, the coil length of the armature of the electrical device 1/5 that of the generator armature and the diameter of its armature is held equal to one half of the generator current is consumed in the electric device, since BLI = 1Ob x L / 5 x 1 This means that 1/4 or 25% of the generator energy is consumed in the electrical device. Subtracting the other consumption of 5 to 7%, as explained above, into consideration, the result is a loss of 30 or 32%. So 68 to 70% of the votes from the generator power is obtained at the cost of 30 or 32% output power and with no other external energy consumed enthrall generating as much energy with a conventional generator with an efficiency of 80% to the 5/4 -fold or 125% of this energy can be supplied continuously.
         (magnetic force field x conductor length)/(magnetic force field x conductor length)

                         balance of power
                         balancing the power