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in addition to those fans



Valencia players on the golf course of their conversation naturally not hear. However, seven minutes later to tie the game, wholesale jerseys china,which in itself is a huge psychological advantage, that is one's own team is in the rising stage, the morale is very high.

David Villa after scoring conceal his excitement, even though in a World Cup goal, scoring in the league, not at the moment so exciting, it is not easy, and the goals are so beautiful almost from the backcourt to frontcourt, the delivery of the ball has not been interrupted, until the ball is fired into the goal. This tie is called a classic in the history of world football.

"There are more than twenty minutes, the fight nets the ball Otherwise club team the team can not win this thing really is not very nice, and here is our home." Villa came to celebrate into the ball teammates said.

"Of course, and then score a goal is a must, and soon came to Lin Xiang smiled, so clear just to encourage teammates., In fact, even he is not clear the next will score, anyway Today, he is tightly pegged to play a high level is difficult, cheap jerseys from china, in such circumstances, so long as they can create scoring opportunities to a teammate, he is very satisfied.

But football play do not so confident to say what the goal, because the next moment might bring you is endless loss.

Valencia to tie the score after about five minutes, Ram along the sidewalk breakthrough in the event of interception and Zhong teammates Bastian Schweinsteiger and the winger's teammates prop bow Si Mule trio several cross pass. Valencia a few defensive players out of disoriented, the ball eventually landed at the foot of Ozil.

In this case, nike basketball shoes,the unguarded Thomas Muller quickly plug Ozil did not even have to see. Thomas Muller already arrived and shot angle is not very good case, he suddenly obliquely in a low, flat pass the ball found Kiessling pick directly on the ball to the direction of the penalty area.

The Kiessling toe poke the ball crashed network, Akinfeev no response, as if petrified general.

"It's beautiful with the, ah, this German team is really bright spots from last year's World Cup, to this warm-up match today, pass the ball so subtle tie, I am afraid it is only in the Spanish league will often staged, and has always been considered football Caoge German players so beautiful footwork is some terrible

"Especially two teenager Ozil and Thomas Mueller, perhaps because of the relationship of the same age, with more and more tacit, wholesale jerseys from china,recurrent transposition often pass the ball, just the two of them, you can speak to any team's left wing tear into pieces. "

Gloomy, the two chat in the studio did not know that many in the audience's face is gloomy in front of the TV. Of course, in addition to those fans like the German team.

Also so gloomy expression Benitez, he is in fact tactical arrangements have been very good, but unfortunately the German team did not imagine so good to deal with these young players the ability to adapt to people,nfl jerseys cheap, specifically target phase to see they always showed in the most difficult times and age do not match the kind of calm and fortitude.

"Coach, do not sullenly Well, is not there time? Lin Xiang walked in front when Benitez whispered.

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 came to Lin Xiang smiled, so clear just to encourage

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