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Author Topic: Need it to be a big show?  (Read 6921 times)

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Need it to be a big show?
« on: September 28, 2012, 10:15:33 AM »

"............" Lee Immersió one this, nfl jerseys wholesale, at first surprised, happiness up soon, immediately corrected himself and said: "father-in-law, you agree to sub-green marry me slightly?"

"This is something I Zuobulezhu!" Leaves no way to quickly evade written off completely. While in the Lee Immersió disappointed, leaves no way added the sentence: "Anyway, I have no objection on the line, after all, you and I are the same kind of person my wife is also a lot."

The amount of ...... "Li Immersió I do not know how to answer.

"You get yourself wedding day I will go." Leaves no way to put down such a sentence, linked directly to the phone, he touches dashing, heroic tight.

Toot toot ...

Listening to the busy tone phone came the Li Immersió head a blank. Although the call did not give him the bad news, but the good news is near zero. Hesitated for a while, finally hang up the phone, take a deep breath, walked through checkpoints, brave and face the upcoming challenges.

The Li Immersió set foot aircraft at the same time, the general manager of the Warriors side Mullin very jī moving convened press conference, the topic is about the punishment of Li Immersió the.

"Because of the lee of unauthorized leave, cheap jerseys from china, playing luàn the the team's tactical deployment Warriors senior research and discussion, decided to give 50,000 dollars in penalties and ordered to rejoin three days." Mullin in Zhengyilinran the finished Zhefan standing sī person's point of view after the punishment, not forgetting to criticize Lee Immersió personal style issue: "I swear to all the friends in the media, and the Warriors ball mí guarantee, the atmosphere of our squad is very good. addition to no one outside the lee problems in the family, everyone is very, very harmonious committed wrong only shows his personal moral problems we are considering to give him punishment, after all, no one team like a society brought great harm the player. "

Mullin's speech of Lee Immersió undoubtedly is adding insult to injury, he had just won the All-Star Game mvp own home team was punished and punished in public, not red luǒluǒ fight face. ?

For this fight face, the majority of public opinion support. The moment Lee Immersió has long been demonized, any objection to his remarks are worth to give a positive response. In fact, most North American men have lost their reason, their self-esteem does not allow them to accept their own country than two dozen top-level US-nv has a Chinese guy alone. This is far better than the shit on the Stars and Stripes behavior even hateful!

Of course, there are still xiǎo part of the people to give the opposition, such as Phil Jackson, who was given the first time after the Mullin comment on the response: "That he jiāo easy to the Lakers, anyone can put jiāo easy, including Kobe Bryant! "

The Phil Jackson speak immediately jī Jingtao startle làng thousands of public criticism surging towards his shot go, Phil Jackson fundamentally unmoved, still very calm mounted bī.

However in the this criticism Wind cháo, nfl jerseys china, Lakers ball mí very few people give rebuttal. Perhaps because they are self-sustaining as noble, right, however, Nicholson, Senior Lake honey director is very supportive of Phil Jackson's remarks: "Let lee to play the Lakers, this is definitely a people jī move things. Because I not only can see his performance on the court, outside the stadium can also keep in touch with him, you want to know but I know a lot of fish nv Lang even, I can also make a film for him, the movie about basketball, and ... the amount of love great and wide love! "

Nicholson side still praised Lee Fish, the Lee Immersió side has come under Hilton. When Li Immersió appeared in the hotel mén mouth, suddenly shocked, he did not expect an army - a worldwide Reporter ho dàng Legion stationed below the hotel, but also the Air Force, because over there have been helicopters flying before.

Need it to be a big show?

Li Guan Yu could not help muttering one, but soon he did not even muttering the time. Because the only army began over three thousand reporters took turns to attack him - although both sides has long been a security company guarding, but the sound of twittering questions or Lee Immersió head plug full, no room for he has any other ideas.

"Lee. Would you plan how the inside of the two dozen nvxìng responsible?"

"Lee, I ask all of the above nv star told you happened relations it?"

"Lee, I ask you in the end and how much Hollywood nvxìng having an affair? Whether they have all been in attendance? Others hidden in the dark?"

"Lee, I ask you what you think? The two Japanese nvxìng selected this year will go to Japan? Japan there are many other beautiful nv star!"

"Lee, can you tell me why list of fish nv Lang Korean? Our large Han Mingguo nv star is not pretty enough.? I think Song Hye Kyo is very good, you can put her income housing, I thought, she will be glad to serve you! "

"Lee, I ask you not afraid received a federal court summons? Ye now breaking the law!"

"Lee! **-You!"

"Lee, come-on!"


Endless variety of sounds, cheap jerseys from china, Lee Immersió always not saying a word. Just walked into the hotel, went to the hotel, Lee Immersió no Banke stay, directly under the guidance of the staff, took to the elevator went to the top floor.

The elevator kept up process, the Lee Immersió head kept analog, analog will appear next scene - in the end is the war into a ball, or Harmony? Is play it jī Feidan? Or fish eat it?


The elevator mén in a slow process of thinking quietly opened to reach the destination.