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Author Topic: Although watertight defense of LeBron James  (Read 6846 times)


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Although watertight defense of LeBron James
« on: September 24, 2012, 04:50:39 AM »

Basket painful neighing sound completely activate the panic of the people of San Francisco, nfl jerseys authentic, these people almost at the same time issued a come and go sighs, shaking noise from the depths of the soul.

Opening, LeBron James gave San Francisco a downright shocking.

"I said, overcome the Golden State"

San Francisco man's trembling let LeBron James the arrogant become more rampant, he is called lucky few in public roared so arrogant and domineering. Obviously, psychological quality is not tough, he has long been thoroughly stimulate Lee Immersió.

Sky and roaring after LeBron James did not forget to remind a Pianguo Tou Lee Guan Yu: "Hey, man, I am waiting for your answer-ball!"

"As you wish."

Lee Immersió answer is still simple, his The look still Furui not wave. LeBron arrogance he quietly clenched his fists, but not enough to make him emotionally imbalance.


Finish the sentence, Lee Immersió gently pat slightly sluggish Anthony Randolph awakened after basketball personally handed him, and then thrown to him an encouraging look.

Lee Immersió such an encourage and Anthony Randolph This to alleviate part Yen buckle sluggish, went to lay the basketball quickly handed Lee Immersió.

Li Guan Yu took the ball quickly instigated a rapid counterattack. Mo Williams Seeing quickly firmly affixed, wholesale jerseys from china, but this time has long been different from the past, Lee Immersió physical fitness where he was able to endure the terrible? In fact, before Lee Immersió physique as good as him when he obstruct.

Rapid march Lee Immersió Speed Hurricane forward field, TNT trio of LeBron James scoring just engaged in a fierce discussion.

"Oh oh oh oh perfect steals, dunks of violence. Tut face LeBron grab, Lee powerless to face LeBron dunks, Anthony could only be reduced to the background ... Yes, LeBron first ball that his determination to win, looks like the game he Shizaibide Oh. "Kenny Smith screaming Road, as a two-faced, and he used to cheer for anyone, and switching did not dragging its feet . Maybe ... This is the so-called objective narrator ethics.

"I just look at, I do not speak." Reggie Miller look very calm, he was waiting for the answer-ball of Lee Guan Yu. Although he is not rich brain capacity can not speculate Lee Immersió will take revenge which way, but as a fish, honey, he certainly lee make next move must be 'big trick'.

"You do not speak?, Though I do not like how LeBron James, but the ball, you really have nothing to say, he was downright raging super-lee can say, if LeBron maintain this state 40 minutes or even 30 minutes, the game will lose suspense. "Charles Barkley seize all Reggie Miller attack against Reggie Miller of the gap, the lost dollars so he could not be more sensible then some.

"You bet" Kenny Smith the first time teasing a, tip-to-head he would most like to see a scene.

"I have no opinion." Reggie Miller shrugged his shoulders relaxed and composed, still filled with self-confidence. He never doubted that Lee Fish, just as he never doubt yourself dropped into third at any time and any place.

Him a direct declaration of war words a Sir Charles suddenly hesitated, his wholehearted pride seems to only cast rather than gamble on nothing more than taking on.

"... I had a moment to say." Charles Barkley was very embarrassing Biechu so something that he got angry words is so Biequ, wholesale nfl jerseys, it is because the people under the eaves - no money but where emboldened Stud?

Zhi short, people are poor is probably

At the same time, the arena suddenly sounded exclaimed. Following the sound, looked to get rid of Mo Williams defensive gallop the frontcourt Lee Immersió LeBron James to delay down, and instantly, the two formed a one-on-one situation.

One-to-one on the basketball court, comparable Taking put under the stadium mouth artillery interesting ......

By tomorrow at the latest recovery update

Article 295: luck? Is not the strength of it?

Article 295: luck? Is not the strength of it?

Peoples breathlessly the attention, Lee Immersió fast to play up front, the LeBron front step vigilance collar defense.


Beyond the arc by step, LeBron James withstood the Lee Immersió to strength with their bodies, suddenly Lee Immersió steps forward abruptly stifle. A bit of a buffer, strong as an ox LeBron James react immediately to put it up quickly. Suddenly, Lee Immersió they some difficult.

Although this defense is very suspect foul but the referee finally did not blow. Want to come they do not want to be destroyed once singled out and, more importantly, the foul, but LeBron James, David Stern's godson.

Putt-Putt Putt-Putt

LeBron James, although quite Jiangdong Overlord of physique, but he does not intend to learn the style of Xiang Yu, he recover tottering foe. So, suddenly, two of the physical contact is very frequent. Under such a high frequency of physical contact, the Lee Immersió dribble rhythm under the LeBron James of tough confrontation somewhat inadequacy, stagnation does not penetrate.

"I said, you can not be too out me you're a clown, ah, but looks pale point, the point just luck." In the body bully Lee Immersió LeBron James did not forget whirlwind few sentence of trash talking.

"Is it?" Stormy sea Lee Immersió in a smile, said: "Luck? Oh, this is also a strength


Voice hardly ever, the Lee Immersió the left foot suddenly suddenly to the right to explore, let LeBron James leaning slightly to the left rear rely on some action too suddenly quickly, suddenly, but the arm still waving in the middle.

Although watertight defense of LeBron James, but his actions transform eventually let airtight steel defensive wall with a trace of omissions.


Seize the defense of LeBron James omissions, Li Immersió suddenly an accelerated and right hand. Suddenly makes LeBron James once again rely on a number of the left rear.


Lee Guan Yu once again step forward, authentic jerseys wholesale, when LeBron James Lee Immersió be considered to determine the right breakthrough, partial over attempts to Li Immersió folder die among the defensive so quickly and then the center of gravity - just to the left of the reason why he back still Li Immersió dug a trap, now has almost defensive trap dug, why not encirclement it?

LeBron James, the idea is very good, and also very quick to implement. But after all underestimated the rate of the Lee Immersió dribble in disguise.



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Re: Although watertight defense of LeBron James
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2012, 05:59:29 AM »
bi zui! fei fei de pi yan