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Author Topic: handing me a small book  (Read 3069 times)

Offline stick17

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handing me a small book
« on: September 08, 2012, 11:33:29 AM »
Seeing, Authentic nfl jerseys,the car should be made to the roadside and rushed Stephen tried to pull the steering wheel, at the foot of suddenly Dengzhe throttle Shi Xianghua Kacha next push the control lever to the emergency brake position, she stopped the car down, car rang again within a clicking sound.

Looking at the hands of Stephen the steering wheel, Shi Xianghua not know what to say, half a day before asked him: "Your father how to raise your effort how so?"

Original Steven just turned the steering wheel from the car above pull down, looked at Stephen also wanted the steering wheel and then scramble to safety up, Shi Xianghua anger and helplessly watched the nephew, you said do not drive it when a tension can Jiuxia Lai the steering wheel, this is still a monster.

"Excuse me, I was so nervous." Tried a few security does not go up, Steven had to give up this useless move until Shi Xianghua called trailer over the car towed away, they called a taxi to come, not said sheepishly.

"I made an appointment with Mr. Chalmers is half past nine, you know our lawyers how valuable this time? Every minute is calculated by money." Steven Shi Xianghua stare a picked up call to Chalmers, apologized to each other, and told him to be late for a.

"Your father how education you daring such a small little confidence to know that here is the United States, a confident person simply can not survive." Shi Xianghua do not know what's going on, see Steven submissive, a pieces of good little like gas, turn iron into steel at Stephen said heavily.

"This is not the police came, I had no driver's license." Steven scratched his head and said.

"When I saw the police you afraid of what I naturally let you open you do not have to worry about this, you do not know what my career?" Shi Xianghua see Steven like feel to gas watched Steven one, wholesale nike elite jerseys,then asked: "Do you is not to be caught by the police, told me that you have been to a few times the police station? "

"Once, have not been to." Stephen began, talking, suddenly Shua is heard, a police car sped past the proper word into a sentence or two.

"Speak, do not be so big breath rows No, not even once into that what you're afraid of." Shi Xianghua are not satisfied with watching Steven, white Changzhemetai sub, the bolder how so small.

Need help you, ma'am? "This time a police drive over, park in front of two people, one white and fat his head out of the police to be asked.

"My car is broken, I have to call the repair company to drag, can we sent to Cali Seaver Street Chalmers LLP?" Shi Xianghua had wanted to refuse, but looked at Stephen Also want Steven exercise how to get along with the police, he opened his mouth and asked.

"No problem, happy to serve you on the train." That police exceptionally warm and helped open the door, Shi Xianghua took Steven sat inside.

"You are Miss Shi, right? I heard your lecture, which is the object of your help you?" On the car, the police open asked, Shi Xianghua legal experts of the groups of young people in crime, particularly against ethnic minorities the problem of juvenile crime, often in cooperation with the police, depth refuge, training schools and prisons, to explain the legal knowledge to those young people, so that police know her.

"No, this is my nephew." Shi Xianghua not know what the police called, but know there are a lot of police recognize their own, so I do not feel strange, just aim Steven one answered dismissively.

"A lovely young man, Nfl jerseys china,I think he was able to become a basketball star like Yao names." Height Steven grow up to one meter eighty five, but the face of immature or people one will be able to see his true age, the The police casually compliment a.

"Thank you, I think so." Shi Xianghua see Steven law-abiding, sitting there, and my heart could not help but feel a burst of irritability, though she hated those disobedient small children give parents get into trouble, but it was too obedient also Not a good thing, especially this child is their own loved ones.

"Look forward to the day he will succeed, or sign a name now give me, when the basketball star, do not forget that I was your first fans." Having the police, handing me a small book.

"Thank you, great word write, Elite nfl jerseys,I want to keep it up, I want to be a witness to prove that I'm when the basketball through by people eyesight." Stephen took the other book to sign their own name, and delivery to each other, the natural extremely Action collision Shi Xianghua flashed a trace of appreciation.