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Author Topic: Scalar Wave - Energy  (Read 105736 times)

Offline sparks

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Re: Scalar Wave - Energy
« Reply #120 on: March 04, 2010, 12:27:20 PM »
     there are other things going on with that buzz box.   You have to take into consideration the heating of the line all the way back to the powerplant when the secondary is shorted. The rapid oxidation of the metals involved is also a scource of thermal.  I believe Tesla and Stan Meyer and the Ford Corporation (early engines running on just the magneto no fuel) were "burning air" as a fuel and converting it to electrical power.  A scource of nitrates or natural fertilizers is lightning.  One natural rain storm always does better for grass then days of irrigation.  The rain has dissolved nitrates in it from upper atmospheric ionization of water vapor due to uv light capture.  The uv ionizes the water vapor and the electrons go one way along the Earth's magnetic field lines and the ions the other.  Lots of free hydrogen ions accumulate at the north pole and when there is a solar storm are displaced out into space in an ion fountain as the magnetic field of the Earth is compressed and displaced.  They return to the Earth along the magnetic field vortex at the north pole.   I have no idea as to the amount of free hydrogen in the north pole ionosphere but I bet it is substantial.  Probably enough to power some implosion engines down on the surface.  Ionization frequencies in the presence of a magnetic field with gravity taken into account should alow us to use air as a fuel.  The engine pollution will be nitrates the electrical input is a catalyst in the exothermic reaction.  Rather have nitrate rain than sulpher dioxide rain any day.  So would the plants.

Offline BEP

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Re: Scalar Wave - Energy
« Reply #121 on: March 04, 2010, 12:35:54 PM »

When the rod is shorted your amps will peak to the limit of the welder. The efficiency while shorted would be horrible. An arc is high enough resistance to keep the current within the operation window of the welder. So, I can see why you would realize more heat with an arc than a short. I can be wrong.

AFAIK arcs follow Ohm's law to the letter. They always have for me. The increased resistance allows for more voltage drop across the connection (short or arc). Amps x Volts for Watts  :)

As far as a CB radio signal exiting a Faraday cage....

If you place the whole rig, battery and all, in the cage the signal should be completely attenuated outside the cage. If it isn't, the cage or use of the cage is at fault.

Much of the E/M radiation from a spark gap will exit the cage. Of course, heat and light will exit a copper screen cage but so will the leading edge of a spark gap pulse. At that point the radiated energy is more magnetic than E/M.

I think one reason why folks say it can't be measured is because they can't conceive of a signal as having only magnetic 'measurable' properties. They will clip their magical little scope probies on it and declare it not there.

BTW: Nothing shields magnetic. Your shield may bend, redirect or reshape a magnetic field but it won't stop a magnetic pulse radiated from a central point. I'm not talking about a perceived pulse from the expansion of field lines growing around an antenna or coil. I'm talking about the rapid succession of leading edges from switch bounce.

Time for work.... Later folks  ;D

Offline ADIL

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Re: Scalar Wave - Energy
« Reply #122 on: September 07, 2012, 08:10:12 PM »
i have a transmitter i need circuit operation for my presentation plz someone help me to get out tension plz